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  1. Previously... 17) Final Fantasy VII Remake - PS4 - 2020 Completed on normal mode, 39 hours. Here's a question to ponder: if a remake of a game makes you really want to play the original, has it succeeded? Or failed? I love Final Fantasy VII, and anything that evokes memories of that game gets some easy nostalgia points from me. The music, the characters, the incredible city of Midgar... but then I watch an over-the-top anime-style cutscene or get into a realtime battle, and I realise this is not the game I used to love. Nearly forty hours of play later and I st
  2. Previously... 16) Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse - Vita - 2013/14 Completed both parts, approximately 14 hours. This was a lovely return to form after the shoddy and ill-conceived '3D years'. A proper 2D point-and-click adventure, it even brings you back to Paris with pretty painted backgrounds, and the original actors reprise their roles like none of that shoddy stuff ever happened. Pockets full of items, dialogue full of wit and charm - the short version is, "Broken Sword is back and it's great!". On Vita (and presumably other touch platforms) the interfac
  3. Yeah, I think so. It's been a while since I did it but it looks like a similar process.
  4. You can still access the store, but you might have to spoof the firmware so the store thinks you're on the most recent version (this is easily done in the settings). You can still sync trophies, no problem. Pretty sure all mods are temporary. With h-encore, rebooting the machine effectively gets you back to a normal unhacked Vita. You have to run h-encore every time you fully power down. I don't know how to remove henkaku, so I wouldn't bother with it. I've used h-encore for ages and never felt the need to install henkaku. I just re-run the h-encore app any time the machine has bee
  5. Looks like most of these graphics issues are being fixed at last (currently in the latest preview build).
  6. Previously... 15) Halo 2: Anniversary - PC - 2020 (2014/2004) Completed on Heroic difficulty (approx. 15 hours). This was rather hard, particularly towards the end. I think it's fair to say Halo 2 is not as good as the original, but I would like to focus on what it does well. The new weapons are pretty well balanced, dual-wielding small-arms is surprisingly good (it removes your grenade-throwing ability, so it's not overpowered), and playing as the Arbiter adds some stealthy opportunities with your camouflage. The Flood are not as pervasive as they were in the first
  7. Previously... 14) Undertale - Vita - 2017 (2015) Undertale is a quirky and inventive 'condensed' RPG set in an 8-bit style underground land of monsters. It takes all the tropes of RPGs and turns them on their head, giving you surprising choices in battles, unexpected mini-games and a very funny script. Think Earthbound, but more contempory and much weirder. Much like Pony Island, Undertale often subverts the game's very interface, turning it into part of the narrative or breaking the fourth wall. Even the save system has some tricks up its sleeve. The typical RPG stylings, travellin
  8. Quarantine Zone is madness. Flood driving ghosts, driving warthogs, driving wraiths; meanwhile sentinels and those big shielded fuckers firing rockets at you. And playing as a squad of Covenant driving a human tank, blowing everything up. Flood with rocket launchers, Flood with energy swords, Flood on gun turrets. Absolute carnage. Halo 2: Let's Chuck Everything In And See What Happens.
  9. I'll stick with Heroic, I think! Don't know how I survived this bit (1:20:13):
  10. Christ, the Honour Guards protecting Regret! I'm not sure how I got through that.
  11. Halo 2 is pretty fucking good. It's been a while and I don't really remember much about it, but I like it. Jackal snipers can fuck off, obviously, and it's a shame they brought the Flood back again. Playing as the Arbiter is fun. Did that completely come out of nowhere at the time, like the MGS2 Raiden twist? I seem to recall it being a surprise.
  12. Yeah, it does. Not great, a little choppy, but fine. The new cinematics are very nice. Found myself dual-wielding plasma pistols quite a lot in the first level. Elites are tough bastards.
  13. Previously... 13) Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary - PC - 2020 (2011/2001) Completed on Heroic difficulty (approx. 14 hours). That's two Halo games done in quick succession, albeit not in the order they were released. Although Halo 1 follows on from the storyline of Halo Reach, it's very apparent that it was made nearly a decade earlier. Even with the updated visuals, it feels like an older game, has a fair few late-90s throwbacks like escort missions and some dodgy checkpointing. It's also got some of the most ludicrously repetitive level design I've ever seen and I d
  14. And that's Halo done on Heroic. Those last two levels are insane for the amount of explosions and physics and stuff. What's kind of amazing is that the underlying game originally ran on a measely 733MHz processor. Decades later, it's still got that special something that other games struggle to achieve on massively more powerful hardware - that combination of tactical gunplay, emergent combat and unpredictable physics. There is little more satisfying than throwing a sticky grenade fifty feet across a room and setting off a chain reaction that takes out several enemies and gun place
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