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  1. S02E20 - 'The Long, Twilight Struggle' A VFX-heavy episode in which the Centauri/Narn war reaches a dark conclusion. Meanwhile, Sheridan is offered a sliver of hope from Epsilon III's new custodian, as well as the Babylon 5 'Ranger' sect, though this takes a back seat to the horrors of the the Centauri conquest of Narn. I'm conflicted about Londo Mollari - every time he seems to show remorse at the things he's doing, he follows it up by doubling down with his cruelty. Is he overcompensating? Will he eventually come around and repent? Special mention in this episode must go to the Centauri bar brawler who casually does the most insane flying kick.
  2. S02E19 - 'Divided Loyalties'. Oh shit, I didn't see that coming! A damned good hour of TV, that. Really gripped me. All the build-up, the tension, the paranoia and red herrings, then to wind up revealing that all this time! Nice! I guess we're at the end point in the season where they can make big changes and shake things up for the next one. Not long to go now, looking forward to seeing what else happens in the final three episodes.
  3. Hmm, 'Archives' is not a fun level for somebody with a poor sense of direction (ie. me). It seems to break every rule of level design simultaneously. Conversely, 'Train' is very straightforward!
  4. S02E18 - Confessions and Lamentations Or 'Outbreak In Space'. Not the most original idea but plays out differently from what I might have expected, with a decidedly bleak ending! An exploration of prejudice, compassion and what we learn from history. Bishop Brennan was very good as the alien doctor.
  5. Oh man, 'Statue' is a spectacularly shit level! Confusing layout, murky visuals, repetitive structures and infinitely-spawning enemies. I can see they've tried to fix it in the XBLA version, but somehow have made it worse. Everything's super dark. And the shotgun muzzle textures are permanently turned on, which looks very odd. Yeah, this was not in a finished state. I might stick with original graphics.
  6. Seems fine now since doing a driver update. Also forced vsync on in the control panel. Played through the first 7 levels. It's good fun, and very nearly a finished game. A shame it's just missing a few textures here and there, missing water on the boat level, etc. I can't stop myself from switching back and forth between original and new graphics! I like how you have to go into your gadget inventory to complete objectives, like copying the Goldeneye key and then selecting the key to throw it back on the table. It doesn't tell you how to do it, you have to work it out. That said, this XBLA version has on-screen hint markers for if you miss a key somewhere, pointing you towards where it is (I assume that's not in the original!). Also how you have to manually position the mines to blow up the gas tanks in the second level. They ruined it in the Wii Remake, as you just press a button and the mines automatically appear in a predefined spot. GoldenEye was way ahead of its time.
  7. *High fives* (Only in the Nvidia thread could I spend £800 on a graphics card and still feel like a peasant!)
  8. Same here (using the Xenia emulator) - or at least I tried, but it crashed my computer twice. Like, not just closed the program but actually hard froze the entire PC, made a horrible elongated noise, and rebooted. I've never known a program do that before, what's going on there? I'm too scared to try it again!
  9. How are the new motion controllers tracked in 3D? Do they have inside-out tracking cameras on each one too?
  10. S02E17 - Knives Londo gets into a ritualistic duel to the death with an old friend, while Sheridan gets infected with alien consciousness that he has to help return home. A middling episode that was sort of boring for the first half, and got a little more interesting by the end. Londo is realising that his choices are hurting people he cares about, though I wonder if this will dent his enthusiasm for Centauri expansion. Probably not. Nice callback to the spacetime rift where Babylon 4 vanished, and interesting that official records of the incident were classified. What else does Earth gov know about the whole thing? (This episode was intended to be broadcast before 'In The Shadow of-...' but got pushed back due to VFX work taking longer. As previously promised, however, broadcast order is what I'm sticking to!)
  11. S02E16 - In the Shadow of Z'ha'dum Great stuff! That slippery git Morden, the man who's been working with the Shadows, gets identified as someone who was on Sheridan's wife's ship when it was destroyed. I knew that expedition to the outer rim would be relevant! This was a great piece of drama for Sheridan, who gets obsessed with finding the truth at any cost. It sparks Delenn and Kosh to finally reveal what they know to him, giving Sheridan his most important choice - squeeze a confession from Morden and doom humanity to an early strike from his shadowy masters, or let him go and maybe never see him again. I guarantee we will see him again, though - that smug bastard is going to get what's coming to him. The Vorlons are an ancient race who once fought the Shadows, and Kosh hides in his encounter suit because otherwise he'd be... 'recognised' (how, I'm not sure?!). A subplot with a representative from the 'Ministry of Peace' signing up new recruits to his thought police with special black armbands was... not subtle. . Let's see where that goes; Earth gov is definitely showing its fascist side more and more.
  12. S03E15 - 'And Now For A Word' An ISN News special report looks at 36 hours aboard Babylon 5, during which the Narn/Centauri conflict escalates. This was a really interesting idea and I liked seeing the events played out through the lens of a fictional news station. The satirical psi-corps commercial was nicely done, as was the way all the space scenes were viewed through camera footage. It says something about media bias, propaganda and war rhetoric, yet it also gives a greater insight into the heart and truth of B5's characters than a whole season of regular episodes. I would say "more like this, please", but it's the sort of surprising format flip that you can only get away with once.
  13. Previously... 7.) Lego Ninjago Movie Video Game - PC - 2017 Completed the story mode only (I am not putting hours into 100%-ing another Lego game, thank you very much!). I didn't even know there was a Lego Ninjago movie, never mind a videogame of it. For that matter, I didn't even know what Ninjago was! It's basically Power Rangers, isn't it? A team of different colour martial arts youngsters, fighting the forces of evil with giant mech vehicles shaped like legendary animals. Much like The Lego Movie, this uses a stop-motion style of animation, but interestingly that carries over into the gameplay too, so all the characters have stiff limbs and there's none of the bend-and-stretch you normally get in these games. It makes for quite a charming style and feels more like you're playing with actual Lego figures. They even improved the combat, got rid of a lot of the irritating level design and made the game more streamlined and fun. It's not gonna win any awards, and I have no affinity for the IP, but I enjoyed this more than most Lego games I've played recently, and it can be quite funny at times too. Maybe I'll check the movie out some time.
  14. S02E14 - 'There All The Honor Lies' Sheridan kills a Minbari in self defence, while Ivanova oversees a Babylon 5 merchandising project. This was a weird one. Not bad, but weird. The main plot is quite serious, while there are touching moments with Londo and Vir, and Delenn and Lennier, and a strange encounter with Kosh... but then it frequently goes into 'Joke Mode' with a couple of moments even stepping over into silliness (the end scene with the teddy bear). Overall, it seems like a 'bottle episode' that threw a bunch of unrelated plots together.
  15. I've been eyeing up a PS5 for at least a year, but what with the difficulty getting them, then the shitty price increase, and now the cost of GPUs, I just thought "fuck it" and I'll stick with PC. Most of the big games are carrying over anyway. I do quite fancy a DualSense controller, though...
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