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  1. Deadline for applications is midnight tonight (Wednesday). If you don't apply, I get to call you chickens for the rest of the year.
  2. Applications are closing soon, so make sure you send back your form(s).
  3. There's another special on next week, as Only Connect's series 1 champions the Crossworders take on last year's University Challenge team led by Alex Guttenplan. Applications for this series close soon so please submit your completed form as soon as possible.
  4. Same thing happened in our house. My brother floored me with the Pripyat 5-pointer until he explained about Call of Duty 4. Have to admit that wasn't intended. And they got 7 out of the 8 wall connections when they were sorted into groups, so I hope they were firm but fair.
  5. We're looking for your team to join the show, Goose, so that we can all see just how easy you make it look
  6. And that wasn't edited down either - I think it was a record time. It helped that they got the most lateral connection first, and luckily they attacked them in exactly the right order so that they avoided all the traps.
  7. We'll be accepting applications for series 5 shortly, so as a first step anyone can email contestants@presentable.co.uk for an application form and it'll be sent to you when it becomes available.
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