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  1. aaah - right - so are there other double lps from the 70's that are like that then? I don't have any I can think of, or noticed...
  2. dustbindroid

    Sleaford Mods

    I'm a fan. Have some Mods on vinyl around here somewhere... thats for a different thread. Kate Tempest has a new LP out today - not exactly the same but worth a listen.
  3. yeah - and I always stick the wrong disk on - sides 2 and 3 are pressed on one and 1 and 4 on the other - optimal vinyl running times?
  4. Not seen this before, I have Tips and Inspirescus Fabric mix so I'll track it down Perhaps due to these minimal-techno releases are often vinyl-only in low quantity pressing - and they are a bit of an acquired taste I guess. Its a bit subjective whether they are any good in a broader sense.
  5. Its very minimal - I've had to give it few listens before it's really clicked. If you like this kind of thing check this out: Petre Inspirescu - Vin Ploile
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