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  1. Season 4 ep 8 In a way, this episode felt strangely climactic, as if all the storylines, well, some of them, had reached a conclusion in order to clear the way for the final two episodes. Only two episodes to go! Gah!
  2. They all share a "universe" and a similar theme but DS2 is the least related to the others. DS3 has multiple references to DS1, and a few recurring characters, but you don't need to have played the first one to enjoy DS3. There are a couple of "aw shit" moments in DS3 that will go over your head if you haven't played DS1, but it's nowhere near enough to say you must play DS1 first.
  3. I'd say DS3 is closest to Bloodborne in terms of movement and combat, although it's less fast paced, and it has the widest build variety of the three. DS1 might seem a bit clunky in comparison but it has the best world in terms of how the different areas fit together, if that kind of thing matters to you, and DS2 has always felt a bit weird and floaty to me.
  4. Well, yeah. But why not do it officially? Licensing issues aside...
  5. If they did one of these with every Sega arcade game on it, or at least every one compatible with a joystick-and-six-buttons controller, I'd be all over it. Never mind this curated selection nonsense, stick the lot on.
  6. Oh, one thing I forgot to mention in the last episode:
  7. dug

    Dark Souls 3

    I'm not sure I'd go as far as to say cakewalk, personally, but O&S certainly won't seem as arduous to someone who has completed DS3, compared to someone whose first Souls game is DS1. Bed of Chaos is still a pile of fucking bollocks though.
  8. dug

    Dark Souls 3

    Lol I've found sword master to be of precisely zero use in that fight whenever I tried using him.
  9. dug

    Dark Souls 3

    Yeah, it asks you if you want to go into ng+ after killing the final boss. If you say no you have full access to the rest of the game. As well as the area you mentioned, there's another optional area, which features a really good boss fight, in my opinion.
  10. dug

    Dark Souls 3

    You can access the DLC even after beating the final boss. There is no benefit to doing the DLC beforehand, it doesn't affect the ending or anything.
  11. dug

    Dark Souls 3

    Personally, I'd say if you've made it this far without any magic, you needn't worry about starting now. My preferred play style is full melee with no spells. Although a bow can come in handy for pulling single enemies from groups.
  12. Sheesh, not a great half that. Not that I'm too upset about it, mind.
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