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  1. Aw man. Like many others here, the speccy was my first ever computer, which sparked in me a passion which was to last all my life. Rest in peace, Sir Clive.
  2. Fuck a duck, what just happened there?
  3. Ah, is that the Kickstarter one? I had the email saying they were starting to ship them, but given how much they were urging patience I wasn't expecting to get mine for weeks if not months. But if yours has arrived, mine might come soon!
  4. This is all the reassurance I needed, thank you.
  5. I don't want to read the thread for fear of spoilers as I haven't started this yet, but what is the general consensus so far? I ask because I've been seeing a few comments in twitch chats along the lines of "I loved the first one but unfortunately this one is disappointing." My mental picture of the kind of person who posts in twitch chat, though, is a tasteless philistine child, so maybe these kind of comments are of no value? Hopefully? Please somebody reassure me?
  6. Predictions: -Jumping Flash Origins -Vib Ribbon 4k remaster -ReLoaded -Net Yaroze Collection
  7. That's what I came here to post. I swear you had infinite continues in the original. Yes, the Extra and Master levels were gated behind not-losing-lives/credits requirements, but in the standard levels you could lose as many lives as you want and still carry on playing. As long as I can still brag about having completed all the Master levels in the original, that's all I care about really. Especially Master 3; nearly twenty years later and every inch of that fucker is still seared into my brain.
  8. Well, bugger me. Slightly confused as to why people would be excited for a remaster of some David Cage bullshit, I googled Alan Wake and discovered that Alan Wake is not in fact a Quantic Dream game! I'm not sure why it has been categorised as such in my head since it came out, but now it's freed from that association, It looks interesting. Mind blown. Well, not exactly blown; popped slightly.
  9. Yeah, missed opportunity there. Felt like us failing to score rather than Chelsea defending particularly well.
  10. This is all very well but that logo quite clearly says Sol Presta.
  11. Woohoo, finished it! By which I mean I've seen the credits.
  12. 1: Who the fuck is Beat? 2: Why isn't Beat a monkey? 3: Fuck off, Beat.
  13. Onto biome six now, and the difficulty is not letting up. At least five is done. Tried a run just now and died before even getting back to biome six. Again. When I woke up at the crash site there were two resins there; never seen that before. Has the game started giving me pity resins because I'm struggling so much? I'm almost getting patronising Mario vibes: "aww, can't you do the level, wee man? Here's a golden tanooki suit just for you."
  14. Made some great progress in the last few days, I'm onto the fifth biome now. Had a great run where I managed to kill the third boss and the fourth on my first attempt in the same run, and picked up several new permanent suit upgrades. The difficulty has definitely bumped up a notch now though. Fifth biome is repeatedly kicking me in the nads.
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