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  1. The draw there is ok for Netherlands as they're obviously going to beat Qatar. Senegal Equador is going to be a spicy one, though!
  2. Nipped to the kitchen for a beer and Netherlands have scored! Was it a good one?
  3. Yeah, on seeing the replay, I'm less certain of my initial opinion. It was a clumsy challenge that was never getting anywhere near the ball. But the Qatari player stepped away from where the ball was going, making the observer think he was trying to manufacture a penalty. Could have gone either way.
  4. Nah, that was never a pen. The Qatar player was already falling over before any contact.
  5. Well, that was dull despite the 7 goals. Gavin's finish was a peach though. Costa Rica were abject. They offered nothing. I didn't see the Ecuador Qatar match, but I'm willing to bet Costa Rica were worse than Qatar. They might as well have been scarecrows.
  6. What with Clive's infrequent but always tasteful and well-judged comments, paired with Dixon's infectious joie de vivre, we are in for an auditory treat, here!
  7. Haha, amazing! Love seeing an upset in the group stage, and this was a cracker. There's a video that keeps popping up on my yt recommendations called something like Will Argentina Win The World Cup, and the text on the thumbnail says "they have no weakness" Turns out they don't like it up 'em! The goals, and the defending at the end from Saudi Arabia were brilliant. How come they're not shit? They've always been shit before.
  8. Why has one of the American players got the French flag dyed into his hair?
  9. Watching episode 5 now and I decided to Google the cast to see if the actress playing nori's mate sang the song or not. As I was scrolling I saw one of the cast's character name was listed as
  10. Bah! I'm still going to add 56 to my streak. Until I lose one.
  11. God damn it. I had a nice streak going, 56, but I lost it because I forgot to do it on Saturday. I didn't realise you lost your streak by not doing one, I thought you had to actually lose one.
  12. Oh man. I re-read Nemesis the Warlock recently, and it reminded me how much I love his artwork. Such a unique style, which absolutely blew my mind as a kid. Funny bastard too, judging by interviews with him I've seen. He will be missed.
  13. I enjoyed Gideon Falls, it was the first Jeff Lemire I read, and it put me onto Descender and Ascender, which I liked as well. Although I agree that the first half of Gideon Falls is better than the second.
  14. Shout out to the scene in the University Challenge episode, where Rik is revising on the train and Neil is 'helping' him. When I was 13 or 14 I thought this scene was the absolute peak of comedy. Rik's utter rage at Neil's "shut up and tell you the answer?" never fails to make me laugh to this day.
  15. Might as well just start every match at 1-0 to the opposition at this rate.
  16. Oh, another point about Luna Nights is that when your MP bar refills completely, the robotic voice that's supposed to say "magic point max" sounds like it's saying "magic prolapse" so that's something to consider.
  17. I've played the opening ten or fifteen minutes of Luna Nights and I've already died twice Mainly due to the mechanic where it rewards you for getting right up close to enemies before you kill them. Oh, and when you freeze time my brain automatically puts enemies into the category of 'no longer a threat' so I try to walk through them, thinking I won't take damage. I do take damage. I suppose I'll get used to it.
  18. I liked Deedlit, and I didn't know about Luna Nights, so I'll have to give that a go. Thanks for mentioning it.
  19. She is Malenia, blade of Miquella. As you definitely won't tire of hearing.
  20. Not a bad header there, either!
  21. I did watch episode one tonight. I liked it. The visuals were fantastic, 10/10. Made me wish I have a bigger TV. And it set up the plotlines decently enough. Of course, whether or not those plotlines end up being interesting and satisfying remains to be seen. My biggest gripe is the godawful cod-oirish/mummerset accents of the hobbits. But i suppose I'll get over that. One thing that stuck out: in the scene where Galadriel was being given the laurel crown by King Elf, there was a close up shot of Galadriel's eyes, and I could swear it was Cate Blanchett's eyes, not Morfydd Clark's. Am I going nuts or did anyone else think this?
  22. There's no way it's Gandalf! It quite clearly says in appendix 47b of Unfinished Tales that gandalf doesn't like Indian food, but there he is in episode 4 tucking into a biryani. If it doesn't turn out to be Benethor the Green, I'll eat my hat. I might start watching it tonight after my wife has gone to bed. There's absolutely no fucking way she'd be interested in it. I tried her on Fellowship of the Ring a few weeks ago and she was bored shitless.
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