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  1. Well, that's cool then. But I still want my power bombs.
  2. Yeah I think the controls and movements are the best thing about this so far. I would imagine that of you become expert at it, you could make samus absolutely fly around. One other thing that looks like it's going to be fun is working out how to get some of the upgrade items. Like one missile upgrade I saw was behind speed boost blocks, but there was nowhere nearby with a long enough platform to get a speed boost. So you must have to do some ridiculous sequence of shinesparks to get it. I do enjoy that puzzle aspect of Metroid games. I can see an energy tank, but how the balls do I get it?
  3. I'm liking this so far, but not loving it. Not sure how far into it I am, but the grapple beam was the latest upgrade I got. It's not very challenging so far, none of the bosses or EMMI sequences have been difficult, but that may well change. There hasn't been much of a focus on exploration so far either, which seems a bit off to me for a metroid game. In fact in the early game, it flat out doesn't let you explore. It's always obvious where you need to go next, and most of the time you're blocked from going anywhere else. Having said that, since getting the grapple beam it really seems to have opened up. For the first time I had to look at the map to try and figure out where to go next. So I guess it's only the early game which lacks exploration, so that's forgivable. Less forgivable is the way it doesn't let you sequence break. Or at least in this specific way: I picked up a power bomb before I was apparently supposed to and it didn't let me have them! Gave me a "nope, you're not allowed to have these yet" message. Fuck off! I picked up a power bomb, give me a god damned power bomb! Makes me wonder if any sequence breaking is possible at all. Still, I am having fun with this. It's no Super Metroid (or Zero Mission, or Fusion), but it's leagues ahead of Other M. Haven't played the 3DS Metroid 2 remake, so don't know how it compares to that. I haven't finished yet though. Maybe my opinion will improve after I've completed it.
  4. Cool, thanks. I've already had an encounter with an EMMI which forced me to run through a room and now I can't get back in. So even if I want to, I can't colour in all the map as I'm going, so I'll try not to think about it. On the plus side, I'm liking the feel of the controls. Samus feels zippier and more responsive than ever.
  5. Apologies for asking a question which I'm sure every fucker asks, but I've only just started playing this and don't want to trawl through the thread in case of spoilers. Is there any point to covering every inch of every room in order to show on the map that you've done so? Or is it purely for the satisfaction? I can see it becoming extremely tedious if at the end of the game you have 99% map completion because there's a single pixel in the corner of a single room somewhere you haven't covered. Like, I'm literally at the beginning of the game, just past the first save point, and I already feel a compulsion to systematically run and jump all around every room. I immediately strongly dislike this feature. I wish the whole room lit up on the map in one go, rather than forcing you to cover all the ground. Somebody please tell me that it doesn't matter at all and it all lights up when you find a map room or something. I know I'm overreacting.
  6. Beautiful strike from Thiago!
  7. Yeah, these are great. I love the style of his prose, he has a particular turn of phrase which I appreciate. "I lost my bonkers," for example.
  8. I started a new playthrough yesterday and encountered something new. New to me, anyway. In Yahar'gul in its pre-Rom phase, I managed to aggro both the giant pigs, one in front of me and one behind. They both charged at me and I dodged out of the way, panicking like an idiot, and they hit and killed each other! I lol'd. I had no idea that could happen until yesterday.
  9. Haha this ref! Mane wants to watch himself though.
  10. That was great. And nearly another!
  11. Unfortunately not. I really hope they patch something in though, because as it is, they've just needlessly ruled out a certain percentage of the population from experiencing a neat little game. In fact there are no accessibility options whatsoever, so that's pretty shit.
  12. Finished Harmony of Dissonance having never played it before. I liked the dash buttons. I liked the magic system, although I ended up only really using the ice axe one. I really didn't like the garish outline around the player character, but I understand why it's there. Overall I like it but it's let down slightly by how absolutely piss easy it is. I think I died twice in my entire playthrough, once to Pazuzu and once to the final boss. Although having said that I did look up the locations of two of Vlad's parts and how to achieve the best ending. Oh and after the excellence of the CotM soundtrack, the music in this one was a let down. All in all, good but not as good as CotM.
  13. Having now finished it, I recommend it. It's short, took me about three hours to finish, and the puzzles provide enough of a challenge without becoming frustrating. I don't think I was ever stuck for more than ten minutes. The main thing for me though is the art style and overall aesthetic. I love it. It's an incredibly atmospheric game and some of the imagery will stay with me for years. I'm not sure the trailer does a very good job of selling it. You could be forgiven for watching the trailer and thinking "ooh, how edgy," but it's actually a lot more creepy and atmospheric than that. At least that's how I felt about it.
  14. Out now on PC and Switch. Happy Game is an ironically titled puzzle game by Amanita Design, they of Machinarium, Samarost, Botanicula and Creaks fame, among others. It has a really striking aesthetic reminiscent (at least to me) of David Firth, somewhere between cutesy and disturbing. Mainly disturbing. Gameplay consists of point and click style puzzles. You have to guide your cute, innocent little guy through a nightmare world of unspeakable horrors in order to retrieve his toys. I've played the first couple of sections so far and I like it! Puzzles are relatively gentle so far, haven't been stuck for more than five minutes on any particular one. The tone and visual style is absolutely horrific, lots of disturbing, nightmarish imagery. Definitely not suitable for kids. Massive photosensitive epilepsy warning though, multiple moments of the whole screen rapidly flashing different colours. I'm definitely digging it so far, perfect Halloween game.
  15. Keira injury aside, that was magnificent! Most enjoyable match I've seen since Barcelona!
  16. Ah, fair enough. The table I was looking at didn't list that one.
  17. I've done a bit of stat digging and as far as I can see (please correct me if I'm wrong), this is only the second time Liverpool have scored 5 at Old Trafford in a league match, the first being in a 2-5 win in 1936. They've never scored 6.
  18. After all these years it still gives me pleasure to see Ferguson with a face like a smacked arse.
  19. That is so precisely laser targeted to be up my alley, it healed my haemorrhoids. I couldn't be more all over this.
  20. Ah ballbags. I thought it was a three o'clock kick off today, so I missed it. Still, I look forward to seeing Salah's goal on match of the day later. And Bobby hat trick
  21. Pretty much. I managed to get one from Game the other day for my nephew's Christmas present, but it involved using a stock checker app and immediately going to the Game site upon receiving the notification. The Game site stuck me in a queue for about an hour, so I wasn't expecting to get one, but when my turn came along there were still bundles available. Of course, being Game, I couldn't just get a console on its own. The cheapest disc version they did was with a game and extra controller, but that was still available even after an hour's queueing, so I count myself lucky there. We're definitely still ages away from being able to just buy one. Unless you're willing to pay over the odds from scalpers, of course, but fuck them.
  22. Fucking hell, Salah's not bad is he?
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