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  1. Rosie McKean (Pasta Queen)'s recipe is the best I've used and I've tried a ton. They all seem to dry up when you put it in the oven, even the RecipeTin Eats one. I like a load of sauce - the wetter the better. I did write the recipe out somewhere, but can't find it, so here's a link to her instagram posts with the recipe. She goes on a bit in the beginning with an annoying filter, but I think it's the bestest I've tried. https://www.instagram.com/stories/highlights/17855890271408927/
  2. MelizCooks on instagram has the absolute best yorkshire pudding recipe I've ever tried. I thought Delia's was good, but this just blows it out of the water. Try it, not sure how you'll get on with using non-dairy milk, but the ratios seem quite different to those already tested, so might be worth a punt? Also, really easy to halve this recipe if you want to make 6. https://www.aeg.co.uk/local/recipes/christmas/meliz-berg-yorkshire-puddings/
  3. Yikes! What a thundering arsehole Stanich is
  4. I use Food52 a lot, they have some great writers for them and some really delicious recipes too. I also like The Original Dish and Half Baked Harvest, their recipes can be quite American in style, which is not always my bag, but I'm yet to have a dud meal from them, flavour-wise!
  5. I made this yesterday and it was exceptional. One of the best things I've cooked in a long time, so tasty! I had it with vermicelli rice. I wouldn't skip the pomegranate molasses if you can help it.
  6. littlelegs


    I have the immense fortune of living in a small rural village and having a coffee merchant a few doors down. He's from Burundi and they import the raw beans, toast them on site and grind them for me. It's an absolute delight and the smell on Wednesday mornings when they do their roasting is to absolutely die for. Anyway, I recently got an Ethiopian coffee from them, Moka Sidamo, and it is so good. I prefer filter coffee over espresso during the day and have been used to drinking my coffee black with one sugar, but this is so delicious I don't need to add any. It's non-bitter, faintly sweet without being sugary and really easy to drink.
  7. I drove down to the Graves wine region a couple of weeks ago to pick up our Christmas wines at Chateau de Callac. 'Tested' a bottle the other day, and I think it's perfeect. I also don't like a heavy red with Christmas dinner. Not too light, but something smooth, easily drinkable without competing too much with the meal and still having a good individual flavour. It's so tricky to find, but think we cracked it this year. Plus I'll be mainlining port on the post-prands so need something very different for the eatins.
  8. Seonkyoung is great! She has an amazing back story too. She was a brilliant cartoonist, studying under one of the most famous cartoonists in Korea. Then she became one of the best professional belly dancers in Korea. Then she moved to the US, got depressed, tried to learn the language via the food network, became a great chef, won a TV cooking show and became famous. I mean, what a woman!
  9. I love her site, I've been following for years. She's good to follow on instagram if you don't already, she puts up great videos. Her Greek chicken and Rice recipe is one of my favourites, but not sure how adaptable that would be for your prepping purposes?
  10. Ooh, what's your beef curry recipe?
  11. What's your saag paneer recipe? Is it online? Also, do you make your own paneer? I hear it's really easy to make Edit: Sorry I can't help with your curry quandary, you seem more of an aficionado than me. However, I do really like Maunika Gowardhan's recipes. Check her out if you don't know her already
  12. How does the fresh garnish survive the freezing and defrosting process?
  13. I love building in Sims so I use extensive cheats there to maximise possibilities. Obviously there’s the mother lode cheat so you have no money worries, but I regularly unlock hidden objects and objects locked through gameplay and use the move objects cheat as standard to allow more flexibility with item placement. For me though, even though they’re called cheats, they’re actively encouraged by the game makers and the sims community so I don’t feel they’re cheats in the literal sense. Just another way to play the game.
  14. My gravadlax was a huge success!! I’ll cure it for longer next time and maybe use less dill, but man that was good! It’s going on the Christmas menu for every year now.
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