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  1. Apparently Hughes likes SWP more for his off the ball work than Taarabt and Hoilett. After the first match I'm inclined to agree. Essential reading on how we won the midfield battle against Chelsea. Early days but against the league champions, and european champions, Faurlin and Granero are looking even better than I thought they would: http://soccernet.esp...id/119?cc=5739# Except for the bit about Kyle Walker not being good at defending. That's just a stereotype because he's so good going forward; I'm still slightly in love with him from his time with us.
  2. Still losing. Spanish title race over already?
  3. I didn't expect anything out of that, so very happy with a point and a decent performance. Faurlin and Granero were especially good in the middle - more than standing up to Mikel, Lampard and Hazard. Cesar also had a very good debut, you could see the defence playing with far more confidence with him in goal. In fact the whole team looked far more coherent than in previous performances, which is both impressive and encouraging. Possibly setting myself up for a fall here, but I think we all know that now they're all together, with Faurlin and Granero the final pieces of the jigsaw, this group of players are very decent, and just need a few winnable games on the bounce before we start climbing up the table. ...Anyone know what's going on with Hoilett?
  4. He basically collapsed on the ground? Keepers will stick a leg out when they've already dived the wrong way if it's their only chance, as Reina sort of did there. But they'll never actually try to save anything with their feet, even if the shot's close enough to them to do so, and too powerful for them to get down in time. Regardless, Rickie Lambert Celebrate.
  5. Reina again lol. Does anyone know why keepers never save anything with their feet? Obvs its better to catch it if you can, but for shots like that where it's close to you and almost impossible to get down in time... surely it's just so much easier to stick you leg out and get something behind it.
  6. Yeah I'd take Suarez and Borini over Adebayor and Defoe. Easy.
  7. Didn't see the game. But... Sigurdsson? City looking every bit as comfortable as I expected them to. Fuck knows what Hughes think he's doing picking SWP ahead of Hoilett... But on the plus side we don't look a complete shambles. We might even be level if Rodwell's finishing was a bit better.
  8. What's liveonlinefooty? I'm not usually in the business of paying for my streams. It would feel dirty, though I might be tempted...
  9. It would be amazing to see you try and panic buy someone in the final minutes. Dirk Kuyt's got 2 in 2 for Fenerbache so far...
  10. Were they assuming Dempsey was a done deal when they let Carroll go on loan? Who can play up front apart from Suarez? Borini?
  11. a big boy

    The Spurs Thread

    Dempsey is such a Spurs signing.
  12. Javier Garcia has just completed his medical according to SSN. I hope Jack Rodwell enjoyed his City career while it lasted.
  13. This has been some of the greatest schadenfreude of my football watching career.
  14. Chelsea 0 - 3 Atletico Falcao is the best striker in the world. No question.
  15. To be fair we've had a massive clear out. And now with Faurlin back from injury, Granero and M'bia signed I'm not sure the squad is at all unbalanced - we've basically got two decent players for every position (plus a few more wingers lol) to make the 25 man squad. Rob Hulse is the only guy truly surplus to requirements, and he's only got a year left on his contract so no big woop. How can we afford it? Err... I guess we hope the new TV deal Mittal and Fernandes' combined fortunes, and sales of Park Ji-Sung shirts cover it. On the plus side they are also looking at a new training ground, stadium, scouting network and all that good stuff too. Suggests they're around for the long haul at least. But I am a bit worried, yeah... There's no way we're breaking even any time soon.
  16. Fuck having any defenders.
  17. Fake knighthood, I heard. Is no one watching el classico? Amazing scenes.
  18. http://www.twitlonger.com/show/j322tm LOL
  19. Which one? I hope they haven't. Although it would be funny to see Torres dropped the moment he finds a bit of form.
  20. We just won a cup tie. I don't think we're in Kansas any more. Edit: holy shit Faurlin played the whole game. And even Dyer got 30 minutes LOL
  21. Oh my god Shreeves interviewing Tevez
  22. a big boy


    Why doesn't OXC start yet? He's always good.
  23. Loving Arsenal's midfield with Arteta, Diaby and Cazorla. I Hope they tear Stoke to shreds.
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