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  1. Loved everything about it but the scene where Joi tries to merge with a real lady.
  2. Nothing funnier than some bellend who identifies as Left whose unaware today's Left is further Right than Thatcher and hasn't even read Marx's Capital or Chomsky and gets on like they know what the fuck they're blethering on about. This wankhole is full of them.

  3. Pollitt Bureau Avatar heroes of Socialism patrolling my profielz. Am cry/

  4. I'd post, but I'm far too busy being offended over fucking literally everything. Please censor everything.

  5. Rllmuk the Mary Whitehouse of the Internet.

  6. I use Paxo re-hydrated with stock, I add white pepper and roasted garlic, and mix it with the contents of a few Heck sausages, minced pork and lean minced steak. I used to stuff my bird's cavity with it, but even when thoroughly cooked it gives me the shits, so now I just make a meat loaf and serve it with chicken or turkey.
  7. Freeze it in an ice-cube tray for convenient and delicious DIY stock cubes.
  8. 1. Ghosts n'Goblins (arcade) 2. Green Beret (arcade) 3. Penguin Adventure (msx) 4. Knightmare (msx) 5. Demon's Souls (ps3) 6. Resident Evil 4 (gamecube) 7. Killer 7 (gamecube) 8. Ninja Gaiden (xbox) 9. Resident Evil RE:make (gamecube) 10. Halo (xbox) 11. Dead Rising (xbox 360) 12. Mushihimesama Futari (xbox 360) 13. Dark Souls (xbox) 14. Super Shinobi (megadrive) 15. Jackal (arcade) 16. Iron Horse (arcade) 17. Pac Land (arcade) 18. Vaquish (xbox) 19. Mat Mania (arcade) 20. Renegade (arcade)
  9. ZoomPS3


    Euro Shmup shite only slightly better than Soldner X on PSN.
  10. A film named after a ship on a quest to prove god doesn't exist named after the Greek Lucifer. Maybe people are missing something...
  11. Chomsky and Herman's Manufacturing Consent Chomsky's Hegemony or Survival Anton LaVey's The Satanic bible Manly P Hall's The Lost Keys of Freemasonry The Bhagavad Gita John Potash's The FBI War on Tupac Shakur and Black Leaders
  12. Liveleak has videos of people having their heads cut off with chainsaws by drug cartel crew.
  13. This is Bateman back at his Silver Spoons best.
  14. Fishing guide reminds me of all the 'hard men' pink pastel sweater sporting Erasure fans I went to school with.
  15. Manly P Hall's Lost Keys of Freemasonry - be your own god. An excellent read so far : 666/1000.
  16. Watched the first last night. Best first episode of anything I've seen in a long time.
  17. Not really that expensive Villalobos' Alcachofa without a crackle or mark on it. https://www.discogs.com/sell/item/328295995
  18. The Pineal Gland: The Eye of God by Manly P Hall As a heavy shroomer in my teens and early twenties I love reading these Masonic Manly P Hall books. The biggest secret in Masonry isn't the Illuminati/OTO, it's the fact it's a psychedelic drug cult.
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