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  1. Possibly the opposite to what was intended, but The Warriors and Starship Troopers are far more enjoyable than the novels they are based on.
  2. First three episodes of this are available. All the men on the planet die, apart from one chap and his pet monkey. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt8042500/ I’ve not read any of the comics, so don’t know if it’s a faithful adaptation but it’s pretty good so far.
  3. That was just outstanding all the way through. Absolute genius writing and superb acting.
  4. Now on Season 2, having just endured “a night in sickbay” with the very obvious stuffed dog prop. That’s the only stinker so far, and Carbon Creek where T’Pol’s great grandmother visited earth in the 60s was great. It did have another incredibly tacky moment where she had to get changed behind a backlit sheet, though. Sad thing is, it probably did entertain a fair portion of the audience.
  5. https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/industry-news-manufacturing/chip-shortage-ford-volvo-exclude-safety-features-new-cars? Get your car faster if you do without safety features!
  6. How do stock shortages compare to the PS5 at the moment? Do you still need to be watching trackers like a hawk or are they staying available at some retailers for a while?
  7. Not so much “deserves” but “could have been done better”, Reign Of Fire. A great premise, that didn’t deliver at all.
  8. Just completed 1-3 having been slaughtered at the last stage several times. I’d got a challenge card that gave double health and it turns out I didn’t need it at all as one of the other players was a medic who kept healing us.
  9. Decided to give this a go. Will be up for PS gaming.
  10. VR motion gets me quite easily, but on "normal" games it's far less common. Occasionally I get it on "normal" games but that's quite rare. The only one that did have a consistent effect was Resident Evil Village. The slower more lumbering movement on a big screen not too far away had me feeling iffy all the time
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