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  1. It was that, but green screen rather than in person
  2. I'm going to buy one anyway, and have the cash available now. It could be 12 months on before we get a price drop, so it would effectively cost me £50 for a year's use out of it, and I didn't regret buying a launch day PS4. Also, it's my birthday.
  3. I’m in. Full fat ordered from Amazon but if I can swap to someone else I will.
  4. Presumably with giant bananas and turtle shells to liven things up a bit
  5. Having finished Voyager I've moved on to DS9, and with both I'm doing an abbreviated selection rather than full seasons. There are interesting signs of what's to come in the first couple of seasons, but it's S3 when it gets good, and then S4 just goes into overdrive with Way Of The Warrior. The dialog for Worf in particular is just superb writing. I'm really looking forward to see how much I can remember and what I've forgotten.
  6. As long as he stops off in Birmingham as he suggests, that's fine.
  7. I've never heard of him, but that's hardly surprising with my almost total lack of reggae knowledge. The song you've shared is superb though, so that's my music for the day sorted
  8. I'm on episode three now and really enjoying it. So far its treading some fairly well used paths, but they get used so often because they work.
  9. This is true, though towards the end, Caprica was setting up for a really interesting second season.
  10. I'm thinking of rewatching it soon, given the gaps in all the TV schedules this year.
  11. It was definitely a big step forwards though some elements had their origins in other shows. The look and feel of the inside of the Galactica felt like it had been lifted from Space Above And Beyond, and Scar was absolutely Chiggy Von Richthofen from S:AAB.
  12. Just watched this, and while it’s not a classic like the first two, it’s good natured fun that I never thought we’d see again.
  13. That *is* part of the main series. It's Razor, The Plan and Blood And Chrome that are disposable.
  14. Yep, nothing outside of the main series itself is essential.
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