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  1. Nope, there’s just no slots available at the moment. There’s normally a couple of months available.
  2. I can only assume that they are given direction from the showrunner on what they are looking for, and they are very different instructions.
  3. “Oh. I don’t want to give away too much. But I’m going to tell you that you will see Tasha Yar, but I’m not going to tell you how. You’ve got to watch.” That sound more like Picard will reminisce about Tasha, rather than we’ll see her return.
  4. Even now, I’m still surprised how they can write something so well crafted as that scene with Ortegas after churning out years of Discovery.
  5. Is it worth a go then? Initial reports I’d seen were a bit meh!
  6. I don’t remember seeing it mentioned anywhere. Odd, given that this is a gaming forum that by and large, really likes Cobra Kai.
  7. I can remember the attract sequence for Uridium, playing on a 14” TV in Games Workshop in Birmingham with absolute clarity.
  8. Where is the current best quality version to watch? Is it the Amazon remastered ones?
  9. Indeed. Used CDIIs seem to be fetching four pounds each.
  10. I went to a boot sale for the first time in years, more out of curiosity than with any expectations of buying anything. No sign of any gaming traders there, just a bunch of private sellers each with a small pile of games. It was mostly X360 or PS2/3 stuff, better than copies of FIFA but nothing amazing looking. A handful of PS4/5 games, and a barebones Master System 2 were about the only exceptions.
  11. I saw a small quantity of blank cassettes at a car boot sale this morning and had a strange compulsion to buy them. A couple are cheap type 1 tapes, but the Boots type 2 were just rebadged Maxell and very good. Although they've been unwrapped, it looks like all the type 2s are unused.
  12. It’s not the same experience on a 55” tv as an IMAX screen, but this is still an excellent bit of cinema, and it sounds as good here.
  13. Yep, agreed on all points. If I get 20 hours of enjoyment that’s £3.50 an hour which is still really good value. If you sell the game and get half your money back it’s amazing.
  14. Vespa Alex

    Guns N' Roses.

    Pretty sure that Live at The Ritz show is one I had on VHS. The BBC had done a season of rock and metal shows with that and The Decline Of Western Civilisation Pt2.
  15. Mine would have been any random TOS on repeat in the 80s
  16. Ah, love the DC3, and was that the Spruce Goose at the end?
  17. Vespa Alex

    Guns N' Roses.

    I saw them at Wembley supported by Faith No More which was the second time they’d played it, then Milton Keynes bowl. By then they had Matt on drums but Gilby was injured so they got Izzy back on guitar. After that saw Axl and friends in London and Nottingham many years later. Good fun, but not as special and they didn’t get on stage till 11 in Nottingham.
  18. Vespa Alex

    Guns N' Roses.

    If they had picked the best songs from both Use Your Illusions and done a single album, it would have been a superb follow up to Appetite. It might have stopped them getting too big too fast and imploding as well. At the time, they still had a huge impact and were amazing live.
  19. I only found that out yesterday, though in the Zzap/Crash era it’s no surprise that they needed to keep separation between magazine art aimed at teenagers and his gay lifestyle work. Nice to see that he was in such high demand there as well. https://www.zack-art.com Anyway, like most of the rest of us, Oli’s illustrations were definitely a big part of my childhood and still look amazing today. It’s a shame he is no longer with us, but he achieved so much.
  20. I’ve gone back to the beginning, and wow! This really hit the ground running. Episode 1 introduces the Aronov Device which is reused to great effect in S3 Episode 2 has a new leadership challenge for Alara Episode 3 determines Topa’s future Episode 4 is a classic pure sci-fi generation ship story, with guest appearances from Liam Neeson, James Morrison from Space Above & Beyond, and Robert Knepper from Prison Break. Did they actually have any bad episodes?
  21. So it would appear, but only 1080p instead of 4k
  22. It’s a US TV channel that did all the DC shows. Flash, Arrow and so on.
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