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  1. Listening to Bizzy B live on Youtube. He's going nuts tonight. Does these live streams regularly. Worth a go.
  2. By all accounts it's been designed to be taken apart and upgraded. Be brave!
  3. Guns Akimbo (2019) This feels like a proper magpie-nest of a film, a combination of John Wick, Edgar Wright and the Crank films thrown in for good measure. It's slick and silly and has lots of garish coloured lighting, it has the high-concept premise, it has a thumpin' soundtrack of covers, and an easy-to-swallow plot. It even has a few good gags. But as fun a watch as this was it did feel like an also-ran, the product of a binge-watch of action films from the last 15 years combined with an off-target use of pop culture. Daniel Radcliffe does do a good job as the out-of-his-depth loser, although the character was built entirely on cliches. I'd be a liar if I said I didn't enjoy it, there's some visceral fun to be had here, but this does feel like a follower rather than an innovator. 3/5
  4. Annihilation (2018) Strange and beautiful SF/horror adventure from Alex Garland. I'm a sucker for anything Lovecraftian and this is definitely one of the better films that warrant that description. In essence a group of scientists investigate 'the shimmer', an alien phenomenon taking over a bit of remote coastline. Whilst they apply science to try and understand what they encounter, the group are soon dealing with physical and psychological horrors way beyond human comprehension, in the best tradition of Lovecraft. Like Garland's Ex Machina this manages to convey some deep and interesting ideas, some way-out ideas albeit grounded in what feels like scientific fact - hard to describe. And like Ex Machina this is a slow burn, largely character-driven drama, although some of the group were a bit undercooked. It does look absolutely stunning, a combination of real alien beauty and twisted horror. 4/5
  5. Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle (2017) When I first heard about this reboot I was sceptical. The original is peerless, a fantastic family film, and judging by some recent attempts to jump-start franchises long after the fact this didn't bode well. This didn't start well, teens at a highschool going into detention, wasn't doing it for me. But once their circumstances changed I quickly found myself really enjoying it. Yes it's definitely different from the original, in some ways you can't really compare them, but this was a fun adventure in its own right. Jack Black's character was the stand-out, it was obvious he was making the most of it. Plenty of solid humour, especially when it came to knob gags. Whilst there was some solid character development here you almost forgot they were avatars towards the end, but frankly I was enjoying it too much to care. Can't tell if my low expectations were easily met or this was actually good. 3.5/5
  6. Dark Breed (1996) Pretty mediocre SF/action from PM Entertainment. Something to do with some astronauts getting possessed by bad aliens and wanting to invade, government cover-up, bit of intrigue, bit of shooting, lots of explosions, really spectacular explosions actually. Sadly though it's just not exciting or engaging enough. 2/5
  7. A very kind forumite sent me a copy of this - very happy indeed. Looking forward to getting stuck into this over the weekend. I'm led to believe the lead-in on this one is pretty long. The barrier I've had with AC in the past is you see people's super-cool towns full of amazing stuff, and it feels like I'm getting nowhere. I hope I can push through the initial stage of this and get to the good stuff soon. Yeah, getting less patient in my middle age.
  8. Well mine turned up just now, just in time for the weekend. Looking forward to setting that up later. I did get an email with a tracking number first thing this morning.
  9. Did people here who got an accelerated Next get any sort of email with tracking info etc? I'm waiting for mine but haven't had any communication.
  10. Runaway Train (1985) When I saw the iconic Cannon logo appear at the start of this I thought I was in for some dumb action, what I actually got was more a prison drama that largely takes place on an out-of-control train. You could describe the set-up as a bit clumsy, arsehole prison governor, abused prisoner, an escape and an unfortunate death of a train-driver. Eric Roberts' rubbery con was suitably irritating, making for the chalk to John Voight's loner con cheese. A lot of the tension in this was implied, impending disaster never far away. And the train keeps on moving. The ending could only be described as beautiful and strangely moving, thanks to some epic music, lush snow-blown cinematography and something being left to the imagination; strangely subtle for a Cannon flick. 3/5
  11. Like half the people I know at work I rewatched: Contagion (2011) First watched Steven Soderbergh's pandemic drama not long after it came out, reference points being SARS and the then recent Swine Flu epidemic which I assumed was the main influence for this. And at the time this was a solid and well-informed "what if" film about a highly-contagious virus that caused severe respiratory conditions and various authorities' attempts to tackle it as it swept across the globe - sound familiar? As I write this in March 2020 science fiction is very much science fact. The film is presented in a stark, naturalistic way, scientists in sealed labs quietly discussing findings contrasting with increasingly grim scenes of pandemic victims and civil unrest. It's clear the script is informed by science, and now-all-too-familiar phrases like "social distancing" feature. The weakest part for me was Jude Law's conspiracy nut, obviously representing internet disinformation and rumour but it didn't feel like it fitted well somehow. Matt Damon's concerned family man was just right, and there were generally well-suited performances. At this time though I wouldn't recommend this to the easily anxious. Whilst it doesn't fully match up with current events (yet) it was panic-inducing stuff. Maybe when all this has passed a re-watch would be called for. 3.5/5
  12. On the main BC page you can usually see a realtime ticker of sales. That thing was going at 500mph today.
  13. Aye that's a good comp and I'm not just saying that because I'm on it. Anyway, nearly the end of Friday but still time to help Tim Smith out - https://alphabet-business-concern.bandcamp.com/
  14. The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996) Whilst it's not the first film that comes to mind when anyone remembers 90s action this has the perfect combination of sharp writing and tight action direction. Shane Black's script is full of great lines and exchanges, and Renny Harlin's direction is a solid as ever. The lead-in to the action is just right, and there are just enough espionage twists combined with popcorn action to keep thing moving along nicely. Suitably explosive stop-the-clock ending befitting any decent 90s action film. Just the right combo of plot and action. 4.5/5
  15. Charlie's Angels (2019) It's tricky to review a film like this whilst trying to avoid all the talk of "wokeness" and suchlike, stumbling upon the sadly all too common online vitriol directed at female-helmed movies like this. Unfortunately as a piece of entertainment it missed something, it felt like it was less than the sum of its parts somehow. This does have the feel of too many hands involved, too many visions, and despite Elizabeth Banks' best efforts it lacked that clear voice. And I did enjoy Banks' performance in this too, she and Kirsten Stewart stood out. The comedy was typical of most recent big-budget Hollywood films, it felt improvised and didn't hit the mark. Action was solid if pretty standard for this sort of film, lots of car chases and hand-to-hand combat. Pretty sure the final reveal got the Twitter angry-men foaming at the mouth and it did make me chuckle. Ultimately it felt like it had been put through the corporate wash and had any soul taken out, it's smooth and competent but just not memorable. 2/5
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