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  1. The Dark Knight (2008) This came in on such a huge wave of hype at the time yet it didn't really need it, it's that strong a film it could probably have got by on word of mouth alone. So much good about it,, not least Heath Ledger's Joker which dialled back on the camp and made him feel more dangerous and unpredictable as a result. Like the first film the story gracefully unrolls, albeit with more action. It's genuinely hard to fault it beyond minor quibbles like some mumbled dialogue. 5/5 Tiger Claws (1991) Definitely one of the better American-produced films to feature Cynthia Rothrock, although after the opening she has to take on the second fiddle role to Jalal Mehri who couldn't really pull off the moody "I work alone" renegade undercover cop thing convincingly. At least the fights are good and there's a serviceable serial killer plot. 3/5
  2. Here's my review from Letterboxed of one of Gene Rodenberry's post-Star Trek 70s pilots: Planet Earth (1974) Unlike some reviews here I came to this more for John Saxon who I was more familiar with through Italian crime flicks and other assorted trash. It's difficult to critique this in 2022 as the point of the story is so dated. It certainly has the feel of original Start Trek, with a civilised society clashing with something more primitive, in this case a tribe where men are slaves to women, but in the most cack-handed way. I can see why this didn't get to a series. It requires too much suspension of disbelief compared to Star Trek, the promise of a thousand more stories rings hollow. I can't deny it wasn't entertaining, but it's easy to see why this died in the water. 2.5/5
  3. Tried R-Type Tactics, an odd strategy game where you arrange fleets of ships against various enemies. Going to be honest, I had a job reading the small text even on the bigger Vita screen, but looked interesting. Might try it on the PC under emulation and see if that helps. More block-dropping with Koloomn, known as Kollon in Japan and the rather dull-sounding Ultimate Block Party in the US. Very bright presentation with upbeat tunes, has a similar vibe to Puyo Puyo but plays like a combination of a lot of block-related games, you make large areas of the same colour by rotating 2x2 sets of blocks in your cursor, you can add more as you go for big combos, has some power-ups which frankly take away from the purity of it. Gets very tough with more colours though. It does highlight the purity of Lumines.
  4. Got to the sex scene in Typeface and laughed out loud even though I was out on a walk at the time. Chuckling just thinking about it.
  5. Oh it makes sense, it's still a crap move that's only going to generate resentment. You could say hey it's only a couple of quid (I'm not near Steam so can't see the discounted price; guessing it's about a fiver), but that's not the point. It is an update, just a back-to-the-drawing-board kind of update. Hell, if Bethesda can give existing Quake owners the new port for free this lot certainly can.
  6. Yeah, we're not going to be giving links out, but it's not too hard to find.
  7. Well remember seeing one of these in an arcade in Weston Super Mare about 1995. At £2 a go I wasn't touching it (50p for Virtua Fighter was bad enough) but it was popular. There was a guy making sure kids weren't dropping icecream all over it.
  8. The Pro 2 works fine for me, although the MiSTer doesn't recognise the paddles on the grips, sadly.
  9. I have a Bluetooth controller but I have to keep pairing the bloody thing up every time I turn the MiSTer on. How do I fix it? Is it the dongle I'm using or just the way it has to be?
  10. Weirdly that tonal twist totally grabbed me.
  11. Batman Begins (2005) I take a shortcut through CEX to catch the bus home from work, and as it was running late I went back in and bought the Nolan Batman trilogy on Bluray for a fiver. Not going to lie, I loved this from the off, the tone and pace of it felt just right, as did the tight action, moments of dry humour and even the dangerously earnest cod philosphy. Obviously it's a well-crafted film, but I just found it totally engaging, with a very well-paced origin story. At the time the Batman franchise needed a change of direction like this, and whilst I have a soft spot for camp, this stylishly darker take worked for me. Can't fault the cast, and for some reason I was overjoyed to see Shane Rimmer have a small part in this. 4/5 Nil By Mouth (1997) Man alive, that was a hard watch, but a fulfilling, brilliantly-directed one. It's a finely-observed tale that treats domestic abuse more than cheap drama, understands the ebbs and flows of a domestically-abusive relationship in the most no-nonsense way. Hearing Ray Winston's character talking about his father was powerful stuff. I'd like to know more about what inspired this, but from this watch I get the impression this came right from Gary Oldman's heart. 4.5/5
  12. The one tune on this is by me. It's really, really old, from 1994 or thereabouts. It's really strange hearing it in this.
  13. Started listening to Terror Tome today, it's super stuff so far, 100% Marenghi. Surprised they'd not done anything like this sooner.
  14. Been ripping through Paperbacks From Hell and it's fantastic. If you have any interest in all those old horror paperbacks from the 70s and 80s or just like to read about trash culture generally then it's £1.99 well spent. The author has a knack for making anything sound like essential reading, pulling out all the lurid plus points, although he does have a tendency to run through the whole plot in a paragraph; I've had to skip some as there were a few books I fancied reading. Wouldn't mind the physical book as this has tons of illustrations of book covers that probably look better in real life. Should say it's from an American perspective but does mention some British authors like Brian Lumley and James Herbert. Not Garth though, hmm. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Paperbacks-Hell-Twisted-History-Fiction-ebook/dp/B01NBO5GIH/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1668612198&sr=8-6
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