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  1. I'd like to know if they'd do a quick-start patch for NMS. Every time they do a big update I have to restart the game, and the prospect of spending hours starting from scratch doing the mini-tutorial things to get all the bits and bases and whatnot makes me not want to bother. But if I could skip all that, maybe start with a small base and some fuel, maybe make it for people who have played so many hours.
  2. Had a week off work and a massive clear-out of my flat, and frankly I'd love to get rid of most of my collection. A load of Spectrum tapes doing nothing, two Megadrives, C64 tape games, tons of crappy PS2 games I got in job lots. I've put a ton in bags to go to various charity shops because frankly the idea of having to sell off a load of crap PS2 games that'll probably net me £25 tops isn't worth it. Taking stock of it all made me realise I'm actually perfectly fine with emulators, I invested in a decent PC last year that runs most systems well. Plus I'm not a collector and never
  3. Homefront (2013) Meat-headed action with Jason Statham as a no-longer-undercover drugs cop who moves to the country to get away from it all but gets in some beef with the locals. Yes, he hits the sticks to punch some hicks in the dicks, and make things go bang. The action in this packs a crunchy punch, it has that distorted sound that makes it feel extra-hard. Sadly this was from that period where it was all about the quick-cut, impossible-to-follow action, all speed and no finesse. James Franco does a good turn as the local low-life getting out of his depth. It's slick and taps into that
  4. The Debt Collector (2018) Scott Adkins is a martial arts instructor who needs the money that bad he takes on the job of a debt collector for a local shady feller. He spends the weekend with a washed-up yet experienced heavy (Louis Mandylor), and whilst things start out straight-forward enough, things soon get a bit more interesting. Got to be honest here, I warmed to this film as it went on. The central relationship between Adkins and Mandylor was strong enough to carry this, even if some of the support cast were merely incidental. There were some quality fights, at least early on, althou
  5. 10 To Midnight (1983) A guy takes bloody revenge on a woman that spurned his advances. Charles Bronson is the cop who'll do anything to get his man. This is definitely a sleazy one, the killer and his victims are naked more often than not when the murders take place, and lots of total filth over the phone, all in a shiny early-80s kind of way. It's a pretty solid thriller though, definitely one of the better films Bronson made with Cannon, it handled the revenge so much better than the Cannon-produced Death Wish films for sure, lifting it above raw, dumb vengeance. The relationship betwee
  6. That was William Dawson, a real-life gameshow host, superb bit of casting.
  7. I'd agree that The Raid is a purer film, plus the action in that is super-tight and almost continuous. It's constant energy. The difference with Dredd is, for its simplicity, it's still more character-driven. They're both superb films.
  8. Life Is Sweet (1990) Slice-of-life drama from Mike Leigh, a chef father, shop-assistant mother, their grown-up twins, one of whom is a tomboy, the other struggling with an eating disorder, their struggles, muddling together. I could relate to the family, they felt real, the sort of working-class my parents were. It starts off light enough, Alison Steadman and Jim Broadbent trading jokes, he buys a knackered burger van, added it to his to-do list of things that will never get done. Meanwhile twins Claire Skinner and Jane Horrocks are the twins Nicola and Natalie both have their lives to le
  9. The Bank Job (2008) "Based on true events" although despite the wide-ranging consequences of this particular event I'd never heard of it, so I can only judge this purely on its ability to entertain. In essence Jason Statham is a small-time criminal (I think, it's not well established) who is roped into robbing a bank by a lady friend of his, unbeknownst to him for her own reasons. You've got bank-robbers, bent coppers, London villains, government ministers and a guy wanting to be the British Malcolm X in this twisted tale. My main gripe is something that really gets my goat with films lik
  10. Line Of Duty was ruined for me when Dead Ringers described Steve as dressing and acting like a six year-old at a wedding. Watched all four of these so far and they're great. I thought it would be all about newer shows and that I'd miss most of the jokes as I don't really watch the telly much, but thankfully it's all old stuff he references. Highlights include the medical rap, tape-lifting and inflammable pubs.
  11. Make the sort of music you want to hear, do it because you enjoy doing it and it gives you that good feeling of creativity. Try not to think about how people will receive your music or whether people will want to listen, that way lies madness. Covers are a good way to learn the ropes without having to come up with tunes, but trying to turn a loop into a song, even a very simple song, is a hurdle a lot of musicians have difficulty getting over. You have to push it a bit, even a 2-minute groove with variations on the loop is a song, so try that. And yes, avoid the Toolbox Fallacy as
  12. Week off work, having a major clear-out. Unearthed a CD-R dated November 1999. This was from some time in 1999 when I was at uni, had just my PC and a tracker, I guess it's inspired by Robbie Williams' Millennium. The original was a bit quiet so gave it a remaster.
  13. Kinjite: Forbidden Subjects (1989) Super-sleazy in a bad way, ancient Charles Bronson is an LA cop trying his utmost to take down a guy pimping out underage girls. Meanwhile a Japanese businessman whose wife doesn't do it for him gets relocated to LA and has issues of his own. Teenage girls getting felt up on public transport, a worse fate for a Japanese schoolgirl. And Bronson is on the case, doing what was expected of him in a Cannon flick, although in a more laid back way compared to some of his earlier outings. A lot of the nastiness in this is inferred, it maybe doesn't get as out-an
  14. Hostile Environment (1999) Please, no-one give David A Prior any sort of budget. I loved his 80s stuff like Mankillers and especially Deadly Prey, but this was absolutely awful. Muscular blonde goodie vs muscular blonde baddie in a story that could only have been written by someone who lived in California, a place where it never rains. In the future the water supply is controlled by some fascist/criminal gang, making bootleg water is punishable by death - please don't tell them about rain. Matthias Huse of I Come In Peace fame is the good muscular blonde, despite having absolutely zero ch
  15. Fathom (1967) Raquel Welch stars in a fun, kitsch espionage-ish caper where she plays a skydiving dental hygeinist who gets embroiled in the hunt for The Fire Dragon. It's typical of the time: exotic location, a hint of romance, quirky characters, just a tad off-beat. It weaves a twisting story with Welch not knowing who to trust, who the good guys are. Okay so it's not the done thing these days to comment on a woman's looks but it has to be said this was Raquel Welch at her hottest, both in looks and performance. She brightens this up considerably with her charm, keeping it light. It was
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