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  1. The worst thing I ever drunk-purchased was a copy of TOCA Race Driver 3 for the Xbox. That's pretty impressive.
  2. Like almost anything with a CPU and graphics output, the demoscene has been on this for ages:
  3. Splashdown 2: Rides Gone Wild on the PS2 - excellent novelty speedboat racing with crazy circuits that change each lap. Downhill Domination on PS2 - okay it's not motorbikes but mountain biking is just as fluid and fun. And stating the obvious here: SSX Tricky.
  4. Undercover Hooligan (2016) A police officer sacked from the force for violence is asked to infiltrate a criminal gang with a view to bringing down the leader and his family. Whilst not the worst Brit gangster film I've ever seen, and I've seen a few, this was a pretty sloppy effort with poor writing, wooden acting and a production that lacked the sort of attention to detail that could have made this a better film. In the right hands a low budget needn't be a hindrance, the limitations can force creativity and invention from the right director. Not in the case of this film, sadly, where the lack of budget extends to lack of care in all departments. The script is disjointed, rife with head-scratching plot points and threads that go nowhere. I found myself going "hang about, what?" more than once when certain things happened. At one point a character asks our anti-hero "do you like football?", by this point I'd completely forgotten this was supposed to be a gang of football hooligans turned gangsters. I'm going to spoil it so you don't have to watch it, thank me later, but the inevitable death of the top man was so messily-directed I had to spool back and watch it a couple of times to work out what happened. Also the protagonist is punished by the gang by being forced to have sex with an STD-infected sex worker and told he'd be put in some concrete - I mean guys, make your mind up or at least communicate. The fact the protagonist had a Tommy Robinson haircut was a real distraction too. And the whole thing has that doomy analogue synth serious soundtrack that matches the distinct lack of humour, even dark humour. Nice colour grading and a bit of depth-of-field cannot mask the inadequacies of this forgettable and unsatisfying film.
  5. If it's still going I'd be interested. if not then okay, fair enough.
  6. I had a crap year last year and things went off the boil somewhat, only autiobooks really kept the numbers up towards the end. This year I'm aiming for 30 again. Not off to a great start, had to abandon The Madness Of Crowds by Douglas Murray as it was absolute cobblers. Someone recommended it to me, and although it goes against my politics I thought it would be a good way to avoid confirmation bias. Essentially though it's "aren't SJWs all idiots", citing all the sorts of hot-button topics that got lazy alt-right Youtubers up in arms the last few years. He spends a whole chapter moaning about how Google Image Search shows pictures of black people when you search for "white man". And whilst it was genuinely amusing hearing him read out lyrics to Nicki Minaj tracks in his smug, plummy tones, that wasn't enough to justify the sheer tedium I experienced. As I find myself saying a lot at times like this: life's too short, could be reading something worthwhile.
  7. Weeklybeats 2020 - bloody hell, the first week has had 70+ entries. Going to be hard listening to all that every week.
  8. For some reason StreakClub won't let me upload my final track, so I've put it on Soundcloud:
  9. Similarly, something like Super Puzzle Fighter.
  10. Guys guys guys! https://matssetting.top/products/mini-synthesizer-pack?pix_id=615234505910647&price=8 Has to be totally legit, has to be.
  11. Yeah at the end of the day it's not a competition. Personally it really got me making music regularly rather than sitting on a directory full of half-done tracks for months, even years. Okay so not everything was a masterpiece but there are at least 5 I'm really happy with. Definitely going on the WeeklyBeats 2020. Tougher call there, there are some seasoned musicians up there.
  12. Saw this posted elsewhere: The Best Acid Tracks 2010-2019 playlist
  13. White House Down (2013) Terrorists take over the White House whilst wannabe Secret Service agent and his daughter are on a tour. The other White House takeover film of 2013 is a significantly larger budget affair with master of the epic Roland Emmerich at the helm. How does it compare with Olympus Has Fallen? It's certainly a lighter touch, more of a buddy action film than the Die Hard homage of the rival. The action and tension is more evenly spread here, with thrills occurring at regular intervals. There's definitely more humour especially between Channing Tatum and President Jamie Foxx, but there are enough tongue-in-cheek serious bits to stop this being an outright comedy, thankfully. It did rather fall to bits towards the end, the inevitable air strike had no weight, and what happened to the cliche smart-arse hacker guy? Presumably he was left there with his umpteen monitors. With just enough daft action combined with straightforward bad guy motivation this wasn't that bad, certainly an entertaining watch even if it wasn't cinema gold. Good to see James Woods hamming it up. It didn't have the overt B-movie chops of Olympus, but it delivered more consistent thrills throughout.
  14. I think that's it for me. Including the couple of audiobooks I have on the go that's 21, pretty low for me.
  15. Mankillers (1987) A CIA agent takes a group of hardcore female prisoners and trains them to take down the renegade agent who left her for dead. Despite the slow start, just-about-does-it acting and super-low budget, a budget that seemingly didn't stretch to bras, this becomes rather entertaining towards the end, with just enough directorial flourishes here and there to lift the action above merely acceptable. It's straightforward stuff, a female Dirty Dozen in essence, worth a watch for anyone with a high trash threshold. Should probably add this was directed by David A Prior who also did the fantastic Deadly Prey. Makes sense.
  16. Angel Has Fallen (2019) Secret Service agent Mike Banning is framed for an attempted assassination of the US President, he goes on the run to clear his name. Third in the 'Fallen' series of films breaks the Die Hard formula, exchanging it for another classic trope: the framed man fights back. And frankly this was a real let-down. Compared to the explosive set-up in Olympus Has Fallen, Angel takes a good 20 minutes before anything remotely exciting happens. And it's not really until the last 40 minutes or so that anything that could be considered action takes place, even then it's a confusing collage of shots of guys in body armour firing assault rifles and running about, it gives the impression of easy excitement yet is rather slack. Far too much down time and attempts at drama in a film that really should have stuck more closely to a trashy B-movie formula. The pay-off with the baddie was far from satisfying, although they did subvert a well-worn trope during the final battle.
  17. There are definitely bits in there that fit that criticism. Kris Marshall's part was, I assume, meant to be funny because it confounded the viewer's expectations, yet it came over as some middle-aged man's wank fantasy. Generally it could be described as old-fashioned, it's not particularly progressive in its view of women. Love Actually is nowhere near as bad as Richard Curtis' The Boat That Rocked though, that's unforgivably misogynist.
  18. Love Actually (2003) As Christmas approaches a vast array of characters discover the true meaning of love. This is one of those films I've put off watching. People tell me it's too sappy and I won't enjoy it, or it's romance and, being a fella, it won't be my thing. Yet I had to watch it, even if it was only so I could get it, understand what people saw in it. And frankly I'm really glad I did. I was expecting some trite man-meets-woman-falls-in-and-out-of-love-and-back-in-love-again-happily-ever-after kind of thing, but what I actually got was a rich, complex tapestry of stories covering all kinds of love, from a grieving father reconnecting with his son to a couple dealing with an affair right up to the Prime Minister falling for the woman bringing him decent biscuits. It's as though Richard Curtis sat down and wanted to get as much of this in as humanly possible, and he somehow manages to balance it all out and keep things even, sweeping the viewer along with it. There's are some really funny bits, especially Bill Nighy's ageing rocker, and it does subvert some of the more cliched elements of this sort of tale. Mind you, I found Kris Marshall's part a bit underdone. I must confess I had a big smile on my face by the end, despite myself. Granted I know a few people who would probably be physically sick watching this it's that sweet, but for people who can tolerate the saccharine, and have at least experienced some kind of love in their lives, in whatever way, they'll get something from this.
  19. Rise Of The Footsoldier 4: Marbella (2019) In a bid to increase supplies of drugs for their club, Essex gangsters attempt a deal with a supplier in Spain but things don't quite go to plan. Alright, you tasty caaants! Yes, amazingly this is the fourth film in the series of no-nonsense sweary, violent Brit gangster films faintly inspired by the real-life Essex Boys murdered in Rettendon in December 1995. Any attempt to link this to real events has long since evaporated leaving standard issue crim fare, the major players reduced to convenient caricatures: the psycho one, the dim one, the hedonistic one. This time the action moves to sunny Marbella on the Costa del Crime, the story split into two threats, one a road trip from Amsterdam which I'm assuming was supposed to be funny consisted of pretty tedious scenes of giggling, swearing and drugs, and the other the serious business, lairy, cocaine-fuelled business. It's all pretty tired yet for fans this lack of innovation is doubtless comforting, albeit with extra sunshine. Craig Fairbrass is on autopilot here, it's all second nature to him by now.
  20. Olympus Has Fallen (2013) North Korean terrorists kidnap the US president and lay siege to the White House. It's up to a disgraced Secret Service agent to save the day. This film got so much shit at the time, with critics slagging off the poor action and underwhelming experience. Yet I contest this is a fantastic bit mid-budget B-movie trash, albeit with some issues. At the time of release this was up against Roland Emmerich's White House Down, and whilst that film was fun in different ways it was far more tongue-in-cheek than this, the has the required silly/serious tone that makes this kind of OTT yarn enjoyable. The initial assault and take over of the White House is superbly done, any shred of realism or subtlety is exchanged for ludicrous action, each successive wave of terrorists bring more daftness, albeit with some convenient cliches like people hesitating and buying a few bullets or the good guy miraculously avoiding blanket strafing. It's this disregard for efficiency that makes it so enjoyable. A shame then the story slackens off somewhat once things calm down. Mind you, the cliche of the bad guys showing how bad they are by coolly executing people works really well here. The stop-the-clock ending was a tad knowing, right down the the keyboard snafu, but by then viewers will have bought into the daftness. Executions aside, the North Korean head baddie was rather weak, he was certainly no Hans Gruber. And as Die Hard rip-offs go Gerard Butler was no Bruce Willis, a bit to skilled although thankfully he did take a beating, wasn't too invincible, a real problem with action heroes of late. Okay so the action in the later stages was a bit weak , but the utter silliness combined with the pumped high stakes really did make for an enjoyable watch, certainly not up there with the best of action cinema but it delivered popcorn thrills, if rather US flag-waving patriotic ones. And I so wanted Morgan Freeman to say "Me, the president, again? Oh well". Missed opportunity there. ignore the purists, it's not classic action but it exaggerates in the most enjoyable ways.
  21. London To Brighton (2006) Desperate to evade an angry pimp, a London prostitute and a young girl flee by train to Brighton after an appointment with a powerful client goes violently wrong. It's almost impossible to avoid using the word 'gritty' to describe this, the story, setting and characters make it all too easy to reach for the overused verb, but in lieu of something better 'gritty' is justified. Lying somewhere between socially-aware dramas from the likes of Alan Bleasdale and aggressive, sweary Brit-crime, the tone shifts about yet manages to stay reasonably consistent. The script does fall back on British gangster film cliches quite a bit, things like heavy use of the F and C words, plenty of barely-touched cups of tea in chipped mugs, hair-trigger crime boss with a couple of efficient heavies in tow, all characters chain-smoking in a pensive way, and many more. There are moments of grimy beauty though: the countryside seen through a greasy train window, a street with 90% of the shops closed, a freezing-cold seafront, the film does let some light shine through the murk. Some may find it a bit too grim, although the bond between Joanne and Kelly, with some bitter-sweet levity, stops it sinking too far down.
  22. I'd say the two Far Cry games on OG Xbox. They were really pushing it on there.
  23. I'm amazed I only missed one week and that was because I had an ear infection. It's been a fantastic project.
  24. I gone and done a Christmas cover:
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