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  1. It’s a fantastic game from what I’ve played of the beta. It’s going to be huge. It should run well on a vast range of PC’s. It’s gunplay is top tier. The maps are well designed and players will learn them quickly. The character abilities are not as overwhelming for a new player as something like Overwatch would be. I was surprised by how good it is. It feels like it’s been well polished already. Someone leaving a team during a match is a devastating blow though. I’ve had it happen and no replacement ever seems to connect. I’d change that or at least give people searching for a game the option to join.
  2. It’s a no brainer after the relative success of the first one.
  3. Bought it the other day as well. I’ve played MH games before but I’ve gone into this fresh. I’m just messing about in multiplayer although there’s always a high rank player in most hubs so hunts typically go smoothly. Can’t be bothered going through the offline gathering quests so I’ll build up a few bits of armour online first.
  4. Is this playable enough on a Switch Lite or undocked on an ordinary Switch? I find the Lite / Joycon sticks a bit inaccurate so I’m hesitant to dive into Dark Souls and be fighting against the controls rather than the game.
  5. Finally got to try this tonight. Wow, this is a bit good. Hard to explain why but I'm very impressed. It's certainly taken little bits from several games but no doubt this is going to be a monster of a success when it gets a full release.
  6. Any hidden VR fitness gems out there? I’ve Beat Sabre, Pistol Whip, Thrill of the Fight, BoxVR, Superhot etc. Looking for something else to add to the list.
  7. I'm vezna#1383. Still dabbling with the idea of getting the Premier edition but not likely to use homeplugs as the tv is wall mounted and it would be a little awkward to set up.
  8. If there’s no risk of relegation then it’s all completely pointless. For me that’s where the sporting integrity aspect applies. Clubs will lose roughly a third of their income playing in empty grounds and the same again in regard to tv money. Financially I’d suggest the current season needs completed and even at that there will be clubs facing money problems. No doubt some have brought it on themselves but I’d rather see teams fortunes play out on the pitch rather than in court during administration / bankruptcy proceedings.
  9. I’m definitely interested in the Premier edition but there’s no way I can get Ethernet into the Chromecast. It’s just not feasible with my set up. I’ve only played Stadia on a MacBook but would be fascinated to see it on my LG OLED. The Xbox One X can look incredible on it with a few games.
  10. I'm surprised how playable this is. Controls well and the framerate is miles better than the sub 30 fps on the Xbox One X. Any and every game I play on Stadia will have at least one problem per session. It's nearly always a temporary freeze or occassionally audio goes out of sync. This needs sorted as technically it's the only drawback I see so far.
  11. I’ve enjoyed this season but yesterday’s episode fell off a cliff. Felt like it was written by totally different people.
  12. The episode in which the plane is down and they’re stuck in the desert is one example.
  13. Yeah, season 1 does this really badly. It’s jarring to say the least. I thought I’d missed an episode a couple of times.
  14. It’s an absolute powerhouse of a show this and probably the best thing Netflix have made. I do think though we need to move towards an end game now. Another couple of seasons of this quality and Ozark will go down as an all time tv great. I don’t want it stretched too far.
  15. Finished this today. Stunning show. Mesmerising from start to finish.
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