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  1. vezna

    Apple TV +

    I’m about half way through Physical and it’s excellent. I’ve no idea why some of this Apple TV + material doesn’t get better reviews. Must be some sort of anti Apple agenda as they’ve really nailed some of these shows.
  2. Good article that. I don't know what to think anymore though. I've had success in things like Returnal and Demon's Souls in recent times (I've played a lot of From stuff though to be fair) but gave up on Miles Morales at about the half way point as I just never got to grips with what I found was a counter intuitive control system. I've found PC shooters a real struggle over the last few years, Apex Legends especially seems to have an incredibly high skill requirement to really make your mark. Console equivalents much less so although this might just be down to all the top tier players being on PC. I'm 45 next week.
  3. Try Conquest and play as a medic. You’ll be able to contribute a lot playing that role. Stick with your squad at all times (unless they are all snipers). If that’s the case just simply change squad.
  4. Mesmerising film. The acting and sound design are absolutely stellar.
  5. My vote went to ‘I didn’t enjoy’ which isn’t really true. There are a few games that look good to me but these are spread out over all the conferences. I’m not seeing a huge amount of innovation out there but nonetheless I’d imagine Elden Ring, Battlefield 2042 and BOTW2 should be pretty damn spectacular.
  6. There’s definitely something to be said for improving at the game. All those attempts at Phrike with a carbine, astronaut and large vial came to nothing. Went in only with a sidearm, a bit more integrity than usual and a 10% boost to damage. Crushed him while taking a lot less damage than usual. It was one of those zen moments that made no sense in hindsight.
  7. That was quite underwhelming. Tough times for developers for sure but that was all a bit uninspired.
  8. Fair point although the atmosphere in Returnal is very much ‘Alien’ at times.
  9. I’ve played this game all damn day. I’ve a mad urge now though to watch Prometheus.
  10. I’ve nothing bad to say about previous Housemarque games but this is some leap from past releases to what they’ve come up with in regard to Returnal. It’s a top tier game and reminds of the impact Dark Souls made back in the day. It’s got a challenging difficulty level but it’s really hard to not go straight back in once you inevitably get smashed in one of the biomes.
  11. Conte and Levy comes across as a terrible combination. It would be hard to imagine a less compatible pairing.
  12. I started Returnal last night and it’s a bit of a stunner. Certainly feels like a sci-fi take on a From Software game. Ever since I got a PS5 I’ve never got over how good the DualSense controller is. It’s light years ahead of anything else on the market.
  13. This is a terrible film with absolutely no redeeming features. Netflix is putting far too much money into complete crap these days.
  14. Looks like a really large futuristic router. I mocked the look of the thing before it was launched but I quite like it now. The Series X is far too bland.
  15. Demons Souls on PS5 is amazing graphically. The HDR is stunning and makes everything pop unbelievably well.
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