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    Late to this but I enjoyed it - love the intro montage at the start, Dylan's song makes it.
  2. that didn't take long did it.
  3. This worked for PAL Wii Fit on my US Wii - so it has paid for itself already for me.
  4. rllmuk


    Mine is on it's way from Play - I refuse to download it as I've already paid for the sodding thing!
  5. I must admit I didn't pick up on that until a few minutes afterwards...
  6. Talk about bringing a thread back to life, jesus.
  7. Aye, I've noticed posting the times after a race takes an age now whereas yesterday it was quick.
  8. You need to race and then the score board will place you/show other racers.
  9. I still can't believe Play got it to me yesterday even though I only ordered on Tuesday. Anyway, I've been having loads of fun with this - already got the LCR up to a performance level that is more acceptable
  10. Sky Anytime. It causes the sky+ box to make an obscene amount of noise, constantly whilst downloading/updating programs. Turned it off yesterday and the living room is now nice and quiet.
  11. There'll be a red LCR with rllmuk on it for some racing action shortly...
  12. Daytona is quality on it - runs a tad quick though, and is bloody difficult on the keyboard!
  13. How about now it can upscale normal dvds? I'm about to by a new DVD player for my plasma solely for this feature - so is it worth buying the PS3 for that? I'm not sure
  14. Nicely timed playing of 'Feeling a moment' there - sure it makes the scousers fell even better!
  15. Track listing from amazon: 1. Wake 2. Given Up 3. Leave Out All The Rest 4. Bleed It Out 5. Shadow Of The Day 6. What I've Done 7. Hands Held High 8. No More Sorrow 9. Valentine's Day 10. In Between 11. In Pieces 12. The Little Things Give You Away It's what I have...
  16. Given Up and Hands Held High are excellent. As is Bleed it Out.
  17. I agree with the comments so far in part - it is a vast departure from previous efforts, but I like it. It gets better the more you listen - good to code to
  18. Ipswich Town. GBs great success and failure, all rolled into one.
  19. Just got this and on initial listening I must say it's a much improved effort over Hybrid Theory/Meteora etc. I only ever found a few songs on each of those I liked, whereas this has many more hits. Some of the tracks are a bit Eminem though. 'What I've Done' is excellent on first impressions and I can feel the rest growing on me with each listen. Anyone else impressed or is this direction all wrong?
  20. Is it wrong to want to drive your own car in a game? This might just make me buy a 360.
  21. Welcome to the world of George Burley management - that inconsistency will never change.
  22. rllmuk

    C programming

    I'd concentrate on getting your head around the new .net tech for v3.5 (nutters) ie. LINQ and lambda expressions.
  23. Noooo....it was Heroes on Monday, 24 on Tuesday and Lost on Thursday. God damn it.
  24. Should all be there now - just the titles need sorting. My apologies for that. If you find anymore, pm me the links and I'll move them.
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