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  1. What's up with the scoreboards. I haven't got anything registered and neither has anyone else. The scoreboard on the front of each race is always blank. Anyone else got this?

    You need to race and then the score board will place you/show other racers.

  2. I still can't believe Play got it to me yesterday even though I only ordered on Tuesday. Anyway, I've been having loads of fun with this - already got the LCR up to a performance level that is more acceptable :angry:

  3. Track listing from amazon:

    1. Wake

    2. Given Up

    3. Leave Out All The Rest

    4. Bleed It Out

    5. Shadow Of The Day

    6. What I've Done

    7. Hands Held High

    8. No More Sorrow

    9. Valentine's Day

    10. In Between

    11. In Pieces

    12. The Little Things Give You Away

    It's what I have...

  4. Just got this and on initial listening I must say it's a much improved effort over Hybrid Theory/Meteora etc. I only ever found a few songs on each of those I liked, whereas this has many more hits. Some of the tracks are a bit Eminem though.

    'What I've Done' is excellent on first impressions and I can feel the rest growing on me with each listen.

    Anyone else impressed or is this direction all wrong?

  5. Such an infuriating season as on days we could play teams off the park and still manage to lose, or go and destroy Wolves at Molineux 6 -1 .

    Welcome to the world of George Burley management - that inconsistency will never change.

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