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  1. I'm getting the others moved back in now...
  2. I've never been massively into Doctor Who, too young and all that , but its just brilliant entertainment. Not much else on TV touches it at the moment, besides Heroes.
  3. I was at the brits and whilst walking to Earls Court from the hotel we saw 5 blokes pushing the rear end of that red panda limo along the road, and didn't know what to make of it. It was only when watching Top Gear on sunday we twigged what it was.
  4. The LCR is in the game?! I may just have to get a 360 after all...
  5. Sorted that, but not sure how up to date this is either to be honest.
  6. It was a good performance, I'll give them that.
  7. They had Wii consoles at the after show party though. Was expecting a party of expensive beer and cheap thrills, but instead got free Peroni and Wii action. Good stuff. As for the show, the place went mental when Take That performed. I pointed out that the song was shite but no-one was listening. Gah.
  8. rllmuk


    Just watched all 4 in a row. Brilliant
  9. rllmuk


    When does it start on Sky?
  10. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-6...dfeed&hl=en
  11. I want one, but am not getting one. Combination of Christmas, no cash due to paying off debts (I refuse to put stuff on credit cards now) and apathy for all things 'launch' to do with consoles after the 360 fiasco.
  12. I missed out on one thanks to the pre-order lottery, and haven't bought one as a result. That episode turned me off the 360 completely. Wonder if anyone else didn't get one at all after missing out this time last year..?
  13. Very good, thoroughly enjoyed it. But why they let that tosser Branson in it, who knows...
  14. Get in. Didn't know that site existed, ta
  15. Ooooooh. Looks just like Crusader: No Remorse/Regret did 10 years ago - which is a fantastic thing as those games rock.
  16. I bought this album the day I picked up my new car, with no idea what to expect. I loved Absolution and new this was on its way out but hadn't heard any of the material. All I can say is that it I didn't stop driving till it got to the end. The perfect complement to a fantastic day - I can't wait until November.
  17. They're also on a.b.multimedia - should you have access to the group.
  18. You can only assume their supplier has upped the price hence them having to put back pre-orders at the lower price. However the saving is a bit naughty - they seem to do this with all products though to be fair.
  19. It's what happened with the PSP's all that time ago, but the lead time for the real priced unit was more than a month.
  20. rllmuk

    Brit Awards Winners

    Aside from the moaning, Prince really was good last night. Also, they had dodgems at the after party thing. Well worth it.
  21. That you won't be able to use legally to produce anything you may want to sell, or use it all when you leave education. It'll still work but...
  22. Would a supposedly 'reputable' store here be in on it? Or have they been suckered as well? EDIT: I guess the store are the people driving it, to drum up business. hoho.
  23. Cleaned. Keep it on track this time kids
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