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    There are a huge amount of consoles on eBay right now. You can't blame people for wanting to make money quick though; I didn't get hold of one but I don't think we can lay the blame squarely at eBay auctions for that. If people want to pay stupid money for them, let them. I think we just all wish we had thought of that.
  2. Play's order status is rubbish. A game order has just updated from 'In Stock' to 'Sent out 30/11/2005'. No processing or packing? Will it just appear?
  3. PC World stock for retail tomorrow is all Core according to the store I was in earlier and the guy on the end of that national phone number.
  4. Maybe, but that is what my store actually told me.
  5. Answering my own question here but PC World are selling some consoles at ALL stores on a first come first served basis at 9am tomorrow morning. I may be late for work...
  6. Did the PC World stores take pre-orders?
  7. That's what Hull's Gamestation manager just told me 5 minutes ago on the phone. He actually said 'March or April'. Not that I believe him, no-one knows how frequence stock will appear between now and then.
  8. The Hull situation, which I assume mirrors everywhere else: Gamestation. Midnight launch for pre-orders. Retail stock in March (!) Game. Midnight launch for pre-orders. Retail Core packs for £650. Asda. 8 Premium + 12 Core Packs all taken for by queues at just after 5pm. Tesco. Didn't get any. All other stores: Currys, Dixons, PCWorld etc. are sold out but *may* have some core systems for retail in the morning. Core systems are going for £400 on eBay in a matter of hours. I have to admit I find it quite funny now, which is a good change
  9. Would be if I was down south. Alas I'm not, so have to stick it out in Asda Hull.
  10. Ditto. I hope to get a premium at midnight tomorrow but if I don't at least we'll have a core. Why couldn't I sodding resist the temptation
  11. rllmuk


    I think it's as good an album as Mezmerize. It has a very similar mix to me; Attack & BYOB down to Lonely Day & Lost in Hollywood I can't get over how good Holy Mountains is either. Gets better the more you listen to it. Also, £9.99 in Sainsburys. Bargain.
  12. I was tempted to do this but realised it would be completely pointless as I'd need the hard drive, wireless controller and headset anyway for the full features of Live, so left it till the new year.
  13. rllmuk


    A classic in the making; already love two songs and I've only had it for a day. If you take this album with Mezmerize it's been a very impressive year for them. Tracks: Hypnotize and Attack; so energetic, they make me smile.
  14. The two weeks we're in America it's not on. Lovely.
  15. It's a lovely moment of realisation isn't it. It's so easy to get swept up; I'll judge reaction on here and get one in the new year as a present if my apraisal goes well.
  16. At least someone can say it better than me.
  17. What is the big deal? I make one post stating your attitude as 'poor' towards forumites (not just me!) and you take it as a raison d'etre. The issue here is with poor availability of 360's and the arrogance of some (ie. you) to assume we (ie. me) are at fault for not ordering multiple console's to assure receipt. That's it. There is nothing more. This will not affect my wife getting a job next week, nor will it affect me getting a raise early next year. As you say, get a sense of perspective.
  18. This isn't personal, this is generic. You have an attitude towards people who are unfortunate with regards to the 360. That's what sucks. Edit: With regards to the forum, what is your beef? What relevance does you sending a cheque of donation have to a pre-order of the 360? Special treatment? My arse.
  19. *sigh* You're not the sort we want here, has that crossed your mind?
  20. I'm sure the whole shortage of consoles here has been caused by people ordering more than one unit 'just in case'. I didn't do this and as a result have lost out, so you can't blame people.
  21. Was particularly annoying to see a 360 in Game today; first time I've seen it 'in the flesh' and had to accept not having one for a while. I've cancelled my Gameplay order, I appreciate it was out of their control with stock levels but they shouldn't have put an order watershed date on their site which wasn't true. Shame, I liked their service, but won't use them again.
  22. I really can't believe an order (mine) placed mid (19th) August with Gameplay won't be fullfilled. Amazing. At least it kicks some sense into you, £320 on a console with a game.
  23. I know it has been said before but it's odd they've not got at least one of the PGR game on there. That game is the reason I'm going to have to leave my Xbox plugged in for now.
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