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  1. Another slant: How to open a console box in the most retarded way ever. Edit: Home come no-one else used Gameplay? They're obviously full up now but they had to be the top choice for an early delivery.
  2. We've had 2 depositing users through Ultimate Bet and one at Pacific Poker. The Pacfic Poker registration earns a fairly substantial amount, so thank you everyone who has used the links so far!
  3. That is Allards gamertag but I doubt it's him who has registered.
  4. It was broadcast on BBC Scotland though...
  5. Fantastic film this. Lovely suprise to find it on.
  6. Very impressed with that. A whole heap better than I thought it would be, glad to see Legend was present!
  7. This was made clear at the time I'm afraid.
  8. UltimateBet is now affiliated with the site. Link: UltimateBet and at top of page. I think it is only for newly registered users we get cash back from but I'll find out.
  9. I'm trying to sort out UltimateBet as an affiliate, I'll keep you all posted.
  10. Anyone else having issues converting the latest episode to vob's? All the others were fine. Every time I do it it creates 2 vobs, the second with a bizarre number like VTS_13_07.VOB. I think it's because every one of the avi's i've downloaded have had header issues when opening in VirtualDub.
  11. As long as we can get at the MAC address of the DS and I can enter a WEP key on the DS I'll be happy. Otherwise it'll be stupid.
  12. Why did they complete the squads less than 10 days before the close of the transfer window, surley it would have made more sense to wait? I've been playing FIFA06 for a bit, first FIFA game for a long time and it has improved from the last incarnation I played but it's still shit. The only redeeming feature is that I get to play as Ipswich with our own kit etc. That is actually why FIFA will always win to the mass market, the attraction of these games is to play as your team. Shame PES doesn't and won't have it.
  13. 88 Pacific Poker UltimateBet We get commission for opening of accounts, the more that are opened in a month the better. Thank you
  14. I've moved some threads, missed any? Pinned this as a 'welcome' thread.
  15. So I hear. The very idea is a joke though - spend £35 on a game and then disregard it for a pirate version on the memory stick. I shouldn't have to do that just for the sodding thing to be playable. I was really looking forward to it as well
  16. I've been playing this for an hour after my copy arrived in the post this morning, i'm really disappointed with it. I get slow down on free kicks. It takes what seems like ages to load a game The responsiveness of the players is terrible. The lack of the wide mode is driving me insane and it just plays like a turd. These games have got progressively worse since WE6:FE. Arse.
  17. Great achievement with the PSP by Sony here. That's a staggering number of people purchasing PSP's, over £30,000,000 worth sold just in the UK. They've also managed to hook into the impulse buy with the film UMD's. I was stuck in London last week and bought Hell Boy just because it gave me something to do on the train back, complete waste of money mind.
  18. Due to the fact that i'm stuck in london on a training course I've just gone out to MVC (Kings Street near London Bridge) and bought Toca along with Hellboy. At least tonight won't be quite so boring in the hotel. They'd sold out of their consoles, but it's only a small store. Cheers for confirming the films worked on JAP consoles though. EDIT: Did anyone spot Virtua Tennis, wasn't to be found where i went!?
  19. Everyone reckoned that Wipeout forced an update but i have it and it hasn't touched my v1.0 JAP PSP. must admit to not having anything *newer* that that though. What's this WAB tool?
  20. rllmuk

    Rez 'TRUE' OST

    i'll put the updated files on when i get a chance.
  21. This topic has been cleaned up. No more posts asking how to make ISO's work or where you get them from etc. or the topic will disappear forever! Thank you
  22. this is like saying: 'I can get photos off my Canon digital camera via a Sony PC'. standard stuff from standard functionality.
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