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  1. are these boxed games or just cart only?
  2. you can read the old replies at http://www.rllmuk.com/forum/index.php. Just login and browse to it!
  3. this is why i never buy 3rd party mem cards for the gc. not worth it.
  4. Max Payne 2 - 7/10 that's a bit harsh. best game i've played in ages that was. probably because it's so short at a guess, which isn't on. and broken sword - 5/10? are they mad?
  5. rllmuk


    I was more than willing to buy it for £8.99. i'd even have bought it for £19.99. i was just so pleased to have found it!
  6. rllmuk


    One down Whitefriargate. Near M&S. Was the last one, well hidden too.
  7. rllmuk


    Went into WHSmiths today, saw Vib Ribbon for £8.99 tucked away right in a corner behind shit loads of PSOne games. Took it to the coutner, he scanned it and it came up as 99p. Never had anything like that before! I also got Pikimin and Splinter Cell from game for £25 combined, which I think is good. Any other bargains lately?
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