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  1. baseball cap in a garage.
  2. I'm on cult people now, just killed the big bastard with the loose eye ball.
  3. hehe. cool. good mistake to make that
  4. I've started playing this after having it on the shelf for months. It's bloody brilliant! I gather i'm near the end after 5 hours of play time but it's so much fun blowing the villagers apart with the shotgun. makes me smile.
  5. rllmuk


    please do. do better. i was hoping adding a rubbish one would make people create new one's.
  6. i'll set the list to backup every night as well, just in case.
  7. cheers for inputting all that back in though. got rid of all the errors at the top as well.
  8. I don't have a backup of the list at all unfortunately. Not even from when it was moved server. Hope whomever did it feels proud.
  9. The Zutons - Remember Me. An excellent appertiser before REM last night.
  10. revealed on the front page.....now! the purple colour sucks though, i need a psp screen colour grabber thing.
  11. a winnar! has been chosen and i'll be incorporating it soon. i'll let the winnar! reveal if they want to or you'll just have to wait.
  12. you asked this just before you got it and then sold it. what's with you?
  13. here is better pic of the micro gba here
  14. all that waiting for a 'spotted' picture. rubbish.
  15. scrolldown? is your screen 300x200 or something?
  16. what are they going to put if there's no news? 'Man scratches ass whilst babbling on about targets and sales figures'
  17. FYI, the server does all its resetting/backup shit at midnight, but central time US, so it shouldn't affect the E3 madness too much. why no news!?
  18. madness, we're not going to know much for another hour as well, i was just checking on numbers. i think we've surpassed last years active total in one topic.
  19. they wouldn't refer to it as XBox 2 though, would they?
  20. WMV at 350k encoded is on the http downloads site now. 80mb ish. hope it helps.
  21. at the moment i'd say 90%-10% to the forum. that's rubbish.
  22. some very good one's in here, we'll be sorting out a vote soon...
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