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  1. bit late to the party, but this is excellent, works very well. and only £5 in sainsburys!
  2. it was shit, a piss take, and unfunny. otherwise, great!
  3. i know we've done this a few times, but i really do want a logo we can put on the front page and here. this is the forum for all you creative people, so is anyone keen? 'rllmukforum.com - It's an obsession' is all it needs on it. Any takers?
  4. the difference from the XBox to PC versions is staggering. namely, the XBox version is a terd. shame though.
  5. what's the story about, blocked at work...
  6. Having just got the PC version of this game, and realising how much better it is than the XBox version, anyone fancy doing a mini-league in this version?
  7. just a note to say i've moved this so it's under the rllmukforum.com domain. http://www.rllmukforum.com/mameList/ rob
  8. jap psp from jap launch. sandisk 512 card gets stuck. got 2 stucjk pixels towards to the bottom middle. no other problems at all. used it nearly every day.
  9. Soong you're such a site whore. Good stuff though.
  10. i think we should ban opinion till everyone owns every bit of hardware. and software.
  11. hmm, very disappointed with it. i'm sure console release will be good but as a pc game it's a bit of a mess at the moment.
  12. it's not rubbish, it has some great bits, but it is repetitive. jsut don't expect it to hold you like Half Life 2 did *if you didn't life Half Life 2 this doesn't stand much of a chance
  13. I don't know how far through I am but I'm bored with it, running around after Wookie's now and it's left me cold. Great blast initially but it'll be short sharp bursts to get through it now. PC version btw.
  14. i can't help but think that if they do that there'll be a server shortage of units they'll be sending out!
  15. Minna No Golf is excellent. my most played game of the lot (and i have 5 games for it!)
  16. rllmuk


    No, I take a walk down to the shops for that.
  17. I know it has already been said re: the internet but the primary reason i skip over numerous pages in Edge is because i already know about x and y. I used to look forward to the mag turning up as I'd be exposed to a whole plethora of information in short sharp bursts that would make me excited like a kid. The net has ruined that for me, and while I still enjoy reading the mag it's not the same it used to be.
  18. that's fantastic. i have a new desktop at work now
  19. A very long engagement was excellent. // pats on back
  20. Complete opposite for me. The case is good, i needed the memory stick to save games (i have no interest in using a larger one), don't use the strap but find the headphones very agreeable. The value pack is FAR from a waste of money.
  21. I'm going to give it a go Wednesday night as Liz is working nigth shift at the hospital, actually, the footie is on then. arrrggh. It's good to see we all go through this, it is true that i finished uni last year and have gone from having oodles of free time to basically none. Transition really.
  22. exactly. it's bizarre, i do want to play them, but then again i don't seem to. addiction?
  23. That is, Gaming. Recently, i mean in the past year or so I've had absolutely no inclination to really play games. I've got excited about them, i've read reviews about them, i've even bought them, but that's as far as it's got. I just don't play them. Recent examples of shrink wrapped gaming goodness on my shelves include Resident Evil 4, MGS: Snake Eater, Lumines, The Castle of Shikigami II, the DS & numerous games, Mario Golf, Viewtiful Joe 2, Katamari Damacy, 1080 Avalanche. There's many more like that. And I don't get it (apologies for beginning that sentance so) at all, I really want to play these games but baulk at the idea of putting it in the machine and spending an hour playing it. I need hours, no days, no weeks to complete all of that lot above and I'd not even have got started. I want to play Shenmue 1 & 2, complete Ninja Gaiden (finally) and actually give Fable a chance, but how will I ever be able to do this? How does anyone play games regularly and not neglect the real world of pubs, clubs, cinema, restaurants and plain fun? I can hardly come back from work at 7pm and play games solid for 4 hours, hell I don't even want to. Awareness of so many quality games around us is terrible, I'd rather be ignorant and think GTA and Half Life 2 are the only good games, that way I'd have completed them both and be happy to look out for the next big title. I'd also have rather a lot more cash. I don't know where I'm going with this really, i honestly can't see when i'll fire up one of the 3 consoles next, maybe a quick go on PGR2, as it is quick.
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