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  1. oddly, the cloth that came with the T610 is excellent at cleaning it all over. i was throwing the box out over the weekend, took a look inside and spotted this still wrapped up. excellent stuff.
  2. a new slim PS2 with San Adreas is $250. same as PSP. i can't see people bridging that home console/handheld gap when spending the same on both
  3. $250 = £135 Japan launch price was not too far off that for the Value Pack. The dollar is pretty weak at the moment which may affect that price.
  4. The memory card cover is a bit flimsy but i just don't play with it, it's not 'fallen' open or anything yet. DPad was squeaky for me initalliy( gave it that 'new' feel) but has stopped doing it now. Battery cover i do agree with but i've only tried it once and have no reason to take it off again, unless i get a 2nd battery. But i don't class any of these as problems, nothing i've come across in the world of electronics has ever been perfect and i don't see these as limiting my enjoyment of the system.
  5. I've used my PSP regularly for over a month now, with 4 games, and not had a single problem with it. When everyone that is speculating has one we may see some true opinions. His attitude needs to be arrogant, they're hardly going to say there's a problem when the thing has barely made it to market yet, are they?
  6. i've gone back to WE6FE on the GC as this version is truly terrible. 5 stars is a piece of piss in single player and there's no challenge. the online game is a joke. i just lost enthusiasm with it.
  7. this topic is about the ds PRICE, not the pathetic comparisons people continue to draw out. i expect better from our users and it's frankly sad that people can't discuss things anymore.
  8. i'm going to have to drop out of the league people, i've not touched the game for a month or so and have no time to do so. i've now got a 13 hour day due to a new job and what with the wedding and everything last week i just can't get motivated to go on live at the moment. sorry
  9. http://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?showtopic=70056
  10. Ridge Racers. Loving it. Lumines is also excellent. Whoop
  11. can't be arsed to update links tonight. blame it on the wine. will do thurs. probably.
  12. apologies. it seems the ftp fucked up. i'll get it re-uploaded asap.
  13. hmm. i'll check the logs. it shouldn't affect mysql as the server is more than capable of handling the amount of requests.
  14. http://consolevania.rllmukforum.com now working. i'll update links to ep's 4 & 5 tonight. meanwhile they're here: Episode 4 Episode 5 CV3 will be uploaded later on.
  15. so did I. it's currently 3p* on play-asia. * £20 or so. dirt cheap.
  16. http downloads up now for eps 1,2 and xmas special. rest following shortly. can be found at http://www.rllmukforum.com/consolevania (until http://consolevania.rllmukforum.com works later in the week)
  17. can you post this in the Half Life 2 thread please. thanks. // locked
  18. rllmuk v Thaylia SPQR Disciple attempted contact, no response Barnardos FC v rllmuk No arrangements made so far 2 games vs Links Disciple and Barnard and Links, when can you play? can do all this week at some point. i think that's all i have to play?
  19. i should be able to get most of the re-encoded ep's up tonight and i'll do a simple page for them. i post a link when they're done.
  20. I've just re-endcoded the Xmas special to WMV (so people can stream it) and it weighs in at 110MB. I'll set up a page with all episodes on soon.
  21. i don't know what has been said here but i could re-encode the files to a smaller size and would have no probs hosting those downloads off this server. we have unlimited data transfer now. i think the size + bittorrent does put many off where as a direct http download will get a lot more in.
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