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  1. No probs, Daytona taught me to drive with that view and i can't unlearn it unfortunatley.
  2. X is accellerate. [] is brake.
  3. the controls fit really well. the analog stick is excellent. and i've got large hands. you know how on gran turismo you used to hold the accelerator down with the bottom half of your thumb and tap the top half down on the brake when needed? i do that in ridge racers. although tbh you don't need the break at all.
  4. the race video should be up fully soon - been having problems getting it uploaded. eta is about 22:10 assuming it doesn't cock up again
  5. well, that means over 6gb has been downloaded since i put them up. i'll put them on this server which is not limited by bandwidth... new links: http://www.rllmukforum.com/PSP_Ridge_Racers.wmv - Replay Video http://www.rllmukforum.com/PSP_RR_Menu.wmv - Menu system Video http://www.rllmukforum.com/PSP_RR_Race.wmv - Entrie Race Video (give them 20 mins or so to work fully as i'm still uploading (20:13pm)
  6. No. It's at the start of the game, and it's not even whilst it's loading the game - it's a pause.
  7. just to make sure everyone who doesn't have one hates me, here is the race, i'm a bit rusty on the first lap but get better. honest! http://www.rllmukforum.com/PSP_RR_Race.wmv (19.4MB)
  8. indeed. 11 seconds of it. but you honestly don't care when you're playing it. i thought it'd be good to show people how long it actually takes.
  9. here is the menu system, apologies for the music at the start, winamp's fault. http://www.rllmukforum.com/PSP_RR_Menu.wmv (6.4MB) have just done a filmed race, am encoding and will upload soon!
  10. Apologies, i just thought it'd be good to see it running 'in the flesh' without any of this promo vid shit.
  11. i've done a short 2 min video clip of one of my shit laps on ridge racer. but it has sound etc. shows you just how lovely it is it's with a Digital Video Cam, so moving camera should be expected: http://www.rllmukforum.com/PSP_Ridge_Racers.wmv (7.1MB)
  12. best bit of the game so far, it just said to me: 'owwwwww..you got owned!'
  13. Ridge Racers. Headphones on. Volume up = Grinning like a kid Bloody brilliant. Sorry, i've got to tell someone and the gf ain't interested
  14. if you go with UPS and get them to mark down you'll pay hardly any customs either. £10 ups fee + maybe £5 (on marked down price) to get it in 2-3 days.
  15. Having played it a bit more, you really don't notice loading times at all. The start up game you can play is a bit weird as if you just press select as soon as it shows up you get into ridge racer...odd. the disc spinning up makes a bit of a noise but aside from that it's not too loud. Shoulder buttons are perfectly placed and in proportion, holding it just feels right all round. here is a blurry image i just took with my old camera, just because:
  16. it really is lovely. ridge racers is utterly fantatstic and the analogue stick is spot on for it. and even i can figure out the ridge racers menu even though it is all japanese. the whole thing oooozes quality when you hold it, no dead pixels or broken switches etc either. it's just spot on. me is apologies to all, i'm not trying to gloat
  17. they do want proof you are who you say you are. maybe a scan of a statement etc. with proof of the address. this is their only problem
  18. yesasia re-send from within the UK. they're very good.
  19. no probs, gathered you weren't, but i guess you couldn't hear me in the first game either? i was nattering away to myself for ages before i twigged
  20. right. well you obviously can't hear me, and it's still on a black screen with the logo in the bottom right corner, so i'm gonna switch off now. we need to rearrange the game.
  21. i'm currently in your home game bernard and it's sitting on a black screen. also you can't seem to hear me or you're being really rude.
  22. Barnard, could you hear me? I was trying to talk but was getting no response? I could hear you ok though. rllmuk 1 - 0 barnard want to play the other leg now?
  23. the only thing i'm worried about is that everyone will think i'm shit now or is that a good thing?
  24. terrible terrible performance by PSG. fully deserved the win.
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