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  1. It’s just more the same . I mean if you like cod it’s definitely better than last years . Not quite as good as the mw reboot. But the formula never really changes so a 6 is a perfectly adequate score.
  2. I picked this up a few weeks ago and only put a few hours in to it . But it’s pretty overwhelming. I feel a a bit like I have no idea what I am doing . I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it though
  3. No possibly not . But that will be £15 in a couple of months . I’m not fussed either way, I never got on with dishonoured and I got the impression this is that with guns
  4. They will hit ps now before psplus
  5. Quantic dream is my guilty pleasure . Loved heavy rain, beyond two souls was great and Detroit was marvellous. So yeah, happy about this
  6. Quite enjoying this . I means it’s cod , but the pacing settings work pretty well .
  7. The v1 box does 4k but not hdr , the v2 box does both .
  8. I expect you to die (that’s the title of the game , not an actual expectation )
  9. Just back from seeing it . Absolute definition of “meh”. The first surprised in not being awful. This is a definitely worse than the first film .
  10. PaB

    Disco Elysium

    I can’t compare it to any other version because I’ve not played it on anything else . I’m sure it’s probably much smoother on more poweful hardware . Does that matter when you are lying in bed with headphones on ? not a jot . I purposely held off buying it for ps5 because it exactly the sort of game I want to play handheld it’s absolutely fine on switch . I can’t say how good the game is cos I’m like an hour into it, but no complaints on performance, making allowances for the fact i am playing it in handheld mode. Buy with confidence .
  11. No need to go bear the bosses after you beat them . There’s pros and cons as to how far you go through b1 before you go to b2 but in general I would always rinse b1 ( except phrike) before going to b2 just to get as much health as I could
  12. Whenever stuff this comes up I just remember back to enthusing to my kids about the OG clash of the titans being on telly one Christmas around 1999 . I told them it was an epic tale and they would love it And then about 30 mins after it started I looked at them and saw them staring back at me, I looked into their eyes, sharing the moment , sharing the bond only a father and his children have . At that moment I saw in to their very souls. And I could sense their innermost thoughts … “ are you taking the fucking piss, dad?”
  13. Ah I guess they have realised the error It still says £26.99 on the order page but when you add it the price changes
  14. Am I missing something ? Price changes to 49.99 when added to basket
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