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  1. PS4, Wii u for last gen PS5 , oled switch for this gen steam deck on order don’t need or want a series x for now.
  2. I prefer paradroid 90 over paradroid , but yeah, great game .
  3. Yup. i mean the mechanics in the second are definitely better. But I remember posting in the thread when I finished TLoU that I thought I had just completed the greatest video game ever made and nothing has come out since to make me think that again.
  4. Ah a 10 hour demo is a different story. my issue was with the idea of a mandatory 2 hour demo for all releases. For some games that makes no sense whatsoever.
  5. Terrible idea. Some game suits demos. Some don’t. Demos are fine for short sharp experiences, or games that don’t evolve over time. Would uncharted work as demo? Yes almost certainly . Would DQ11? Almost certainly not.
  6. Great isn’t it . I’ve lost hours to it . Just bred my first two star horse . Still have two races I’ve not managed to win yet.
  7. I charged up mine the other and am now backed utterly hooked on pocket jockey
  8. I think you are understating just how many huge franchises are published through wb games .
  9. That’s about the crux of it.
  10. This has been on the cards for ages . It won’t change anything other than the name of the game.
  11. One thing I felt will be significant for future films is
  12. Saw this in imax tonight . Top tier marvel. 8/10… maybe 9
  13. Yeah , settings>accessibility>controllers or something like that
  14. Ah you maybe right , I got my Ps5 in Feb last year and it was there then but maybe right at the start it wasn’t an option
  15. You always been able to only have hdr on supported games at a system level as far as I know
  16. I tried the green button thing on the c1 and it’s works for me . so with 120hz off getting vrr 4:4:4 (in effect) with 120hz on getting vrr 4:2:2 which is as expected I guess pictures are both fidelity mode VRR without 120hz definitely works well in fidelity mode ; not quite 60 fps but definitely a lot smoother than the old 30fps cap.
  17. Hmm can’t say I noticed a blurry picture on 120hz on fidelity, quite the opposite in fact. I’m on a c1 As an aside , and I know this doesn’t apply to 120hz because of the limitations of the 31gbps , do you have the ps5 input set as pc on the tv? If you don’t you won’t be getting 4:4:4 from the ps5 I believe ( assuming the c9 is the same as a c1 in this regard)
  18. Stick it in fidelity mode . Turn off 120hz in the game settings . That I believe is now 30fps full res locked . Then turn on 120hz and you are getting full res with vrr. And it feels like 60hz. With a a few stutters when it gets busy but nothing game breaking
  19. Have you tried fidelity mode using vrr?
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