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  1. No, you misunderstand, I mean I don't care if you think I am part of the problem. EDIT : ignore me , I’m a stroppy twat today . Apologies @JPL and @rafaqat
  2. I think this is a fair guess . We put things like JTAG headers in dev units that never see the light of day in production.
  3. well given that covers an awful lot of quality games it’s not that baffling .
  4. It was a lot more Interesting than a plain black box . It was diminutive , it had a carry handle , it had four controller ports on the front . It had two memory card slots in the front . It used tiny discs . At the time of release it was something different . like I said though I don’t think any of them look “great“. And I don’t really care if they do or not . But I know this is a company dear to your heart , so I can see why you like it.
  5. WHat on earth does that have to do with anything. I don't think any of them are particularly good looking, in the same way i dont think any Bluray players are . I don't look at them and think "WOW" . I don't really care what they look like. I can appreciate well packaged design that offers innovative solutions, or functionality. But people are praising this based on the fact it's a nondescript black box. If I had to give an example of a console I found aesthetically pleasing I would probably say the Gamecube.
  6. “fantastic”, is .. interesting . Each to their own .
  7. You are slightly misremembering the severity of bugged copies of MSR . The only real issue was the unbeatable Alfa mission . The rest was basically unnoticeable ( you don’t miss what you don’t have ) . To the point where i didn’t bother getting my first edition copy replaced , I was playing it too much . It certainly wasn’t “broken”
  8. It’s a completely nondescript, virtually featureless , black box . It doesn’t look good or bad . It’s just a box .
  9. The more I think baout it, the more I am conviced that ditching consoles for just a PC would be the absolute worse decision if you like video gaming . You would miss out on so much. SUre have one if you are so inclined to compliment your hobby, and perhaps have the ultimate version of certain games. But there are so many titles that are console exlcusive I couldn't even see myself going PC only (I actually can;t ever see my self buying a PC for gaming but thats by the by)
  10. No no thats fair enough. But its quite a nuanced equation i would guess. SOmetimes in these situations its easy to bite your nose off to spite your face in the name of fairness. I mean at its base, why should a company earning billions pay less tax than a small business earning £100K doing, plumbing, for example and works every hour god sends . And it will be down to where the salesco is based and the fact that Rockstar North is an R&D centre and dont actually sell anything.
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