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  1. Yeah not being able to stop and change game is an arse . I’ve used rest a load of times without issue , but the fact I can’t play anything else mid run is terrible .
  2. Just failed at my first attempt at citadel boss . This game is all kinds of amazing . Absolutely stunning .
  3. Am sure you know Big falls damage can be avoided by dashing just before the ground .... the trick is remembering to do it
  4. Yup I had it earlier . Not at the same point but very early on .
  5. Without spoiling anything , getting out the first time is just the beginning
  6. it can affect the lifetime of the product . For every 10c in temperature, the lifetime of electrolytic capacitors halves.
  7. Yes it does . You can play 4k checkerboard @ 30 or 60hz .
  8. Mine took about a month, and it just come via the post so no tracking info
  9. If you actually go and look at the alps data sheet it doesn’t rate them in hours at all. Which you wouldn’t expect them to because the lifetime depends on the application they are being used in . It rates them in operational cycles. So someone somewhere has equated 20000000 cycles to 400 hours .
  10. Is he a politician , then? also 2004! Jeez
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