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  1. Apparently Hunter arena is pretty good but I’ve not tried it yet
  2. He also revealed that Hamilton had phoned him after the race. "He did call me," said Verstappen. "I don't need to go into details about that, but we did have a chat." Translation: The details of the phone call don’t fit the narrative my team are pushing so have asked me not to talk about it .
  3. One more thing , this game is great at making players shit at fighters , like me , feel like a pro .
  4. You can basically choose any characters you want in the story mode, with a couple of limitations ; characters only become available once you “ rescue” them.. which you do as the story goes on . And each arc is told from a different perspective , so as you might imagine arc 1 is goku, piccolo etc and arc 2 is frieza, cell etc . You get some pretty cool interactions if you choose certain fighters at certain points . it’s worth playing for sure if you like single player stuff , I really enjoyed it .
  5. There’s a complete story mode with three arcs telling the story from different perspectives . If you like DBZ then this is nirvana . Genuinely the best DBZ game ever made .
  6. it’s probably a combination of things but as an aside . I have never seen anything like it in the supply chain . And not just for ICs, even things like resistors have ridiculous lead times in some cases. The entire electronics market is fucked at the moment . I am seeing lead times into 2023 for some devices . But then suppliers will satisfy their biggest customers first, so if you are spending billions per annum you probably jump the queue a bit .
  7. The one we have all been waiting for . Has a touch of the brooks shirt from 92 about it . I approve
  8. We don’t deserve him . But, how it must rankle with your average racist, that by virtually every metric , the greatest racing driver of all time, is black.
  9. I’m sure at this stage they just give the penalty to shut Horner up . I fucking despise him the whiny cunt .
  10. Racing incident between two committed drivers . 50/50. It happens . Saying anything was done on purpose is utter bollocks
  11. I think you get it in biome 5. Behind the locked side door
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