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  1. Just one more clear indication that Lewis is the best of all time . He is going to hold every single record before long and then even the die hard doubters are going to have to stfu.
  2. I was being a bit tongue in cheek . But it is true I was expecting worse after the overreaction. I think the violence level and portrayal , like the rest of the game , is bordering on perfect . I am not shocked to see you find fault with it .
  3. Regardless of fan noise this game absolutely demands being played with headphones
  4. Happy days . I’ve been umming and ahhing over watchdogs 2 for bloody ages. .
  5. For me it wasn’t violent enough. After all the crying over how violent it is I was expecting something far worse .
  6. For sheer jaw dropping “holy shit” moment , it’s pulling on the PSVR headset for first time and firing up batman VR . it’s one of those seminal moments . Like seeing dragons lair on tomorrow’s world in 1983
  7. What’s the path of least resistance to playing soul calibur 2 for Xbox ? Did the HD version on 360 have all the team versus modes ? Is it still available ? I sold my 360 ages ago but just wondering what options there are to play this game on couch versus again.
  8. The dual pack is on amazon for £18 . Which isn’t the worst deal in the world , but it’s one of those things that’s included in every single psn sale.
  9. 70% ish . I’d say you have around 6 hours left .
  10. If you’re interested in playing it is was on ps plus not so long ago . But if you didn’t add it , then it’s on ps now and you can get a month of that for a fiver . no idea if this helps at all
  11. Not really that odd given it’s the trope used in pretty much every post apocalyptic Film/game/book ever .
  12. Santa Barbara was immense. It was ND saying "here you go, after 26 hours of sneaking round and and tension at every moment, have some fun... Oh and heres some chained up infected and a sub machine gun to play with"
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