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  1. No need to go bear the bosses after you beat them . There’s pros and cons as to how far you go through b1 before you go to b2 but in general I would always rinse b1 ( except phrike) before going to b2 just to get as much health as I could
  2. Whenever stuff this comes up I just remember back to enthusing to my kids about the OG clash of the titans being on telly one Christmas around 1999 . I told them it was an epic tale and they would love it And then about 30 mins after it started I looked at them and saw them staring back at me, I looked into their eyes, sharing the moment , sharing the bond only a father and his children have . At that moment I saw in to their very souls. And I could sense their innermost thoughts … “ are you taking the fucking piss, dad?”
  3. Ah I guess they have realised the error It still says £26.99 on the order page but when you add it the price changes
  4. Am I missing something ? Price changes to 49.99 when added to basket
  5. It’s not for sound bars , specifically only for tv speakers , a soundbar update is coming
  6. If you weren’t a massive fan of dishonoured is this a “wait for it to be on sale” job . Is it very similar ?
  7. At the rate they are going they probably already have
  8. It’s ages off . Was a teaser reveal , no gameplay .
  9. Enjoyed that . Lots of good stuff but a lot of it a ways off. . Did a holy shit at kotor but it’s probably 2 years away at least , as is wolverine ( probably 3) . Ragnarok is Christmas 2022. Lots to look forward to though . Forspoken looked pretty good . And I’ll buy the remastered uncharted 4 and LL cos I’ve bought the first 3 twice so why not . also . Radiohead
  10. Yeah as @scoobysi says above I have two on a cycle . I’d say I’m getting a similar time 5-6 hours
  11. Yeah I found this too, I mean the problem with just knowing the famous songs is that you have no context . when you see the whole thing and the recurring themes etc it all ties together . I was blown away by the stage show. It really is something else.
  12. Lingard futties 95 rated is up for a 82+83 sbc
  13. I went and saw phantom at her majesty’s last week . Never seen it before , just magnificent. If you get the chance buy a ticket
  14. The Kante sbc is a piece of piss
  15. I’m massively intelligent and I would buy this over fannying about with retro pie etc because I simply can’t be arsed.
  16. Yup im not sure game would game offer to fit drives ? It opens up a whole load of problems and costs , staff training, liabilities etc.
  17. Apparently Hunter arena is pretty good but I’ve not tried it yet
  18. Saw it this afternoon . Pretty good . Not gotg good but pretty good .
  19. He also revealed that Hamilton had phoned him after the race. "He did call me," said Verstappen. "I don't need to go into details about that, but we did have a chat." Translation: The details of the phone call don’t fit the narrative my team are pushing so have asked me not to talk about it .
  20. One more thing , this game is great at making players shit at fighters , like me , feel like a pro .
  21. You can basically choose any characters you want in the story mode, with a couple of limitations ; characters only become available once you “ rescue” them.. which you do as the story goes on . And each arc is told from a different perspective , so as you might imagine arc 1 is goku, piccolo etc and arc 2 is frieza, cell etc . You get some pretty cool interactions if you choose certain fighters at certain points . it’s worth playing for sure if you like single player stuff , I really enjoyed it .
  22. There’s a complete story mode with three arcs telling the story from different perspectives . If you like DBZ then this is nirvana . Genuinely the best DBZ game ever made .
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