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  1. One more thing , this game is great at making players shit at fighters , like me , feel like a pro .
  2. You can basically choose any characters you want in the story mode, with a couple of limitations ; characters only become available once you “ rescue” them.. which you do as the story goes on . And each arc is told from a different perspective , so as you might imagine arc 1 is goku, piccolo etc and arc 2 is frieza, cell etc . You get some pretty cool interactions if you choose certain fighters at certain points . it’s worth playing for sure if you like single player stuff , I really enjoyed it .
  3. There’s a complete story mode with three arcs telling the story from different perspectives . If you like DBZ then this is nirvana . Genuinely the best DBZ game ever made .
  4. it’s probably a combination of things but as an aside . I have never seen anything like it in the supply chain . And not just for ICs, even things like resistors have ridiculous lead times in some cases. The entire electronics market is fucked at the moment . I am seeing lead times into 2023 for some devices . But then suppliers will satisfy their biggest customers first, so if you are spending billions per annum you probably jump the queue a bit .
  5. The one we have all been waiting for . Has a touch of the brooks shirt from 92 about it . I approve
  6. We don’t deserve him . But, how it must rankle with your average racist, that by virtually every metric , the greatest racing driver of all time, is black.
  7. I’m sure at this stage they just give the penalty to shut Horner up . I fucking despise him the whiny cunt .
  8. Racing incident between two committed drivers . 50/50. It happens . Saying anything was done on purpose is utter bollocks
  9. I think you get it in biome 5. Behind the locked side door
  10. Credits rolling for the first time as I type. What a game .
  11. It’s probably in my top three of last gen . Utterly bonkers and utterly unique
  12. I think we can all agree that this is goty unless something spectular comes along . Right? I mean it’s a fucking masterpiece .
  13. No, you should get better so you don’t need the astronaut . Keep playing and that’s exactly what will happen
  14. Really? You’ve never mentioned it before .
  15. Not to mention playing a talismanic player who is obviously injured
  16. In an unexpected move the Czechs are turning to David Luiz to turn things round
  17. I think main take away for me so far in this game is that I hate Sam Matterface more than is probably healthy with every banal, pointless comment he makes
  18. Just finished s3 after was watching the first one out of curiosity and that a friend said it was good . I was pretty skeptical. I was wrong. It’s just the best thing . Who knew I would want Johnny Lawrence to be my best friend
  19. Does it take advantage of the SSD properly on the ps5 in its current state do you know? By that I mean the near instant loading as you see on native ps5 games or is it just an improved load time as you see on things like GoW and days gone etc
  20. I ended up rinsing b1 then doing the first part of b2 until you get to the short cut ( taking in any side missions on the way ) .. oh and making sure pop over to just before ixiom to get the weapon if its any good . Then into b3. I’ve done b4 now. So far the hardest part has been getting though b3 with enough firepower/health to finish b3 , that took an age .
  21. If you buy the disc PS4 version the upgrade is free . Minus the Yuffie dlc
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