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  1. Both such amazing games I'd probably agree that guwange edging progear just because its a bit more creative I thought. Unfortunately I never did find the necessary cogs to get properly into bullet hell games and would still prefer something in the more tradional rtype / nemesis style but those seem to have fallen out of fashion nowadays.
  2. Any word or updates as to when the taoplan shooters (and specifically Outzone) might be wending their way to Switch? Seems like over a year ago this was mentioned and would have expected to have heard more by now if it was going to happen.
  3. Does this look any good to those in the know? Dont think I'll ever be in the market for a PVM but feel I need to bag a decent CRT to put aside for when the man cave finally gets erected (pipedream for now but divorce / kids flying the nest is always a distant hope) https://ebay.us/7CNCbW
  4. The storage issues are beginning to negate the advantage of digital downloads (price, no cart swapping) on my switch which has a 256gig microSD card in it. I now look at download size when looking at games that were a maybe for me and if it's too big I am inclined to skip having to go through curating my catalogue of 'live' games.
  5. You've posted the only thing that could stink this thread up any more. Remember trying to buy some atari lynx stuff from these rip of merchants back in the day.... real trailblazing pioneers of the collector's item as opposed to dead console marketing mantra. Curiosity and Google got the better of me and I've just been to http://www.telegames.co.uk/ Fortunately only scrolled through a few pages before I came to my senses and escaped before they had a chance to turn me into a jaguar cuckoo / wife.
  6. Authentic Jaguar build quality right there.... its what Nathan and fellow Jag fans pay a premium for.
  7. Aces of the Luftwaffe collection is heavily discounted is it worth a go? I very much enjoyed AngerForce: Reloaded if that's anything to go by.
  8. Here's a comparison of the screen drawing side by side of the ST and STE version which throws up a bit of a surprise.
  9. Gunlord x is completely forgettable.
  10. Here you go Chris https://www.atari-forum.com/viewtopic.php?t=40368
  11. Sorry for getting everyone's hopes up for an update....I only just discovered this and felt it had to be shared even if it's not yet completed.
  12. I've not revisited it properly....had a quick bash on the gamecube version and got the 3ds version for my boys later. The music instantly takes me back to the gaming perfection that was experiencing it first time around and I wouldnt want to spoil those memories by re-examining it with an old aged play through.
  13. Never new my humble Amstrad was capable of such voodoo magic.
  14. Loved the Lotus games back in the day (more so Lotus 3 than the others). These guys have done an amazing job of taking the pretty good conversion to the STFM of the first game and re-engineering it into this enhanced STe version.
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