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  1. Ghosts n goblins resurrection reduced to £16.99.... Will end up pulling the trigger this weekend.
  2. My gaming panasonic plasma is still faultless....the living room general viewing and occasional gaming panasonic plasma is now occasionally making a funny whining noise.....LG OLED in the new year perhaps and an OLED switch for christmas to replace the existing one. Trouble is splurging on a house extension means I feel stony broke at the moment.
  3. Assume the prices posted are for a single subscription. I have a family subscription that cost 30 odd quid, what will be the cost of renewing this as is and with the additional premium content?
  4. My fire emblem 3d's XL is coming back from CEX unrepaired. It boots but fails to read anything from either the cart port or the micro sd port. Turning it on get nothing but a blank screen (creating impression its a screen fault) but hold down the home or power button long enough and you did get that screen that asks if you want to shut down or go to the home screen. Nintendo have stopped support so I may as well get myself a New 3DS XL but seems a shame to let that lovely old case on my dead one go to waste....also not sure that I will be able to get any of my downloaded content transferred across to any replacement console of Nintendo no longer support it.
  5. Sorry a bit off topic but how safe is Facebook market place in comparison to ebay for example?
  6. Thanks hadn't thought to check Facebook, will have a mooch around later.
  7. My fire emblem 3DS XL powers up but hasnt been reading carts or the micro sd cards for a while and just sits on blank home screen, disgustingly been ding nothing but gathering dust for a couple of years. Nintendo no longer seem to offer repairs on the machine so I think it's time to pick up a 'new' 3DS XL so that I might get some use from all my old carts. Are there any new ones out in the wild anywhere or is it a case of picking the best condition used one I can find?
  8. Lol.....the height of the TV had been a very sore point in our house for the past 6 years, the joiner got blamed by the wife for constructing a 'ridiculously high tv unit that's almost a bloody sideboard' instead of the low to floor media unit she was expecting - I never admitted he'd closely followed my specifications. Apparently having the TV that high is tiring, something I never understood as its simply bringing it up to what would be wall mount height. Once builders have gone will have a go with playing on a screen lower than my seating position to see if it helps.
  9. Am currently being forced by building work and furniture cramming much closer to the TV currently but it's something that's been occurring for a number of years. I did just have a go on Quake with the fov maxed to 125 played through the first level quite enjoyably as well as most of the second level.....stuck looking for a door key now and felt things coming on so quit while I was ahead. Am hoping to try maxing fov on games that allow it and retreating to more normal viewing distances will help.
  10. I used to enjoy Forsaken back in the day on my N64 so am really puzzled why modern first person games give me problems....Am gonna take a chance on the Quake remaster on my switch and see if upping the FOV to max means I can enoy it without it turning me green.
  11. Does the switch version allow adjustment of FOV and whats the widest you can select it to go? -Edit- Just seen a youtube video that confirms FOV is an adjustable setting on switch so time to take the plunge.
  12. Used to get coach sick as a child, cars never really been a problem.
  13. Couldn't find a thread that focussed on this specific issue (some looking at frame rates more generally) but all the Quake love is making me feel left out because I find nausea a not too distant playmate in modern gaming. I played fps games extensively on my N64 and GameCube without ever encountering significant motion sickness in spite regular mammoth play sessions. I do recall the odd occasion of queeziness after a very long session on Jaguar Doom or AVP but on modern consoles and PC games I avoid games that use the first person perspective as find nausea arising fairly swiftly in them. Is this something for me to chalk up simply alongside other aspects of aging or is it to do with the higher frame rates used now (though have read some commentary suggesting low frame rates are to blame) or the fact the games are much more fast moving with lots of rapid turns and changes of the viewpoint? Would like to be able to address it as do miss this genre of game. I don't think frame rate is the explanation as if that were so would have associated it with historical console multiplayer sessions when frame rates dropped but wasn't my experience and probably started encountering it more initially on PC and then on modern consoles.
  14. Shame on you all....no-one has yet mentioned Flat Heroes.
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