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  1. Ditto- I loved Pinmame when I got Addams family running on it and then unfortunatel discovered you had to re-download and set it all up again on what seemed like 6 monthly basis which I couldnt be arsed to do. Was chuffed when I picked up Addams family on Pinball Arcade which plays flawlessly on my phone, a rare instance where touch screen on the phone beats any physical control scheme on consoles / PC.
  2. Wordle 213 1/6 Not bad for my second ever attempt at this, though it did help that my first ever attempt was: Wordle 213 6/6
  3. Picked up Untitled Goose Game as had been waiting ages for a sub tenner price point, also picked up Falcon Age as though reviews state it's much more limited than the VR version for 3 pound something afm due will get money's worth from it. Still only half way through browsing all games currently on sale.
  4. mwaawm


    Any opinions on Razion Ex? Just seen some YouTube footage and looks very good for those fans of horizontal shooters without so much of the bullet hell element to the gameplay
  5. Saints row 4.... unfortunately confirmed that I can no longer play FPS games.
  6. mwaawm


    For the traditional horizontal shooter fans any of you remember strato fighter? I played it a bit back in the day at the arcades but never got the chance to experience it since, struck me as a really nice game not as iconic as rtype but not deserving to sink into obscurity as it seems to have done.
  7. Was going to suggest stunt care racer but then though it would be dismissed as another racer, albeit a bloody brilliant one. Turrican probably yes but depends what was around that was contemporary on consoles at the time.
  8. Carrier command must surely be in with a shout for deserving a 10.
  9. Contenders for a 10/10 score aside from those already mentioned in the thread for me would be: Civilisation Populous / Populous 2 Gauntlet 2 Dynablaster/Bomberman Volfied Supersprint Outzone (arcade, never converted to other formats) Renegade (cpc)
  10. Yes the New tetris allowed spins but only in the same way that every tetris game before it allowed spins you could always rotate your tetronimos provided they weren't obstructed by other blocks.....it may have even introduced bonuses for spinning blocks into place but did so without compromising the game logic that had held up till that point. I wanted to know which idiots decided it would be great to allow you to move blocks through each other simply because you are spinning them- why not go further and let me slide my tetronimos horizontally and vertically through any inconvenient obstructions that are preventing me scoring.....you are no doubt going to tell me that there is a tetris rule set that allows this, if so its almost like when I started playing scrabble properly against a computer AI and discovered in the official scrabble rules any old made up shit was allowed which subsequently robbed most of the enjoyment out of the game. If you are going to introduce such nonsense in Tetris don't have it overpowered compared to what were till then the only legitimate move sets and certainly don't ditch the silver and gold blocks of 'The New Tetris'
  11. I've yet to pick up Tetris Effect but do play a fair bit of Tetris 99.....they may well both be close to the top but fail to dislodge the GOAT that is The New Tetris on N64 the best Tetris ever, its silver and gold block mechanic required careful planning as well as patience to utilise to the fullest in contrast to the loathsome game logic breaking overpowered gimmick that is the T-Spin which god awful version of Tetris first introduced this abomination?
  12. How did the tribute 64 hold up in the end in peoples experience? Can see them available on amazon at not extortionate prices and wondering whether to snap one up for the day I decide to bring the n64 down from the loft as have no idea how many functioning controllers got packed away with it.
  13. Played for an hour this morning and really liking it, the combat is probably a little easier to fit in with modern tastes. As I said never got far in exile back in the day so not sure how similar it is on a deeper level but superficially has the jetpac physics and sprawling levels feeling right as well as the native flora and fauna reminding me of that game there are however more NPCs to interact with in this so not getting wrote the same feeling of isolation as in the of 8/16bit wonder. It actually includes explicit references to the old game in fact so am surprised it's not been mentioned more clearly in the reviews about it being inspired heavily by Exile.
  14. Just purchased but not played it yet as the mrs hogs switch for her daily animal crossing fix in the early evenings. The levels and physics certainly look very reminiscent of Exile in the vids not sure if the puzzle element will be up to the same level as that game.
  15. Just picked up Willy Jetman in the sale for a bargain £4.58. Reminds me a lot of Exile on my ST even though I never got very far in that game back in the day would be rude not to support this game at that price.
  16. Does the oled switch fit the flip grip tate holder?
  17. Though I'm completely rubbish and only really progressing by playing on squire difficulty all the endless punishment feels like great fun....not sure it would do for anyone not familiar with the series. Whilst it's hard its not a masochistic endeavour, as you can see generally when its screwed you over how to avoid that in future runs, the fun is in seeving the many shitty unexpected ways it finds to kill you and then outwitting them.
  18. You're probably right....a very long time ago now
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