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  1. Sorry for getting everyone's hopes up for an update....I only just discovered this and felt it had to be shared even if it's not yet completed.
  2. I've not revisited it properly....had a quick bash on the gamecube version and got the 3ds version for my boys later. The music instantly takes me back to the gaming perfection that was experiencing it first time around and I wouldnt want to spoil those memories by re-examining it with an old aged play through.
  3. Never new my humble Amstrad was capable of such voodoo magic.
  4. Loved the Lotus games back in the day (more so Lotus 3 than the others). These guys have done an amazing job of taking the pretty good conversion to the STFM of the first game and re-engineering it into this enhanced STe version.
  5. mwaawm


    I'm finding the modern graphics on shooters pretty unpalatable.... comparing the modern versions of rtype to the pixel art original puts me in mind of terrible mobile phone games the newer 3d graphics come across as sterile and completely lacking charm.... there's no stopping progress I suppose but really wish developers would give us more pixels and less shiny polygons. Trying to think of any modern 3d graphics that don't turn me off.... anger force I like but that's not using polygons or if it is its hiding them well as it creates the impression to me of hand drawn art, albeit m
  6. Doom or Doom eternal? From the nintendolife reviews seems doom eternal has a more solid frame rate but worse resolution fluctuation. Can't tell what the differences in multiplayer are if any. Am looking to purchase as my boys are spending too much time on PC gaming which I can't easily restrict without physically removing stuff such as power leads in contrast the switch I can restrict with parental controls, as their PC gaming involves a fair amount of FPS looking to add one to the existing switch library for them.
  7. mwaawm

    Nintendo Wii U

    I wanted to buy legend of hero tonma on the virtual console. Booted the Wii U up to find its no longer available
  8. Would that explain the weird way the cut scene animations and music could be madly sped up on some of them by holding the buttons down?
  9. The street fighter games in the Capcom arcade archive seem incredibly slow to me nothing like how I remember the original arcades
  10. Had my Beboncool controller for around a year now, much prefer it to either the joycons or the pro controller.......I do miss my old Wii pads though would love to be able to plug those into the switch.
  11. Seem to recall most games that were going to be cross platform on the 16 bits having pretty much near simultaneous release dates right up till around 1992 though admittedly by then the Amiga was beginning to get more exclusives from developers such as team 17 and psygnosis. Veering back on topic.....The TV sports franchise of game(s) I seem to recall being games in the early days that looked great in screenshots, not sure if they were Amiga exclusives but dont seem to remember playing them on my ST so they may well have been.
  12. Being of the generation that learned to game with a single stick and single button (vcs, cpc, st) the move to consoles was significantly impacted by controller design, ergonomics and performance. I persevered with one poor controller (jaguar) but after the n64 controllers perfection just couldn't engage with either the dreamcast or PlayStations poor controllers. It's an amazing turn of events for me to now find myself gaming using 3rd party controllers in preference to the original nintendo joycons and pad pro. Nintendo's peripheral QC have right royally ballsed up would suggest you
  13. That capcom arcade collection of 32 games is an absolute bargain (especially not having any of them be double dips on the Swithc due to not purchasing any of their previous compilations that included some of the games) Not really interested in Skyward Sword, but Mario Golf looks great as do the 'triangle tactics?' and 'conviction' rpg games
  14. Cinemaware would be a rare exception where in that earlier pre 1990 era the amiga versions were superior to the ST ones but even then many of their games made it to the ST in just as playable (and in the case of Defender of the Crown more playable) form. I'm really racking my brain to think of any games in that time that made me feel I was missing out by not having an Amiga...don't get me wrong later on there were games that made the ST pale in comparison (wolfchild is one I seem to recall) but by then I'd already begun the transition to console based gaming...so effectively missed
  15. The golden age referred to in the original post was spent in the shadow of the ST, a bitter pill for those that paid such a premium for it only to find most of the incredible possibilities supposedly only its custom chips would allow replicated by clever programmers on the 'humble' ST it was only in the 90s that the Amiga managed to emerge from the shadow of the ST but then was very swiftly eclipsed by the 16 bit consoles a couple of years later. Sorry dont want to reignite the old war but thats just the way things panned out.
  16. Reading this article reminded me of how I dreamed of being able to play this back in the day but getting that many STs and screens together was just a pipe dream https://paleotronic.com/2020/09/28/kill-a-happy-face-the-mayhem-of-midi-maze-the-first-fps/ Surprised it got so many ports onto other systems.
  17. Bah Ray tracing got old back in the days of my Atari ST
  18. Wash your mouth out! Both Turrican 1 and 2 were amazing on my ST and were played through to completion....that never happened with any of the tech demo type of games you're alluding to.
  19. Turrican is out today....but no ST versions.....I might pick it up in a sale.
  20. AtariKarts was very good.
  21. Thats harsh but probably fair.....I thought it was one of the Jags better games at the time but that was probably because there wasn't that much competition.
  22. The ST version was pretty much arcade perfect!
  23. Having picked up the deluxe version for around 20 odd quid from the russian eshop (which included the season 1 DLC) and thus far really enjoying it was keen to get the missing characters but am balking at the £15 asking price for the season 2 DLC content......fighters seem to be going back to the arcade eras pricing and in that context compared to a pound for 3 credits probably seems good value but not when theres so much other content vieing for my gamining time at a much keener price point. Is the DLC ever likely to be in a sale (Deku Deals appears to suggest not)
  24. Went to the russian eshop for the cheaper version of Phoenix Wright (dont usually bother with switching countries unless its a case of double/triple dipping on games I own on other platforms) whilst there thought I may was well pick up Samurai Shodown Deluxe edition as well.
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