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  1. I think it looks pretty good! I've done every kids film you can possibly imagine since covid, with every Friday finding a new film to watch as a family. I've had to sit through utter trash multiple times, and this looks like something to look forward to rather than rely on alcohol to get through. Also, kids don't give a shit about most of the issues that are being raised here. The film has been made for them.
  2. Yes Fire Giant is generally regarded as being a bit of a shit one, at least last time I was checking around about such things!
  3. Also agree 100%, enemy scaling doesn't work for me in most games. Skyrim and Oblivion was the worst for it, the games felt like a dull treadmill as you very rarely stumbled into a rock-hard area, it became bland as a result. Even MMOs fail at this as although they have areas which are clearly too high level, they show you the enemy level and then make it so you only do 1 or zero damage if an enemy is too high level. ER works so well because you never know when you are about to get absolutely splattered, keeping the tension up throughout, but also heightening the satisfaction when you get to turn things around. You also get the chance, as people way better than me have shown, to complete the game at level 1.
  4. How did the card get to 256 power? With the location and Odin I can see it hitting 32, but nowhere near 256! Ps, I'm not sure if Storm is influencing it, I haven't seen what that card does.
  5. Completed the season pass! Wooo. That's the first season pass I've ever tried, not that I paid for it. If the challenges and locations in season 2 are the same then I'll probably bow out through dwindling interest.
  6. Watched the he first two so far and don't think much of it. The setups are quite good but the reveals less so. I'm a sucker for anthology shows though so will continue.
  7. Parks and Recs and Schitt's Creek are your best choices, both are wonderfully written after admittedly iffy starts. Unless you are looking for UK shows, in which case I'm out of ideas.
  8. The final episode of Six Feet Under was pretty incredible, and definitely a way to stop the show ever returning. It was beautifully done if you were into the show. Edit spoiler for six feet under The final episode of Biker Grove. I didn't know this until fairly recently but
  9. All Quiet on the Western Front 4/5 A stunning, occasionally shocking, often thrilling, war film based on the famous book. This is a masterclass in film making for so many reasons - it looks incredible, some of the quieter moments where th camera is wide and we get to see the scenery is beautiful. The action sequences are brutal, with no punches pulled and it still manages to shock and surprise after 2 and a half hours. The soundtrack is also weirdly out of place but somehow fits perfectly, building the tension between the main setpieces. Initially it seemed totally wrong, almost from a sci-fi film, but I quickly grew to love it. A very bold choice. I can't quiet put my finger on why I didn't think this was a 5/5 film. It was engrossing during the setpieces but 'seen it all before' for the rest. The WW1 setting was of course different to most war films, but the dialogue and characters didn't stand out. I could easily give this a 5 upon further reflection, it's very good, loud and stunning. Well worth a watch.
  10. Yeah that can be annoying, yesterday I got some rubbish card and they got Death. Energy requirement 9 (nine!) and power of 18. Totally out of my hands, and it lost me the game. Still enjoying it a lot of though. Enjoying working through the season pass challenges but don't see any value in paying any real money.
  11. Pretty addictive this! I haven't played a card game since the Witcher 3 and this is scratching that same itch. Just about to reach upgrade level 100, and proper level 26....too many figures bouncing around, not sure which one matters. Or know what I'm doing.
  12. Superb. Absolutely top drawer film making, everything is done to a very high level. Intense and utterly gripping. My other half hated it but still watched it all. She felt her senses were being assaulted and in particular she couldn't stand the cousin character. I get that, but for me it all worked. Definitely up there with the best this year.
  13. Definitely wasn't expecting the best MCU TV series, but that's what I got.
  14. PeteJ

    Apple TV +

    Final episode of Bad Sisters went up tonight. I felt like they stuck the landing, it's a satisfying end. Well played series, enjoyable throughout with a perfectly over the top hateful villain. He's seriously fucking horrible in every way. Another hit for Sharon Horgan, who like the rest of the cast is excellent.
  15. The decisions Tennant's character makes in the first episode were amongst the most implausible I've seen on television or film. Couldn't face watching episode 2, the first was terrible.
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