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  1. 8 episodes. Perhaps that's my problem, it's so slow progressing the main story beats that I just know it'll be rushed at the end. The pacing isn't great...just like The Walking Dead!
  2. Episode 6 And there it is, back down to poor quality again. This episode felt like 5 minutes of interesting plotline and 40 minutes of fluff.
  3. Just finished this tonight and thought it was excellent, huge thanks for the recommendation as otherwise I would have missed it completely. Best thing I've seen in quite a while, maybe since Chernobyl. Can't believe how much it has flown under the radar, at least I don't remember people talking about it when it was first released!
  4. I have zero recollection of the character Sharon as an example. I literally don't ever remember seeing her before. I don't even know how much she shows up in Winter Soldier, I can just see she appears in it via IMDB.
  5. There's so many interesting concepts to explore here, the concept behind the flag smashers for example, but it all feels so mindless. For me the biggest problem is that it's assuming too much knowledge from previous MCU films, including Winter Soldier, which I haven't seen since it was released in 2014. Certain characters have returned and I've got no clue who they are so a lot of the dialogue is lost on me. I'm also finding the two leads unengaging, neither of their characters being particularly strong and the lack of chemistry means it isn't greater than the sum of its par
  6. The Queen's Corgi My youngest found the trailer for this first thing this morning, which we agreed would be our Friday film night film... coincidentally the day Prince Philip died. As per the title the film follows the Corgis and their life with the Queen. It's a pretty good concept for a kids film. If somebody gave me the choice of watching this again, or watching two hours of BBC royal coverage today, it would be a really tough choice. This film obviously had a lot of care put into it as the animation and CGI is of good quality (not near Disney\Pixar, but good enough)
  7. Episode 5 Much better episode and it makes me want to watch the next one. This is going to be like Walking Dead isn't it, where every time you are just about to give up it produces something just about good enough to keep you watching... Cast continues to be insane, every time a new character is introduced I end up looking up who plays them, and 9 times out of 10 they are somebody famous. Art style and animation continues to be very distracting. Script continues to be weak. Plot line continues to be all over the place. Series still somehow intrigues enough
  8. Also having trouble with the next episode thing. Last night it restarted the previous episode of Winter Soldier rather than the latest one. Seems to happen on every series I watch on Disney. First world problems and all that but it is annoying!
  9. Episode 4... Despite barely enjoying the first episode I've still stuck with this. My issues remain around the script, which I'm finding stilted and frustratingly low-key, leading to some really flat performances from some major talent. Maybe this will change as the story develops but it all feels off. Also, as mentioned by @Treble the tone is just all over the place. The plot seems to be taking an approach of throwing every idea at the screen at once and seeing what sticks. I'm kind of enjoying that element as it's just so ridiculous and it's never really clear what p
  10. I think the cut version is on prime. I've thought about a sequel before and it could work. Unfortunately the creator hadn't done much of worth since so I'm not holding out hope. He did another cop drama called Chicago Code, which was light weight fluff and didn't take long to get cancelled. You've then got one of the main writers, Kurt Sutter, who went onto do Sons of Anarchy (hence a few cross-overs in gang names, and pretty much the whole cast of The Shield appearing at some point), but he's bat-shit crazy making Sons a massively uneven show. Sometimes it was amazing, and
  11. Yeah there were a few cut scenes through season 5 and 7, I seem to remember the final episode of season 5 in the US being an extended episode but a standard length in the UK. However, I didn't feel that you really missed out on whatever was cut (I don't remember the exact details!). On the final episodes of season 6 it's more about the order of events, without trying to spoil anything... the end of the penultimate episode in the UK occurs towards the end of the US extended episode. A few sub-plots also have an extended period to build rather than being squeezed into one or the other episodes.
  12. Well done for finishing and glad you liked it. Wild ride eh? In the US it was one extended episode, which in my opinion was better than the UK edit. The two partner is still one of the greatest ever TV show endings but some of the impact was lost in the edit.
  13. Same with me, I really struggled to get through it but the last few minutes grabbed my interest. I had seen this thread beforehand so went in expecting something, so it wasn't a huge surprise. I have have to admit I really dislike the art style, animation and dialogue. I know what they are trying to do but it doesn't work for me at all, it's so bland. Doesn't really bode well for me watching it really! Might give another episode a go to see where it's going before deciding if I ditch it or not.
  14. Mighty Ducks: Game Changers Seems a bit weird they are releasing this new series weekly like it's some sort of major event TV... Anyway, it's off to a reasonable start. I recently watched the three films and have always had a soft spot for the Ducks so gave this a go last night with the family. They've found a way to change up the format (the films were the same story told 3 times), this time the Ducks are seen as the bad guys and a new team is formed to take them down. Only one episode in but it's pretty much exactly as expected, and the predictable format will n
  15. Post removed -Wrong thread
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