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  1. I'd watch more of this. The final episode was great, lovingly directed and Clarkson at his best. The end was sobering to say the least. Kaleb is great, wonder if he'll end up with his own show one day.
  2. Having watching an enormous number of family friendly films since lockdown started, I can confidently say that even the most recent Pixar releases are head and shoulders above most other family films. I think Sony Animation (Mitchells Vs the Machines, Spiderverse, Lego), are one of the few rivals to Pixar these days. Even looking at Pixar's recent output - Soul was fantastic and although Luca was perhaps less ambitious it was still a very good watch. In my opinion their only recent misstep was Onward but that was still perfectly watchable. Very much looking forward to Turning Red, because it means just for one week I don't have to watch some other turd like Lava Island.
  3. I'm not a comic reader so this is all new, but I enjoyed that quite a bit. I thought going in the big bad would be a Loki, but it was much better than that. Really impressed they've done something so big in the TV series and like others it gets me excited about the next phase again. I did feel that the series needed another episode, but I appreciate that's where the films pickup the pace. Will be interesting to see how Marvel deal with the problem of explaining things to people who haven't seen the TV shows, though it might be a fare bet to assume everybody watches everything these days. Hit and miss series all in all. Started and ended strongly, but had some real dips along the way. On par with Wandavision in the end, and much better than Falcon Winter Soldier.
  4. About half way through this and it's a lot better than expected, it's nice look at how difficult farming is plus it has some lovely early morning drone shots that I'll never tire of. Clarkson still let's himself and his shows down though, he often comes across as a complete prick. Trying to break the rules and then getting all pissy when something goes against him. Sorry chap but the rules are this way because of people like you being selfish and greedy.
  5. I know next to nothing about football beyond the rules, but I have always enjoyed it at international level, so I'm going to be one of those people that annoys all the football experts with an uneducated option. Ok so over the years watching England has often been painful but I enjoy watching all of the other games as well. I enjoy the stories of the underdog teams surprising everybody, and the career-making performances from some new young talent. One thing that stands out about this England squad for me, as somebody who knows nothing, is it isn't about the big-named players any more. It's not about passing the ball to Beckham\ Owen\ Rooney and hope they'll do something magic, it's about having an actual plan that involves everybody. Also about playing the right people at the right time rather than the names the press shout about, and fair play to Southgate for sticking to his plan rather than do what the masses is telling him to do. For the last three games we've looked very composed and in control for the most part, but I've also enjoyed (bar and large) how positive they've been. They look like they want to play, and are less afraid of making mistakes. I've been avoiding as much of the press as possible but I wonder if they've been shut out of the squad more than usual? I'm also seeing some weaknesses in the team that might cause pain, for example some of Pickford's random throw\ kicks where he's clearly just giving the ball away for no reason, there's also one player (Walker? can't remember) who seems to love passing backwards no matter where he in on the pitch, but for the most part everybody (including the two I've named) have been good to watch. So much better than I've seen England play before. Italy have looked very good from the start so not surprised to see them in the final, and England looking much stronger now than at the start of the Euros. Hope England can continue with their positive play and make a good go of it. This was also the first big England game I've sat through with my 9 year old, who was very excited to be allowed up late on a school-night though he didn't really appreciate that this sort of win doesn't come around often. He doesn't really 'get' football but wants to love it just so he fits in at school... and didn't stop talking and asking questions for the entire game, it was exhausting, especially for somebody like me who doesn't follow the sport!
  6. The Terror, available on iPlayer, is excellent. Ok I'm cheating since it had a second series but that was unrelated. This first series is a slow-burn mix of taking some true events and then letting the writers imagination run wild to fill in the many blanks. Brilliant acting, especially from the lead Jared Harris. Chernobyl, as already mentioned, is one of the greats. As close to perfection as you can get in a drama. Brilliant acting, especially from the lead Jared Harris. The Lost Room also doesn't get enough credit. Staring that bloke from Six Feet Under who isn't Dexter, The Lost Room surely had some influence on the design of Remedy's Control. Random objects of power (a comb that lets you time travel), a weird motel room where reality doesn't quite make sense... It may not hold up as it's been a while since I've seen it, but I really enjoyed it. If it starred Jared Harris then I suspect it would have been much more popular. Good shout on Terriers. I was enjoying that one. And the grand daddy of them all - Band of Brothers. Nothing tops it in short-TV series. I don't think I'll ever see anything quite like it again. Ok you could argue The Pacific is part of the series, but you'd be wrong and that wasn't very good. BoB is masterful, so good it didn't even need Jared Harris. Although knowing BoB, he's probably in there somewhere being brilliant.
  7. Curious if you played any more of this after you initial post? Game sounds really appealing, wondering if it holds up!
  8. Random work photography competition update - first prize! This was my winning entry. https://www.petejohns.photography/Gallery/England/i-mLrm2ZS
  9. I'm enjoying it, when it drops in my inbox I tend to stop what I'm doing and read it immediately. Your righting style is lovely and I think the tone is spot-on, and so far the subjects have been interesting. It's saving me from having to visit gaming news websites so that's appreciated. It did surprise me when it didn't show up a couple of times just because of the change of pace. To be honest I'm happy for it to show up whenever it shows up. Keep it as text as well, it's nice to read stuff.
  10. Wargasm From a time when DiD were hitting out some great flight sims (F22) they stuck this one out. I quite enjoyed the demo but don't think I ever got the full game. Die by the Sword A 3D melee combat game where you had full control over the sword via the mouse. It was totally stupid and didn't work at all, but was very fun trying to make it work! Severance: Blade of Darkness (2001 so only just missing out) Incredible lighting and graphics for the time, but quite repetitive. Watch the video below and tell me that doesn't look like a Souls game?
  11. Having finally finished the first series my thoughts have changed. The first two episodes were great. I loved seeing a weird apocalypse through the eyes of a child, as I said above a 12 rated Road. Subsequent episodes fracture the story and this fairly unique take on the genre is watered down into something I've seen a hundred times before. The series also suffered from wild tonal shifts, and while this could have worked really well in the shock factor it comes across as the show not quite knowing what tone it wanted to set. It still had charm and the Sweet Tooth story line was enjoyable, but a lot of the story could have been cut or played in a different order. Typical of a Netflix series, the middle dragged, but it did come together in the end. I've not read or even seen the comic so it might have been accurate, but that Bobby character was the dumbest fucking thing I've ever seen.
  12. Much better this week after the wonky previous episode. This show is better at exposition than it is execution. The action sequences are really bad, but the setups are pretty good and the main characters are likeable. The show misfires too regularly though. It gets me excited that we're heading in an interesting direction and then it immediately gets halted in its tracks. We'll see where it all goes. The story and setup remains interesting enough and this is an improvement over Winter Soldier, but it isn't quite hitting the high marks that the first episode teased.
  13. The latest HitPoints is all about this subject. https://hitpoints.substack.com/?utm_source=substack&utm_medium=email&utm_content=share
  14. Like the end of Inside except it's a mashup of every other Smash character.
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