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  1. Llangatock Escarpment, Brecon Beacons Foggy morning: Not foggy morning:
  2. Misty morning, Brecon Beacons. 400mm and cropped in.
  3. Half way through my two week photography break. Brecon Beacons was just wonderful and I'll be boring you all with my holiday snaps in the coming days & weeks I'm sure I had a real mix of conditions, from too bright with no clouds to so foggy you can't see...and everything in between. I've only been there once before for a Geography fieldtrip many moons ago, and I certainly appreciated it more this time. Waterfall Country, Brecon Beacons
  4. I still read about games, visit this forum and watch the odd YouTube video, but my gaming days are more or less on hold at the moment. I've started a number of titles recently but I never get anywhere with them. Last game I finished was Outer Wilds, which if it was the last game I finish would be a good one to bow out to. I feel most of the time I've seen it all before having played games for 35 years, and I struggle to pickup games where I left off it it's days or weeks or months between play sessions. Probably find me at least trying Halo Infinite though!
  5. I loved the last two episodes, but as I mentioned last week it feels like this was the end of all things marvel. Where do you go from there?
  6. PeteJ

    Outer Wilds

    Not playing it yet but will be soon. Hoping it reappears on Gamepass but I enjoyed the game so much I'm not completely against buying it to support the developers.
  7. I get that Clint said But clearly he could have fired that arrow from the ledge. That was a great episode though, it almost felt like the conclusion to all the marvels so I don't need to watch any more. By far the best What If.
  8. PeteJ

    Free Guy

    I enjoyed it too, a well observed take on gaming.
  9. PeteJ

    Outer Wilds

    I'm so spoilt by Gamepass. The base game is no longer there so even though its one of my favourite games ever I feel like holding off until it is. Though having just checked I wouldn't be able to buy the dlc yet anyway.
  10. PeteJ

    Outer Wilds

    Time for a redownload! Hopefully you don't need a completed save to play the dlc...
  11. I recently bought a campervan for some family adventures, which I'm hoping will also double up as a few overnight bases for photography. Last night I did my first trial, in a really-not-that-far-away carpark but enough to prove the point. Fifteen minutes this morning from alarm waking me up to being on location with camera ready. Noice. I think I missed the focus a fraction but I still quite like it, perhaps because of the unique experience. Also got wet feet.
  12. It had so many flaws but it was just about watchable, most of my enjoyment came from working out who I recognized all the cast from as the plot descended from one silly revelation to the next. Two episodes worth of fluff with the flashbacks and probably another two could have been cut to make it a tighter and more interesting. /5
  13. Yes. Does explain a few things and I did wonder it from previous episodes. It was better this week and the end was indeed the stuff of nightmares. So much of the series could be lost without impacting anything (though presumably there will be some payoff with the flashbacks, and you could guess what that would be for some nice and blatant emotional manipulation), but that did put the series back to interesting again.
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