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  1. Thanks for the recommendation! I'll check it out once we're done with our second watch of Schitts Creek.
  2. I'm also rather sad about this, I've been listening to these guys talk shit for a quarter of my life. When I've got spare time to watch something on YouTube my first search is always Giant Bomb to see what their latest quicklook is, and I tend to only ever listen to their podcast over anything else. I agree the site has lost some of its sense of fun over the years though, so maybe we'll look back at this as a positive change. Maybe we won't, and maybe they simply had no choice so the point is moot.
  3. I watched this in my own last night, and the answer is definitely not suitable for my two! I thought the film was the best DC have done since Dark Knight Rises, but still only average. I liked the characters and Levi was great, but it could have leaned a lot more into the messing about with superpowers angle. In a way the Mark Strong character, who was good but typically Mark Strong, was too much for the film. Too much danger, distracting the film from it's only unique element in the genre of basically being Big but with superpowers. It also created some weird tonal shifts, such a
  4. I quite enjoyed the last episode of S1, including the mad violence. It almost justified having such low quality animation as it did a pretty good job portraying the power of the two characters fighting. The reveal isn't particularly exciting but it does have potential with exploring a much wider universe, but perhaps I'm only saying that in the hope it has a reason to skip all the high school fluff and ditch half of the characters it has set up already. I'll keep going for now but S2 will need to start strong.
  5. The first 15 minutes feels that way, keep going until they get to the dinosaur park and if you still don't like it by the time they leave then give up.
  6. The animation and style is so bold and playful, I thought it might grate but it really didn't. It has the same craziness as the Lego Movie but it manages to also ground it's various messages about technology, about families and about dreams so, so well. The set pieces were all excellent and the finale just nailed it. The film crossed multiple genres at a pace that borderlines hyperactivity but the hit rate of good gags is so strong that it swept me along. I also want to mention the mobile phones that had a slightly wonky square. Presumably to not be sued by Apple?! It
  7. Mitchell's Vs The Machines (Netflix) Sony Pictures Animation continue to ooze confidence in this superb take on the road trip, with more style, charm and whit than most studios can ever deliver. While this isn't as gob-smacking as Spiderverse it is still a work of unrelentingly crazy brilliance. Each act is more insane and amusing than the last and the film manages to nail its various messages without getting too cheesey or bogging down simple but well-delivered plot. The characters are all likeable, the humour is spot on and the set-pieces are all superbly crafted.
  8. I had to search as well and we've done every children's animation multiple times, weird.
  9. Is this suitable for a 6 and 9 year old?
  10. Mitchell's Vs the Machines out today, new animation from Sony (Spiderverse) that has been getting great reviews. Can't wait to watch it tonight with the family (and be told how much they hate it).
  11. I think the second half of the series was an improvement over the first, however it was not a good series. It struck me that they didn't have confidence in any of the plotlines so just threw everything into the mix. If the characters of Bucky, Sharon and Zemo weren't in it, would anything have been different? I understand a pandemic\ virus plotline was cut and rewrites and reshoots were required, which possibly excuses the show runner quite a bit (mentioning as he's now doing Captain America 4) However, the key building blocks of the series just didn't work. The two le
  12. We enjoyed it too. Similar but definitely different enough to The Good Place.
  13. Personally although I've had multiple issues with this series, Walker isn't one of them. I think they've handled his character really well, and as said previously he by far the best thing about it.
  14. Today I learned that Tim Miller was behind this (Deadpool director), and that he was once the effects producer for Mass Effect 2. Huh. I enjoyed this what for it was - slices of high concept sci-fi wrapped in some lovely visual effects. The scripts were largely awful and I until I checked this thread again I had forgotten how immature some of it came across. Looking forward to vol 2, it's something different to watch at least.
  15. Trailer for Love Death + Robots volume 2 I liked the first run so pleased they are doing more. None of the stories were amazing but it was creative and had some great visuals, so looking forward to the next lot.
  16. I thought the same, was the training scene set before? Was very odd. Best episode yet, the interaction between the two leads felt so much more natural. The series is still all over the place but I actually found this episode quite enjoyable. Wyatt Russell is the best thing about it, his story is the most interesting now.
  17. 8 episodes. Perhaps that's my problem, it's so slow progressing the main story beats that I just know it'll be rushed at the end. The pacing isn't great...just like The Walking Dead!
  18. Episode 6 And there it is, back down to poor quality again. This episode felt like 5 minutes of interesting plotline and 40 minutes of fluff.
  19. Just finished this tonight and thought it was excellent, huge thanks for the recommendation as otherwise I would have missed it completely. Best thing I've seen in quite a while, maybe since Chernobyl. Can't believe how much it has flown under the radar, at least I don't remember people talking about it when it was first released!
  20. I have zero recollection of the character Sharon as an example. I literally don't ever remember seeing her before. I don't even know how much she shows up in Winter Soldier, I can just see she appears in it via IMDB.
  21. There's so many interesting concepts to explore here, the concept behind the flag smashers for example, but it all feels so mindless. For me the biggest problem is that it's assuming too much knowledge from previous MCU films, including Winter Soldier, which I haven't seen since it was released in 2014. Certain characters have returned and I've got no clue who they are so a lot of the dialogue is lost on me. I'm also finding the two leads unengaging, neither of their characters being particularly strong and the lack of chemistry means it isn't greater than the sum of its par
  22. The Queen's Corgi My youngest found the trailer for this first thing this morning, which we agreed would be our Friday film night film... coincidentally the day Prince Philip died. As per the title the film follows the Corgis and their life with the Queen. It's a pretty good concept for a kids film. If somebody gave me the choice of watching this again, or watching two hours of BBC royal coverage today, it would be a really tough choice. This film obviously had a lot of care put into it as the animation and CGI is of good quality (not near Disney\Pixar, but good enough)
  23. Episode 5 Much better episode and it makes me want to watch the next one. This is going to be like Walking Dead isn't it, where every time you are just about to give up it produces something just about good enough to keep you watching... Cast continues to be insane, every time a new character is introduced I end up looking up who plays them, and 9 times out of 10 they are somebody famous. Art style and animation continues to be very distracting. Script continues to be weak. Plot line continues to be all over the place. Series still somehow intrigues enough
  24. Also having trouble with the next episode thing. Last night it restarted the previous episode of Winter Soldier rather than the latest one. Seems to happen on every series I watch on Disney. First world problems and all that but it is annoying!
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