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  1. Thought it was a bit naff to begin with but was totally on board by the end. Action/ fights you can actually make out what's happening! Surprisingly good. 


    Wonder if it would have worked better if they kept the predator a complete secret until late into the film, they are fighting something invisible (and silent) most of the way through. Would have made quite a cool reveal. 

  2. I haven't read Edge for years, but an Edge ten still means a lot. Never heard of the game and never played the others by the same team, but interest very much raised!

  3. I really enjoyed this :huh:


    I went in with low expectations following the rather negative reactions, but I thought it was good. I actually enjoyed the story, the first act was especially fun and it had just about enough humour throughout... thanks to the cat. 


    Not up there with their greats but nowhere near the bottom either, perhaps middling for Pixar but that's still a nice way to spend close to two hours. 


    Kids were quite restless throughout mind, I think if they saw it again they'd like it a lot more. They found the cat hilarious, but the plot went over their heads which made a lot of it uninteresting.

  4. Urban is amazing with his accent. I was very surprised to hear him say - in a PG kids film - that someone bollocked it all up. I'm not sure where bollocks as a swearword sits in the tier of swears but not something I hear much in our Friday night family film. 


    Anyway. This is pretty good. Definitely channeling How to Train your Dragon but with a much darker tone. My kids bounced off it (though I'll try it again with them) but I enjoyed it a lot :)

  5. Under Oath

    The game takes place as a closeup of your face, with faint murmurs of a trial occuring around you. 

    Every button on the pad controls a different muscle and you have to remain looking not guilty the whole time. Show too much emotion and you get sent down! 

    Every second stage - there are stages now - you have a bonus objective where you have to reach for a glass of water, drink the water and put it down, again without showing emotion. 


    Plot twist at the end: you were Mark Zuckerberg the whole time.

  6. Might be the best virtual rollercoaster game I've played, the tracks are really good and it looks insanely good. 

    Only done the novice class so far and the car it gives you really struggled on the crazy uphill sections, but it's still a blast. Their show-offy intro race to the DLC has got to be up there as the most show-offy they've done. 


    Never played the FH3 DLC to compare unfortunately as they removed it from sale. 

  7. Bought dlc, downloaded update, launch game and drive to hot wheels....need to download DLC. Annoying timing with their update!


    Wanted to play a little over lunch but no worries. Hearing great things about the dlc so looking forward to it. Never got to try the FH3 version as it got removed from sale, but hearing this one is way better anyway. My 10 year old is very excited! 

  8. It's very, very addictive. I've nearly burned through a whole month's worth of credits in less than a week :(



    cyberpunk city at night. abstracted painting. primary colour yellow and black. People looking over city. aspect ratio 16:9



    a picture of a dragon in the style of monet



    different shades of blue in battle



    crowd celebrates under neon rain



    samurai walks through a bamboo forest



  9. Yeah mid journey is very cool for art, the discord hall of fame channel has some great stuff in it. My text for aspect ratio isn't entirely true, since I didn't think people seeing the text would understand it. 


    For aspect ratio use 

    --ar 16:9

    (Or any aspect ratio)


    You can also do things like


    To reduce the impact of how much the upscale command changes the original image. You can often find the upscaled version adds additional, unwanted, detail



    --no blue

    To not have any blur in the image. 




    Uses the new routine which gives better results, especially in portraits 



    Add weight to any part of your prompt by prefixing the word with ::


    At the top of discord there is a pinned message button, which has a link to the guide with the parameters in it. 

  10. Here's some more of my latest creations...by which I mean entering some text into a field and pressing enter.



    coloured paint being splattered over a black and white picture of a highland cow. subtle paint running down image. colour splattered everywhere. colourful. bright. artful. aspect ratio 16:9



    adventures in the metaverse in the style of fantastic voyage. colourful.



    adventures in happiness. adventurer. aspect ratio 16:9






    Adventures through time and space. concept painting. creative. freedom. bursting with colour. aspect ratio 16:9


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