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  1. Yep! In fact same thing happened to me on that same enemy. The main boss just up from there met the same fate, too. It's a bit daft but a wins a win! Level 85 now at 60 hours. I'm flicking between multiple areas now, mainly focusing on the witch quest but also pop over to Caelid for a nice break every now and then. Just so much and I'm loving it all. in other news this lore explainer from vaativida came out https://youtu.be/DYDs_Inzkz4 I haven't a clue what's going on so made a start on the video. I don't care about the lore spoilers since it's all bobbins, but he presents it really well as always and there's so much lore that I was clueless about. Location spoilers though so I dipped out after a while.
  2. Just noticed the speed run record has been broken several times in the past day. Latest is...12 minutes 32. Madness! How long before sub 10 minutes?
  3. I recall doing three, a tree guy at the start, he aforementioned knight and when you In the big area. I am suspicious about the big arena with the creepy thing in the roots, but nothing happened and I can't find the NPC it references. Tonight I progressed a few quests but didn't do a great deal. Switched to two swords now and a quick-swap to a staff. Also changed my entire look, losing the ugly stone head I've used since the academy. Drops Dex and Int quite a bit, but fancied a change.
  4. I did the first one in your post just now, thank Christ. One of the hardest bosses I've done so far to be honest, his reach was so long and the damage so devastating that he kept pushing me to that awkward mid-distance where you can't respond to a guard break quick enough or spin up a few quick spells. Of course, time I did it was a piece of piss and I barely got hit. Pretty much with this area now, phew. Quickly head to the roundtable and both my weapon and summon levelled up twice. Boom.
  5. Darkroot Depths, Crucible Knight Siluria is one of those annoying bosses that you absolutely know you should be able to do, but his quick one-hit kills keep catching you out. I've come so close several times! First boss I've struggled with for white a while and he's just an enemy plonked there in the map. One of the other boss encounters in the same area was strange. I thought it was going to be an epic fight against a massive, scary looking...thing, that was there in the background, but instead it was a very easy fight against a few NPCs. Seemed like quite a waste of a boss battle, the thing in the background looked way cooler. Unless I've screwed up a quest line of course and have missed out! I've died more times in Darkroot Depths than any other in quite a while. None of the enemies (apart from the knight, and a weirdly high HP bear that the game invites you to cheese) are difficult. The deaths have come from walking up branches. You know the area, with the flame things looking down on you. Gaaah. Edit - Deeproot Depths, I meant deeproot.
  6. Finished Nekron tonight and moved onto the next place. Still working through this area but getting loads of runes for my troubles! Fire breathing\throwing things give loads of runes for no bother at all. Boss at the end of Nekron was a sod, so when it decided to jump off the waterfall to its death I did let out a chuckle. Progressed a few quests tonight as well so feel a bit better. By better I mean every quest is awful and everything is horrible. Onwards!
  7. I made reasonably good progress, started and nearly finished Nokron. Not the biggest area but I've loved exploring it. Mostly easy enemies but a few hard hitters. Nice Surprise Motherfucker Knight moment heading towards one of the bosses, but my cowardly running away meant the knight fell to it's death. I'll take any victory. I'm totally flummoxed on the quests though. Theres a guy near the boss who just shrugs, I assume it's linked the guy in the roundtable as they look the same, but I'll be damned if I know what I'm supposed to do.
  8. It takes about 18 minutes to load on the Xbone (well not quite, but it isn't great!). Did the manor last night, after my earlier nope at seeing the main enemies it turned to to be pretty easy. Those big hand things are a pain but got through ok, boss was done in one as well. Found a nice sword I've others talk about but my stats for faith are nowhere near...hmmn to respec or not. The three sisters area. Does performance tank for anybody else? It dropped to about 2fps unless I looked at the floor. Xbone version. Seemed to be at a specific point looking at the middle tower from the first one. Question: do dragons normally fly off at 50% health? Is that because I'm too slow?
  9. Oooh. Yes I have both talismans and hats to boost int (and others). Do these not count when it comes to weapon requirements?
  10. Only had a short go yesterday, realised I had missed a fairly large part of the first river section (teleport to get higher up), so was nice to find another boss and some nice items. Summon levelled up another two times, yay. Weirdly I upgraded my Int by 1 and my moonveil sword jumped up by about 90 damage, whereas previous levels in Dex or int barely moved the needle. I'll never fully understand this game. While I'm absolutely head over heals in love with this game I do find the way they handle NPCs needlessly vague. A page listing all the NPCs and the dialogue they've said would be enough, and it wouldn't break the ethos of the game. I also gave up reading item descriptions some time ago, the moment to moment gameplay is so much more interesting than the story, so I don't have a clue what's going on.
  11. I did it Spent the whole fight on horseback flinging the odd spell in, but mostly relied on summons so I basically just ran around the arena summoning. They all die very quickly so it's a slow method, but after a few attempts of being flattened I decided to cheese it. I tried to do a 100% summon fight, not attacking once, which nearly worked but he wiped the summons out too quickly in phase 2. Such an epic fight, one of the highlights of the Souls series for me. No idea what to do now, so many options!
  12. You should be good with the river section from where you are. The magic dudes in the academy you either battle at range and sidestep their magic or run right up to them and be aggressive. They are most dangerous in packs (like most enemies) as their pebble attack can stun lock you, which is a pain. If in doubt, run around them. To be honest once you get into it, the Academy is easier than Stormveil in my opinion.
  13. I got to Radahn last night, cool fight but I took him down without a scratch. ... ... Yeah right. He flattened me like a pancake and folded me into a Tarnished Fajita.
  14. Hey I got moonveil last night, and I use uchigatana as my main. To be honest I'm a bit disappointed by it, despite upgrading a few times it doesn't hit as hard as my unchi with a lightning skill on top. Uses different type of upgrade stones though so I'll keep upgrading them both as I can. As for shields, I love them. I start my battles at range with sword and staff, then switch to sword and shield to finish things off. Might not be the best way to play but I find it very satisfying. I also found a teleport to a very scary area where everything was broke. Killed two enemies after several attempts by cheesing one and the other fell to it's death. Was a dead end thankfully so was able to run away! Also got myself a sweet stone head which increases Dex and int, but lowers health, and makes me look like a complete freak.
  15. God damn Prospector Miriam hits hard with that spell every few seconds. Probably over levelled now for the fight (60) so did it first time but it wasn't pretty! Not the nicest 'boss' in the game that's for sure.
  16. Oooh thanks all. I was seeing the keen/quality stuff appear but hadn't made the connection. Also I've been leaving everything as standard as everything else seemed to reduce stats or move away from Dex, but I hadn't factored that with the magic damage it could add up to more. So much to think about!
  17. What does that actually mean for the whetstone knives though...? What changes are being made to the armour, is it just cosmetic?
  18. 40 hours in and there's still basics I don't understand. Could somebody explain what... Whetstone knives do? I've got a few now, I assume they are getting better/ giving me more options but I don't know what I'm supposed to do. What the sewing kits do? Again, I've got a few and other than an early quest line I'm not sure what it's for!
  19. Query about the Academy, which I've just about cleared plus the boss. The boss of the academy I did on my second try, found pure aggression was the best way. In the second phase she didn't even summon so her big wind up attacks were easily avoidable. My banished knight summon worked wonders too. Arena looked lovely too, similar to
  20. https://www.gamesradar.com/uk/elden-ring-players-hand-drawn-journals-are-so-beautiful-they-deserve-to-be-in-the-game/ This just flashed up on my phone
  21. I did that last night! You can summon, I had my jelly tanking. I couldn't summon on the one in the castle though. Tips: when it pulls right back it's about to charge and do the bite attack. Roll away. When it starts glowing back away as the AOE is nasty When it's flying around the place to be honest it doesn't appear to attack at all so swipe away. You can get in a surprising number of attacks. You can block some of its swipe attacks quite easily, my stamina is less than 20 as well. It's a scary aggressive boss but to be honest it's mostly just bluster. That said I couldn't do the version of it just on my own so it's still an arse.
  22. Those burger king fellas in the Academy are fecking annoying. The stunlock of the Pebble magic is a right sod, now I know how the enemies feel. Tonight I: - Killed the first horsey knight you meet out of the gate at the start of the game Killed the big dragon at the start of the game - Did the locked dungeon right at the start of the game...killed the boss but couldn't do one room with two of the first enemy that killed most of us at the start of the game. The summon you get from the boss might be my main now, at least changing it up from Jelly. -Entered the academy for the first time, seems like a lot to explore, just picked a random path and went for it!
  23. Is that the guy at round table if you jump off the ledge? I managed him fairly early on (after several attempts) by using almost exclusively ranged weapons\ magic. It wasn't pretty.
  24. YES! I've just randomly stumbled upon this Hoarfrost thing everybody keeps saying makes the game easy. Here we go! Right. Right? Oh. Carried on. Met some hand things. Nope. Carried on went up some cool side of a rock dungeon with annoying song bat birds. Danced around a big pole with a dragon, went into a new area found a cave killed by an invisible ninja boss who slit my throat. Cool.
  25. The initial reveal of the lakes is genuinely one of the most jaw-dropping sights in gaming. I've just found it lacking when I'm exploring around in the fog...i've not found an awful lot. Perhaps not helped playing it on the Xbone, the frame rate tanks at times plus the load times upon death are a drag. It's possible that I ruined it a little by exploring very early on when I found a way to skip the castle, so I'd already run around like mad picking up items and avoiding lobsters. Now I'm still avoiding lobsters but have less to find. I think it's because I haven't found much in the way of castles or dungeons to explore, it's all overworld encounters. I'm sure there's loads there but I haven't found much (I did find my way to the river and killed a load of ants and eventually the boss, that was ace). If I'm feeling a little fatigued of the game I also can't stop playing, reading about it and thinking about it. Gaaah.
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