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  1. It sucked. The demo was only 30% complete to be fair, but the controls were poor and the game was just extremely dull. To complete the demo you had to kill 50 enemies within the time limit, I managed to get 35 on my first and only go. The Sega stand was arse to be honest, so I didn't return to it.
  2. This was amazing, one of the most enjoyable games at the show. Easily the most instantly playable. I've never played a more aggressive and immediate driving game in my life. A have a few worries about the direction of the series still (traffic seems to be less important than even BO2, though I was told it was on a low setting).
  3. PeteJ

    Outrun 2.

    This had a good showing at E3 and it did indeed run very well and look very nice. The only off part was the handling, which wasn't quite right. It still felt like it was trying to be played on a wheel rather than pad (the car 'flicked' back to centre when you stopped turning), but I have been assured the handling will be fixed for final release. I got the high score on one of the pods too. /brag.
  4. I think they are the XBox version. I was surpised when I picked this up at E3, as the graphics were a lot worse than Colin 4. In fact, the game didn't play as well either, as the handling felt a lot more like Colin 3 (which I thought was awful). I tried asking the Codemasters rep some questions but he seemed extremely grumpy and ignored me. The game was harder than 04, but that is because the handling was off. On the positive side the presentation has improved and the onscreen indicator for the damage is nicely done.
  5. This game was actually quite cool, probably one of the more enjoyable games at the show. Many people left the stand frustrated because they couldn't control the game properly, but I found that after a few minutes it all became second nature. The snow level was pants, but the rest worked well. I really liked the fighting stage against another Kong. You have to 'dodge' his punch by clapping, and then one-two him with alternate drums as fast as possible. It was good, because it almost feels like you are punching someone... The main problem the game will have is lack of things to do a second time around, but it was sure fun going through the demo.
  6. PeteJ

    Project Zero 2

    It's a good game, but not as good as it should have been. At times I thought it was the best in the horror genre - some of the cutscenes are so well directed that it really sets the scene when it is time to play. At times it goes a lot further than anything in the Silent Hill series, but unfortunately the developers have gone too far when listening to the faults of the original. That was too hard, this is just far too easy. Most of the time you won't even be hit because the AI sister can be used effectively as a shield and there is so much health and ammo about that you are never really in any danger. Lack of danger = zapped atmosphere. A great shame, but the game is still good and worth checking out.
  7. PeteJ


    Don't let this obsession turn into an addiction, things can turn nasty... My current obsession is E3. It's like, just around the corner, and I'm like, so totally going.
  8. Metroid Prime has a very slick front end. I was actually blown away the first time I saw it, which is very odd for a menu... Other games: SSX3 The Colin McRae series Katamari Damacashi (can't be arsed to look up how to spell it) - the ball rolling game Halo Silent Hill series (great music)
  9. Thanks I wanted to make it very dark and extreme to show how similar gaming addiction can be to the regular addictions - alcohol, drugs etc. When you find yourself addicted to a videogame so much it almost ruins you, it can be very scary and difficult to get out of...as I'm find out.
  10. I wrote a short piece on gaming addiction for him and emailed it about 2 weeks ago, but have not had a responce either. I reread it again yesterday and decided it was fairly crap so just stuck it up as a forum post at ntsc-uk. linky
  11. I completed Dead Man's Hand the other night, and although it starts off incredibly bad (I was thinking about handing out my first ever 1/10), it does improve quite a bit as you go on. Ok it is linear and the combat is really quite weak, but it is still quite compelling all the same, probably because the physics allow you to knock large objects onto the enemies heads. Plays like a game that should have been released 3 years ago (one of the levels is almost exactly the same as the Train level on Soldier of Fortune), but it isn't a complete failure. Red Dead, though, does look quite smart though
  12. Halo is better on Heroic than Legendary.
  13. Four Swords is good in single player, but multiplayer (4 people) is far, far better. Probably the best console multiplayer experience since Halo, if not ever. In my opinion the level design is occasionally too complicated and requires a lot of backtracking, however... You can get it for under £25 from Play-Asia, which is unmissable. Apparently works with Freeloader without any problems also.
  14. PeteJ


    It wouldn't surprise me if Nintendo make the DS region specific, especially after their really heavy handed approach to UK retail importers.
  15. A couple of months ago ntsc staff met up, I got there at about 3pm and didn't leave until 10am. Played\ watched games the whole time. Halo took up most of the graveyard shift 19 hours, which is probably my second longest game shesh. Longest was I4 several years ago. A bit Lan meet in Swindon, about 600 people went and it lasted from mid-day Friday until early evening Sunday. Non-stop gaming. It was enjoyable, and getting to the final of the TFC comp was great. Losing the final wasn't so great. Easily the most scary game I've ever had to play, people were watching and everything! Never again that long though, my head was completely messed up afterwards (I didn't get off my chair for most of Saturday, didn't eat or drink anything worthwhile). I occasionally meet up for Halo with a few friends. Usually lasts 8 or so hours, which is way more than enough...
  16. The best bit of the soundtrack is how each song features the title track within it at some point (that being what you have in your head right now). Each song is completely different, yet they all manage to merge this little tune in perfectly. The soundtrack is available to buy next month, incidently.
  17. A US release is probably less likely than a UK one. SCEA are renouned for rejecting 'odd' looking games because they apparently do not fit in with the market they are aiming for. SCEA rejected Viewtiful Joe, Killer 7 and Metal Slug 5 to name just three (which happen to be the only three I know of, but still...). It could happen still, but I wouldn't bet on it. We'll find out at E3, I guess.
  18. It can be a bit confusing getting into the game as there is zero English, other than the size of your ball and your target size (the most important thing, quite frankly). Controls are very easy and you are given a helpful tutorial to begin with. Some of the 'special' levels are harder to understand, but they are still not complicated. The story will obviously be lost almost entirely, but any game that features a T-shaped King that got drunk and knocked all the stars out of the sky forcing you, the T shaped prince, to roll large Balls of Stuff in order to replace the stars. A PAL release? Possible, but don't bet on it. Driller: Drill Land was one of last years best games, but sadly it was never ported outside of Japan. I have a feeling that this is by the same team.
  19. The ntsc-uk review is going up shortly. This is going to sound very strange, but Frequency players will know what I'm talking about. Like Freq, playing the game for several hours during the day will induce the fabled and dreaded 'Freq Tunnel'. You cannot sleep because of the tunnel endlessly moving within your closed eyes... Katamari is the same, as I so tiredly found out last night. I cannot look at anything without thinking about rolling it up in a ball. I see someone on the street, in the ball they go! When I close my eyes, I just see a landscape being stuck on a giant ball. All of this, is of course, played to one of the greatest videogame soundtracks ever. It is right up there with Jet Set Radio and Mr Driller: Drill Land. Katamari is just as fun as it looks, and just as strange. Those worried about it being a one-trick giant ball do have something to worry about however. The game isn't exactly easy (and nor is it hard), but it is short. Four hours short. That said, there is loads of stuff to do even after the game is cleared and you'll be trying to beat your scores for a very long time after. I'm not usually someone who cares about score attacks, but I'm desprate to improve what I've already done in this game because it is so enjoyable to play. Though fanboys of the competition may strongly disagree, this is easily the finest Giant Sticky Ball Rolling Game Where You Get To Stick Entire Towns To The Ball ever created. A shocking statement for some, but in my mind it is justified. http://www.ntsc-uk.com/review.php?platform=ps2&game=Katamari
  20. And one about mobile phone gaming. Sorry, PDA's
  21. Thief! No, I don't mind
  22. PeteJ

    Ninja Gaiden Xbox

    Flails will be your best friend against them, fully powered up lightning ninpo is also useful when your combo stops. Just take your time and you'll get through.
  23. I'm off to E3 this year, first time in America also. Although I've heard many poor stories about the show, I still cannot wait to get my hands on some of the new titles that'll be there. Christ, I'll be playing Halo 2 in under 8 weeks, how can that possibly be a bad thing? It'll be hot, croweded and full of irritating people, but that really doesn't bother me. I've been wanting to goto E3 for as long as I can possibly remember, and damnit I'm going to enjoy every minute of it
  24. This is not the fault of Play-Asia, but the people who delivered it. Check out this scary thread...
  25. I'm surprised at the reaction to F Siren, especially as the Japanese version was loved by everyone who played it. The game was always going to be a love\hate game, but I never expected people to find the game unscary. It may of course just be different opinions, but I have a feeling the game may have changed from the original release. Perhaps the dubbing has done a lot of harm, or they have changed the sound effects of the enemies in some way (which would entirely destroy the atmosphere). I don't know, I'm just a little...let down that people don't like it Maybe people are just not scared of demented apes like I am
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