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  1. The best bit of the soundtrack is how each song features the title track within it at some point (that being what you have in your head right now). Each song is completely different, yet they all manage to merge this little tune in perfectly. The soundtrack is available to buy next month, incidently.
  2. A US release is probably less likely than a UK one. SCEA are renouned for rejecting 'odd' looking games because they apparently do not fit in with the market they are aiming for. SCEA rejected Viewtiful Joe, Killer 7 and Metal Slug 5 to name just three (which happen to be the only three I know of, but still...). It could happen still, but I wouldn't bet on it. We'll find out at E3, I guess.
  3. It can be a bit confusing getting into the game as there is zero English, other than the size of your ball and your target size (the most important thing, quite frankly). Controls are very easy and you are given a helpful tutorial to begin with. Some of the 'special' levels are harder to understand, but they are still not complicated. The story will obviously be lost almost entirely, but any game that features a T-shaped King that got drunk and knocked all the stars out of the sky forcing you, the T shaped prince, to roll large Balls of Stuff in order to replace the stars. A PAL release? Possible, but don't bet on it. Driller: Drill Land was one of last years best games, but sadly it was never ported outside of Japan. I have a feeling that this is by the same team.
  4. The ntsc-uk review is going up shortly. This is going to sound very strange, but Frequency players will know what I'm talking about. Like Freq, playing the game for several hours during the day will induce the fabled and dreaded 'Freq Tunnel'. You cannot sleep because of the tunnel endlessly moving within your closed eyes... Katamari is the same, as I so tiredly found out last night. I cannot look at anything without thinking about rolling it up in a ball. I see someone on the street, in the ball they go! When I close my eyes, I just see a landscape being stuck on a giant ball. All of this, is of course, played to one of the greatest videogame soundtracks ever. It is right up there with Jet Set Radio and Mr Driller: Drill Land. Katamari is just as fun as it looks, and just as strange. Those worried about it being a one-trick giant ball do have something to worry about however. The game isn't exactly easy (and nor is it hard), but it is short. Four hours short. That said, there is loads of stuff to do even after the game is cleared and you'll be trying to beat your scores for a very long time after. I'm not usually someone who cares about score attacks, but I'm desprate to improve what I've already done in this game because it is so enjoyable to play. Though fanboys of the competition may strongly disagree, this is easily the finest Giant Sticky Ball Rolling Game Where You Get To Stick Entire Towns To The Ball ever created. A shocking statement for some, but in my mind it is justified. http://www.ntsc-uk.com/review.php?platform=ps2&game=Katamari
  5. And one about mobile phone gaming. Sorry, PDA's
  6. Thief! No, I don't mind
  7. PeteJ

    Ninja Gaiden Xbox

    Flails will be your best friend against them, fully powered up lightning ninpo is also useful when your combo stops. Just take your time and you'll get through.
  8. I'm off to E3 this year, first time in America also. Although I've heard many poor stories about the show, I still cannot wait to get my hands on some of the new titles that'll be there. Christ, I'll be playing Halo 2 in under 8 weeks, how can that possibly be a bad thing? It'll be hot, croweded and full of irritating people, but that really doesn't bother me. I've been wanting to goto E3 for as long as I can possibly remember, and damnit I'm going to enjoy every minute of it
  9. This is not the fault of Play-Asia, but the people who delivered it. Check out this scary thread...
  10. I'm surprised at the reaction to F Siren, especially as the Japanese version was loved by everyone who played it. The game was always going to be a love\hate game, but I never expected people to find the game unscary. It may of course just be different opinions, but I have a feeling the game may have changed from the original release. Perhaps the dubbing has done a lot of harm, or they have changed the sound effects of the enemies in some way (which would entirely destroy the atmosphere). I don't know, I'm just a little...let down that people don't like it Maybe people are just not scared of demented apes like I am
  11. PeteJ


    I gave Breakdown 3/10, hated the damn game. Story is alright, and there are some good set-pieces, though.
  12. You have to meet certain objectives before you can reach the next part of the game. Replay for you, crap boy
  13. It is still playable, but you'll have to guess what is going on with the story. There are a few puzzles that are a little odd and without a lot of trial and error you'll get stuck, but other than that it is sound. The gameplay is still the same. A lot of Japanese though, so you may feel like you are missing out on quite a bit (I certainly did).
  14. PeteJ

    Ninja Gaiden Xbox

    There is a save-point at Pleasure Street, but to get there you need to do some funky jumping to unlock the multi-coloured door (isn't hard). The black-ninjas are a pain, but blocking is certainly the key. Just take your time. Their I-shurikens cannot hit if you are blocking, but remember to move away from walls if they land near you. The combo XYXXXY is effective against enemies of this size, killing them instantly - plus it damages surrounding enemies also. To pull the move off, remember to hit the buttons slowly or you'll end up with the XYXXXX combo, which is also effective but doesn't damage surrounding enemies. Oh, you need to buy the scroll for this move, it's the Inza(?) Drop.
  15. The voice acting will only really harm the cutscenes, which is quite serious but not entirely fatal. I've heard very little of the English version, but the demented-ape noises the enemy make in-game seem to be all good and proper. When you are hiding in the bushes, with a zombie (forget the name of them now...Shibuto or something) hammering away relentlessly at a wall and another patrolling right in front of your nose, the last thing you'll be thinking of is language or dubbing - you'll be thinking, "they actually expect me to move??". Siren is an odd one as a horror. Silent Hill made you scared to enter the next room - it played all the right sounds at the right times. Fatal Frame makes you nervous about the room you are in, with silent whispers and subtile ghostly animations. Siren makes you scared to move. Also, Siren makes you scared to stay still. There is no rest, you are always under pressure and one slip up will usually kill you. Getting seen and having the zombies chase after you is - by far the greatest moment horror has ever had. Never have I felt so utterly helpless and hunted by such powerful and determined enemy. You see them relentlesly hammering away at a wall, or farming the same spot over and over, this isn't lazy animation or AI, this shows them up as real people who have turned. Watching one of them hammering away just reminds you that they were human, that they remember something about their life and job. It's when you realise that their determination of hammering away is transformed into the determination of hunting you that you really start to worry. Siren isn't scary like Silent Hill or Fatal Frame, it is pure terror. Terror of being caught, being found. Being hunted... I agree that it is a near-masterpiece, and I shall continue to recommend it to everyone.
  16. Even though the dubbing is awful, I still recommend picking the game up. Siren is probably my number one horror game, though the Silent Hill games are close behind. Siren is easily the longest though, expect it to take about 30-odd hours
  17. No reviews? Crikey, that leaves me a bit short. I'll have a think and see if there is some sort of feature I can write, then email it across so you can tell me how crap it is
  18. Hey I was just asking. If you want option C (gamesTM) and option D (Gamesmaster) than you only have to ask.
  19. I've never actually read Blessed magazine, what kind of writing style do you have - are we talking amusing-relaxed Edge or hardened-critical Edge? I'm not that good with writing features, as I've only done two in my life, but I can do game reviews for you if you like how I write. Though ntsc-uk comes first, you understand Recent example 1 Recent example 2
  20. PeteJ

    Ninja Gaiden Xbox

    It can be bad on the second level and parts of the third, but since then it has been fine. The camera certainly isn't the worst ever, that award goes to...Dino Crisis 3!
  21. PeteJ

    Ninja Gaiden Xbox

    Believe it or not... Ninja Gaiden 1 - find all scarabs Ninja Gaiden 2 - Complete game with every level getting Master Ninja rating - Hard or Very hard only Ninja Gaiden 3 - Complete game with every level getting Head Ninja rating - Hard or Very hard only That may not be entirely correct, but it is along the right lines. Basically - it's damn hard.
  22. PeteJ

    Ninja Gaiden Xbox

    Those horses are a real pain. Although it killed me almost every time, it never became tiring watching Ryu get dragged along, picked up and then slammed into the ground Poor guy. The first level is quite a bit easier than the demo version, better balance of enemies (the first room with the White ninja's is greatly toned down, and the trap door is thankfully a lot smaller). The game does quite tough quite quickly, but once you've learnt the mechanics progress isn't usually that difficult. Always a challange, but always possible. I got the game this morning and am currently on level 5, only level two caused me a real headache so far. Level five is prooving to be very difficult too, but that's because I'm a complete spanner. The FMV after level 2 is gob-smackingly amazing, and the cutscene introducing Ryu to level 4 is the coolest thing ever. He da man! Or something. Anyho...back to getting killed by the black ninja guys. They bastards...
  23. Pffft. As if PS, I don't have Xbox Live.
  24. Interesting you should say that, because I'm about to suicide you all the way to next week, you biased freak. When...er, I figure out how to suicide someone.
  25. It's horrible, fanboys are taking over the world. http://ntsc-uk.domino.org/viewtopic.php?t=...der=asc&start=0 Bah.
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