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  1. Kathleen Kennedy seems to have managed to unite Star Wars fandom, in this being the worst take on Solo.
  2. Yeah it’s been broken since Caldara launched in Warzone. Quite spectacular to break what should an entirely separate game. i,ve read that only installing certain game packs gets it to work, which I’ve tried twice but still no luck. Apparently if you do get it working the multiplayer is now full entirely of hackers.
  3. Thanks! That’s a really helpful tip. When I looked online it just said it needs to be as quick as possible.
  4. One more run should get me the epilogue, but I’m still far off doing somethings.
  5. X_2_0


    Well I’m loving Demon Slayer, the Entertainment District arc has been even better than Mugen Train. But I’m not loving having to wait a week for a 20 minute episode, normally I’m watching stuff that is at least five years old, so I’m not used to this!
  6. The best way I’ve seen to store gameboy carts is in trading card folders, like this. but mine are in a Jack Daniels tin, which isn’t quite as organised. I don’t have any problems with retro boxes as long as they are not being sold as original.. I’ve been reprinting megadrive covers for years for my collection. The repro megadrive cases from hongkong are terrible though as they are the wrong kind of plastic sleeve, so I just buy cheap sports games for the cases.
  7. It feels like it’s back on track after this episode,
  8. It’s pretty hard to see this as the same Boba who smashed all those stormtroopers in the Mandlorian and even less so the Boba who out smarted Solo and back chatted Vader in Empire. I guess a lot depends on the next episode
  9. For me once games are no longer officially being produced for a system it becomes retro, as it’s no longer a current system. I appreciate this view would make a lot of Retro Gamers readership froth at the mouth though! it helps keeps retro gaming interesting rather than just focusing on the same systems or timeframe. I also think nostalgia is is overstated as an appeal of retro gaming. I’m not often playing the games I used to play, I’m playing stuff I’ve never played before just on a megadrive, or on mame.
  10. X_2_0


    50 episodes seems quite ambitious, I guess it makes sense to cherry pick the best episodes to remake. I understand Rumiko takahashi is quite protective of her work so I don’t expect a huge departure from the originals in terms of characters and story but hopefully some nicely updated character designs and animation. plus lots of decent new merch!
  11. X_2_0


    Really surprised that a new Urusei Yatsura series has been announced! Seems likely to be a reboot, the character designs look good though, I’m really excited for this!
  12. Up to run 124 or something, slowing down on this now as I’ve done most of the things I wanted too. Just trying to clear up a few achievements
  13. I have only done some solo exploring in plunder so far. it looks great and seems to have a lot of cool details and places to explore. there seems to be too much loot around at the moment though as matches are over very quickly, I’m sure that will change over time. Hopefully the map won’t be too big for the number of players either.
  14. Emperor be praised! The multi player was a lot of fun too.
  15. I can’t remember who it was on the forum who said last Jedi should have ended with Rey joining Kylo, but I do agree that would have been much better
  16. I’m interested in where people felt the story should have gone after TLJ, my main issue with the TLJ is it didn’t set up anything at all for the 3rd film apart from Rey vs/loves Kylo, all the other story threads are effectively snuffed out by the end of the film.
  17. Having the same operators on both sides really annoyed me in the beta, I was hoping there would be axis operators in the full game but I guess not.
  18. I’m really getting close to resolving most of the main storylines now, after 108 escape attempts. just need lots more diamonds having squandered all of mine on ridiculous lounge decorations!
  19. I enjoyed this more than I thought I would, it was a refreshing change to the usual set up. Jodie is still the worst thing in it, but I will be watching the next episode, when I had been seriously considering not bothering with it at all this year.
  20. Yeah, you will be collecting darkness, gems and nectar that are used to unlock weapons and abilities for later attempts. make sure you talk to everyone whenever you get the opportunity!
  21. Finally saw the credits this weekend! Still loads of story to resolve though. Ive managed to escape with all weapons and am now working on all escaping using all the mirror options.
  22. That 20 minute episode was better than the entirety of Picard!
  23. 16 mins! That’s amazing I’m currently around 32.
  24. Had my first serious attempt with the bow and absolutely blasted through it! Got lucky with two hammers though so not sure if it is always this good. went with the rapid fire and the 200% damage for long range
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