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  1. Seriously want to prolong this? Think that's good moderator behaviour?
  2. Long Shot Slacker (what else?) Seth Rogen has a romantic ‘long shot’ at Charlize Theron’s government high flier I don’t really know what else I ought to have expected from this. I guess I was hoping for something like Miss Sloane, but it’s closer to Dave meets Love, Actually It’s staggeringly misjudged. I honestly can’t see it being anything but a total flop. To have what looks from the outside like a political satire just cobble together every romcom cliche imaginable must have taken some serious quantities of cocaine. There’s a nice sentiment at the core - become the POTUS while staying true to yourself and still making it as woman. And while there is Farrelly brother-style gross out comedy calling out sexual hypocrisy, it dates itself nonetheless by having the most tiresome stereotype of all, the black friend. That O’Shea Jackson is so utterly wasted is doubly frustrating as the movie might have been significantly better if his and Rogen’s roles had been reversed and he had been the main star. Rogen is teeth grindingly annoying, his moral crusading coming across like an angry Muppet reject. The amount of screen time afforded his instantly grating ambling loser, who can’t even offer the kind of wit you’d have from say the Albert Brooks character in Broadcast News, is simply insufferable. Theron is, as always, a faultless screen presence. Even with such abysmal material she keeps it mostly classy, and even manages not to make the idea that she’d even consider sacrificing the role of a lifetime to hang out with rent-a-stoner dude seem as reprehensible as Rogen makes it seem. He is the biggest single argument against the movie even as a concept - such a shame since the last time I saw him, in The Disaster Artist, i thought it was pretty masterful deadpan. In spite all this, there are genuine laughs, glitter among the chicken feed. I guess it’s meant to be feel good but TBC as 2019 political turkeys go it’s barely better than Vice.
  3. I used to watch this and Terrahawks religiously but I have zero affection for either, compared to Battle of the Planets which has only grown in my estimation since i realised the cringey bits were all western inventions
  4. Not especially. Happy Now and Full Whack I read back in the day. He’a clearly a very clever guy like elton but similarly better suited to fewer words
  5. Ok I don’t want Thor banned, in spite of all The fact that movie discussions get personal is a source of frustration but I get that won’t help
  6. it definitely qualifies, and of course I’ll expect a ban to follow in due course, otherwise folk will start to think there’s something odd going on that you seem to get away with making personal attacks on people because you don’t like their views on films. Lame as that would make you, it’s patently against the rules, as I am sure you know
  7. Sep 11 2001 for me, Jap import via New York
  8. A child of two could grasp the intent. It’s the execution that’s the issue. but hey if you are all happy to settle then Disney’s suits called you well.
  9. Eurogamer review seemed to quite like it
  10. Is that Boris Johnson second left?
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