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  1. It was only a 78 minute episode cos the last 15 seemed to run at half speed. I just ended up heckling.
  2. Ask yourself though if the first four seasons had been a series of poor man’s video game scenarios re-enacted would you have stuck with it? I can’t point to a single aspect of this episode that I.could use to sell the show to someone who has so far refused to watch it
  3. I think they must have had this guy handling the battle tactics
  4. Plus since The Last of Us, everything has to be fecking Clickers
  5. Oh no. What a talent. Boyz n the Hood is a quite astonishing movie
  6. This. Predictable and a bit dull. Hopefully remaining episodes are better
  7. Everybody looks so much older. Except Ian McShane. He looks exactly the same. How?
  8. TBH it doesn't need the baggage. Reason Homecoming worked so well for me when I wasn't expecting it to is cos it was just Parker doing stuff around his 'neighborhood'.
  9. Inevitable when they literally tried to achieve too much and left many characters with walk on roles. Made that rod for themselves.
  10. Nice you can get this close!
  11. I’ve not seen the original but i guessed it was leaner than this as it felt really self indulgent at times. Checking out Mark Kermode’s review (he has seen both) pretty much confirmed it
  12. One of the worst movies I saw last year, his performance is beyond parody at times (like when he’s howling ‘YOU DONT KNOW DEATH’)
  13. It’s not our fault he’s so dull! I suspect although cannot be sure it’s the actor rather than the character. oddly the only decent performance I’ve seen him give was in the simply appalling Will Ferrel movie, House
  14. Even in movies i dont really like he seems to emerge unscathed i miss the Cap of Assembled though. “There’s only one god, m’am’” “I got that reference”. “Put on the suit.” etc. Just wonderful.
  15. Super One again. Buckmore, on the Medway, owned by Surtees (bastards stopped taking MSA races the year he died) My first visit and as is apparently typical of the place the conditions were biblical, really don’t get a feel for just how little visibility there was, I fucking adore these conditions, nothing more exciting
  16. Well since Donington is about five miles away it would be rude not to! cant wait til Sunday.
  17. The trailer warmed on me yesterday, many good laughs the longer it ran, more hopeful now
  18. You mean everyone wanted silence? We had a screaming toddler in ours who couldn't stay in seat either. Usher spoke to the mother within 5 mins, she must have had to take it out about a dozen times
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