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  1. Aside from me getting negged for the most innocuous comment
  2. that’s a shame. I love the experience no matter what but last night i kept stealing glances around to see how people were reacting, it’s great when even silence speaks volumes
  3. Traumatising but very good
  4. Please can you make this another thread? It is incredibly dull
  5. Anyway, how does he make a click sound with a metal glove, huh
  6. Louise Werner's autobiography Different for Girls is utterly savage about the two of them, they sound like utter twats
  7. Isnt the appeal of these characters that fans relate to them because of their ‘flaws’ though? I was going to post it’d be like Bruce Wayne becoming his dad, but then I remembered the end of TDKR
  8. How does that fit with Thanos finding out from his daughter that in their time the war had already been fought ... ? Surely if you're right he'd have known that already
  9. I liked a really caustic line by Justine Frischmann after her and Damon Albarn broke up about how if he'd spent as much time working on the relationship as writing songs about it breaking down they'd have been fine
  10. Saw the latest trailer before Endgame. Got to admit, it looks absolutely fucking AWESOME
  11. I was just glad they got him out of that fucking suit, I cringed when it made the early appearance in the attack on Thanos I missed the rage. Hulk is probably my favourite character. The line in Assemble about 'I'm always angry' just gets me every time. The issue I had with what they did here was they just ignored that entire aspect of his character, which I think was a real shame.
  12. This. She's currently the MCU equivalent of a loot crate. No doubt people will argue she's now the tentpole character and this was simply establishing her as top dog but that's to be seen. I groaned at the "I'll be gone for a while" but I was relieved the end went to the characters who deserved it most. Question about Black Widow and the soul stone though - it wasn't a sacrifice, so how did that work they way it did ...? There was a great moment in our screening with the hammer and Cap when the entire place just made a kind of 'oooh' noise, it was special cos even though it was packed it wasn't a fanboy screening that cheered everything There were quite a few bits that made me laugh but also ones that, had they been in our Funny Pictures thread, would have come with 'Better without the text', e.g. Cap admiring his own ass. I was laughing on my own a good few seconds before he stated the obvious and I kind of think if that joke had been in Assemble it'd have been a purely visual gag I can't go along with all the "OMG they pulled it off", for me the MCU has had more misses than hits, and the amount of characters given nothing to do in this really underlined how they'd painted themselves into a corner but frankly they did the least worst thing and just breezed past them to stay on the good stuff so I'm grateful for that. (In fact, on that note I think the biggest laugh for me was Thanos drawling to Scarlett Witch 'I have no idea who you are'. Amen, bro) Good experience, enjoyed it, impressive feels that had weight, unlike, for me, the last one (Also, nice to see the Scottish theme from IW continuing with a bottle of Irn-Bru in, um, Norway)
  13. Is it getting a cinema release? Al doesn’t look any different! just watching another episode. EB’s soliloquies are amazing, it’s like a sweary shakespeare, even more now he has that weird old helper to riff off
  14. I really quite enjoyed that. It didn’t drag which is remarkable, I wasn’t bored, I thought it had heart, and a good cast, and it did tie a few things together nicely. Pleasant surprise.
  15. Pimping for a friend https://store.steampowered.com/app/868060/Immortal_Darkness_Curse_of_The_Pale_King/
  16. Better not be the same motherfuckers that ruined Spiderverse for me. Braying like a herd of overweight donkeys.
  17. Seeing it in a half hour. Place is packed, two screenings 15 minutes apart basically sold out Didn’t get my favourite screen but there is no doubt a benefit in being closer to the loo ... Hey if it’s boring I can do some coding
  18. Haven’t seen Age of Ultron in years but the first half was superb, apart from the shitty forest bit tacked on the opening. It still had that Whedon vibe, the party scene especially was brilliant, and I loved Spader, but the last third for me set the tone for what followed, shallow and pompous and contrived with none of the wit
  19. The committee episode is frankly genius satire. I always loved the creeping insidious politics but to step so comfortably from killing injuns and panhandling to sitting around a table in a boring meeting wondering why the fuck you are there with bad food laid on is just amazing
  20. well when I say 'just' I mean I am kind of binging ... watched three last night but yes you are correct
  21. just watched that episode I can't remember what his story arc is I welled up a bit at the Indian burial scene though, beautifully done
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