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  1. He didn't say he wasn't invested in them, he said he didn't like this film
  2. Anyway, let's not derail the blog thread with MCU stuff, plenty threads for those who like what it's turned into to offer hankies to each other
  3. I was interested to find out from that video Ford did actually provide a voice sample. The 'Yahoo' isn't the one from the film - I think they just added that bit It's brilliant it took all the way to the ST before a decent home version was managed. There was a rip off on the Spectrum that was fantastic though
  4. Fair dos. It's my thing, I just love the cinema, toying with going again this afternoon even though the movie I want to see is only on at the indie ..
  5. @SeanR I encountered the sit down one the same place I almost always did with cabinets, Newton's Amusements on Millport It blew my mind. I was utterly obsessed with it, my school books were covered in drawings of it. but I only went there on summers so had to wait a year to try again Sitting in the cabinet yesterday reminded me why, like that video says the wraparound sound and that wonderful screen are so brilliantly effective at putting you in the experience The trench run is insane, if you want high scores you have to 'use the force' so navigate the barriers and fireballs without firing It's sheer perfection
  6. I agree. The fight cannot be the end. It was never just about winter.
  7. The way it’s going I frankly wouldnt be surprised. The MCU parallels are frankly creepy
  8. That was bobbins. Like the tail end of LOTR trilogy but it’s supposed to be building to something. I know there are stories to tie up but aside from one scene it was so lazily written, if the rest of the show was like this I’d have abandoned it years ago. Hope to hell things get moving now.
  9. IW truly is catastrophically dull, too many characters poorly handled and edited by a drunk chimp. I can barely even remember Stark being in it but Cap adds a touch of class even if he looks embarrassed to be there. I cant get even slightly excited for the ‘finale’. Hype is the word.
  10. And a tiresomely predictable contribution from you
  11. “I am at my stoopidist when I try to be funny” God damn I love this show. Even finding Bullock more bearable this time around, hair trigger maniac, love how quickly he loses his temper
  12. If by feelgood you mean the same way throwing up helps some people with a hangover
  13. Starting a rewatch ahead of the movie coming
  14. To celebrate finally cracking 2,000,000 points in a game (only took 33 years) a thread in honour of for my money the greatest video game ever. It’s not my favourite, but it’s the greatest. Here is a lovely little video that whets my appetite to know much more about its creation Please share your memories or trivia!
  15. I’ve been thinking about this movie a lot today, I am really annoyed I didnt bother with cinema. I seem to be cursed with comic book movie fatigue but only skip the ones I later learn are more my thing (Venom was another)
  16. I was surprised you seemed to enjoy it more at the time, I just thought it was a total mess
  17. Can't say I thought this was funny but some of you might like it. From Kit Harington's SNL a couple of weeks back
  18. You don't think if the plot and roles had been reversed it would just have been loathsomely stereotypical and racist?
  19. I like tons of really popular movies, I just also happen to despise the two mentioned I have never seen A Clockwork Orange but it’s been remastered and showing at my Showcase next week
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