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  1. How are you supposed to know that ??? I saw the scene you're talking about, but it's not explained, is it?
  2. yeah, I thought that at one point while I was watching it. Only Gump's insufferable shite, this is a genuinely great film, as good as any Jimmie Stewart movie I've ever seen. Deserves to get shown at Xmas for the next 50 years.
  3. Loved all his stuff, but this was just on a whole different level. Beautiful to look at, more than its share of laugh out loud moments, great casting, just a wonderful, wonderful film.
  4. Well, perhaps if you didn't keep changing your name I wouldn't keep getting drawn in. Not that I actually replied to you in the first place, though ...
  5. I don't agree with your reasoning. You keep talking about "the market" and there, preference aside, in cold hard figures, MS and Nintendo aren't that far apart, except Nintendo are probably making money whereas MS certainly are not. So what did Nintendo do wrong, exactly? "The market" that Nintendo have failed to capture is presumably Sony's dominance. I've said a million times before I don't believe Nintendo need to overhaul Sony in order to "survive".
  6. Hence Still Game, a sitcom easily as funny as The Office, gets relegated to a Saturday night slot for a five week run on BBC2 *three years* after being made before being shelved.
  7. Pleased to see so many votes for Yes Minister, that's where mine went. But then it's a shame you have to chose ...
  8. I loved Filthy Rich and Catflap, utter disgrace it never gets shown, funnier than Bottom IMO. There just aren't enough jokes at Tarby's expense in the world.
  9. I agree 100% with the review. DE is my 3rd favourite game of all time. The second is a shell; poorly scripted, technically shoddy, claustrophobic (in a bad way) - everything the first one wasn't. My biggest gaming disappointment ever. If you haven't, buy the first for peanuts, even the PS2 one.
  10. That's certainly true. I was recently involved in porting a crappy rythym action game which gave us no end of trouble on the Cube pad. Do however note the important word in that sentence. I am currently playing Beyond Good and Evil, and have played Prince of Persia, both very comfortably, on the Cube. A game with decent design largely speaking will have not trouble being ported. A game that's worth the port will have time spent on it optimising it for the pad. Shovelware will have problems, hence blaming the pad for the Cube's performance is frankly nonsense unless you see it having a large library of pap as a must.
  11. READ ALL OF THE THREAD. You are sure they will survive? Why is it so hard to believe that companies must move to keep up with the times? I bet you'd like to see Nintendo just sticking to making playing cards...because that's what they always used to do Keep up with the times in your confused, tired definition. I couldn't give a fuck about the Cube getting multi platform games if they're of poor quality. Frankly the consoles as everyone with any rationality knows are pretty well served by the same titles, and are marked by their exclusives. Here, in this gen, IMO the Cube wins hands down. On top of that it has the best pad. Your argument for what it's worth makes no sense as you've taken your dislike for the pad and warped that into some battle for survival where any machine with a pad which can't do everything the others can is doomed to fail. Or did I 'miss something'?
  12. You may not like the Cube pad, that's fair enough. But then to suggest that Nintendo were wrong in making a pad which they felt would suit the type of games that they want to make because it might put people off porting their old tat to yet another console goes against reason and God*. Nintendo will ultimately survive by doing what they've always done, not by mimicking everyone else. * that bit's a quote, not to be taken seriously.
  13. linkster


    because of the director, natch, so some is OTT. shouldn't detract from it being a great movie though.
  14. to be fair though, EDs were fun - that's what Headfirst have to match. I mean you're not actually up high, knowhatImean?
  15. I think they were a little peeved that ED got there first. Details here
  16. http://www.play.com/play247.asp?page=title...95&p=57&c=&g=72 £15 delivered. You'd be mad not to.
  17. the only UK comedy I have bought on DVD are Chewin the Fat and Still Game, which criminally don't get the UK Gold heavy rotation that makes it pointless for me to spend any money on DVD box sets. If I wait a few weeks, they'er always on.
  18. linkster


    Tracklisting announced: http://www.eurogamer.net/article.php?article_id=54580 This just sound fucking brilliant 2 mics!!!!
  19. Being in a pub in Greenwich and seeing to my utter astonishment a question about OOT coming up on the quiz machine ... and hitting the wrong button.
  20. the makers of Father Ted might resent being referred to as 'Britcom'.
  21. oh, I figured that out all right. Just never occurred to me to go and do the race again.
  22. That's what GameFaqs recommended too. Consider this though - you only get the Milk Bar mask for protecting the wagon (which I did first time, natch B) ), and you need it to get into the bar to get the Circus Leader's Mask. So how exactly are you meant to figure out what it's for? Seems an illogical flow of events, I never would have guessed that in a million years.
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