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  1. linkster

    Tower Records

    Well, they do cool things like selling foreign games mags.
  2. Can understand the cynicism, but if it's true I'm delighted - supporting the Cube for longer is what I'd always hoped they would do.
  3. Can't remember if it works in MM. I wouldn't have thought so, different puzzle.
  4. Walk towards each of the tunnels in Lost Woods and just before you would normally start to 'walk through' them the sound will either fade down or stay at normal volume.
  5. Oh, I see. I remember that. Actually, as I've said before, the sound was erratic on the Cube - rewind time quickly one time after another and it simply wouldn't bother playing the sound rewind sample, you'd just be watching the rewind in silence.
  6. Buy a Cube and a copy of Mario Kart then, you'll get it and its lovely sequel free.
  7. Riggers did work for IGN, I got a mail from him years ago. Like you, last I heard he was employed by WalMart.
  8. Bit screwed if you're deaf. Has Legendary played this game yet?
  9. Yeah, them's the ones. I remembered the set pieces but not that they were individual dungeons. Nicer design than I remember, I've always been a bit dismissive of MMs dungeons. Still pretty easy though, but understandable given the time limitations.
  10. I'm at Ikana and completely forgot there were two dungeons here. Which is nice! Should have it nailed this week Think I'm going to have to bring my NTSC Cube up here to my weekday residence for a bit of BG&E goodness, but it's such a shit TV perhaps not.
  11. linkster


    The Giant Dodonga in OOT Most of the ones in Rez Omega Pirate in Metroid Prime The end of Eternal Darkness (more what happened to you rather than the boss, but it still counts) Majora
  12. But that's exactly the point with the RE series in particular. It would have moved on years ago had the developers had some bottle and not given in to their fanbase who they knew guaranteed a few (ever decreasing) sales with the annoying control methods, crappy combat and even those shitty loadscreens, which were a relic of the PS1 yet still showed up on the DC! Why? Because they didn't want the series to evolve.
  13. linkster


    So what you're saying is this is another Rez thread?
  14. The latter. I meant to say Super Famicom. Cos it is, y'know, quite literally super. Don't be ridiculous.
  15. linkster

    Wind waker

    It required a modicum of skill in OOT though. Which was nice.
  16. I know a secret shop where just last year I bought a mint, original inserts included Famicom Super Metroid for a fiver.
  17. The PAL copy has the worst borders in history. (Unless someone's going to tell me that's deliberately letterboxed).
  18. That's nothing to do with etiquette. It's so you hurry up and buy another bottle.
  19. Excellent game. Only really came in for flak because people wanted a Mario 64 beater for launch. It was really just a tech demo that became a very entertaining few hours of a game and a nice way to get used to the new controller (also piss easy to play despite Japanese text).
  20. Do you have Munchausen's Syndrome by proxy?
  21. Stop being a twat. Anyway, I didn't read that.
  22. Oh piss off, it was a genuine request. Anyway, now I know what this is I should probably stop reading it ...
  23. Future Tactics: The Uprising B) It's fricking impossible for marketing people to resist putting a colon in somewhere these days.
  24. um, watch the spoilers m8. I'm still waiting on this one arriving, I assumed that's what the thread was about ...
  25. More like another Ecco bore-a-thon. Underwater games are like underwater movies - the novelty wears thin very quickly. Or perhaps I'm just being crabby.
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