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  1. I put in a few hours on the Xbox version over the weekend and am utterly loving it. Agree with Monkey - the framerate drops badly from the outset, the game really could have done with another few months for optimisation, but after a while it either improves or you just don't notice it. Deus Ex required the player to forgive it, combat being one utterly woeful implementation, and that aspect is much improved this time around. The loss of skills is a shame, but I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that you now have to choose augmenations - I quickly installed run silent but was later surprised to learn I couldn't hack computers without overwriting it, which makes for interesting tactical decisions. It's as easy so far as the original was on PS2 so I will probably play the PC version one day assuming it's harder, and the level design is much more cramped than the original's pleasingly large environments, but most of what made Deus Ex so great is present and correct - it's utterly compulsive, looks gorgeous (what they've done with shadows is just extraordinary) and sounds brilliant too. I don't believe that when I've finished it I'll feel the same way as I did when playing the quite sublime first game, but it's already one of the most enjoyable action adventures I've played.
  2. Just finished the Cube version having shelled out a bundle on impulse following the praise on this very forum. Excellent, excellent game. There are criticisms to be made (it crashed some of the dialogue sampling was very low and hissy and the Cube just stopped playing sound altogether if you did lots of time rewinds in a row for the duration of the rewind) but they are technical and in any case just seem pointless given how far above the vast majority of products this is. Like all great games, making the main character actually fun to control obviously had so much effort put into it (can well believe the mind boggling number of animations given by the guy in the little documentary) and never got boring. The fighting baffled me initially but I'm glad I persevered as there's lots of subtle touches that reward patience and learning. Excellent script too, very witty and chuckle inducing on several occasions. A warning about The Wind Waker syndrome though - the amount of times I pressed the bastard left trigger to reset the camera behind me only to have time rewind d'oh. Great to be surprised like this, must surely be one of the best cross platform games of the current generation. Only bought it to fill the gap until Deus Ex arrived but now it's going to have to try extra hard.
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