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  1. Most of 2000AD's properties aren't typical Marvel/DC super-hero fair, which probably makes them more of a hard sell. I would of thought Zenith would be an easy sell in the current climate though if it's not in rights hell anymore. I guess we're reliant on Rebellion Studios now anyway for 2000AD on the screen. Hopefully they can have as much success as Marvel did when they started filming their own properties.
  2. Ste_S

    vinyl lovers

    I've just used washing up liquid, tap water, and a micro-fibre cloth. Has worked wonders on some of my more manky records.
  3. Please don’t fat shame.
  4. I think I preferred King of Monsters as well. This felt more like a Kong film, and not enough Big G for me. Final fight over far too quickly also. I however enjoyed the sillyness of
  5. Were they going off in a different direction to the book for the ending I wonder?
  6. I watched Iron Man 2 for the first time in a while; and the way it treats Johanssen is really problematic. It’s all T&A, and at times the camera approaches Bay levels of leeriness. Feels quite out of place now with the rest of the MCU films
  7. Ste_S

    The Jazz Thread

    I brought Jewels of Thought a few months back, and like it, apart from the jazz yodelling. Is there a Sanders album that is yodel free, or is it common across all his work?
  8. I suspect Marvel are hamstrung by Universal having the distribution rights for solo Hulk films, hence shoehorning him into other character's films and The Avengers. That may have changed recently (along with Namor)?
  9. Echoing the McCoy love in. I didn’t really feel connected with Who after T.Baker until McCoy, those two Doctors are in my top four along with Smith and Capaldi.
  10. This is the problem with TLJ. It thinks it’s being clever and subverting Star Wars, but fluffs the opportunity to do so at every turn.
  11. I’m at a point know where I’m really happy with my painting of armour on something like a marine. I’ll use an airbrush to get the base colour down, with a zenithal highlight. I’ll then go on with oils to shade/highlight and wash. After that it tends to go to pot. I have trouble hand brushing the details, chiefly keeping the colour where I want. I then also have trouble with the quick drying time of acrylics (compared to oils) and the short time you have to work with them. Any suggestions?
  12. WW84 is comparable to Independence Day Resurgence and Pacific Rim Uprising, takes everything that was good about the first film and throws it out the window.
  13. Spray cans or airbrush just make it easier to get an even base coat. Although I’m terrible with spray cans and always end up clogging details
  14. It's why I prefer oil paints for glazes and washes, so much time to manipulate the paint after you've put it down.
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