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  1. Yeah agree. The film was fine until Or maybe I'm being unfair, as it seems as though the writing went of a cliff after that point, and suffered from the infamous Marvel dire last third.
  2. Ste_S


    Having flicked through through their back catalogue, it does seem like that, at least according to my tastes. The electronic/distorted sound is right up my alley, and kinda feels like a modern take on Loveless - their vocals, however, elevate them above MBV I think.
  3. Ste_S

    Great CD Revival

    Great job so far, I hope it all works out!
  4. Ste_S

    Great CD Revival

    Get the Gnedby’s in! https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/p/gnedby-shelving-unit-white-40277143/#content
  5. Ste_S

    The Jazz Thread

    Dezron Douglas' Atalaya might be an album of the year for me. A quartet that riffs on classic quartets, like Coltrane's stuff on Impulse, but done in a modern way. The opening drum tap and bassline on the title track is immense. https://music.apple.com/gb/album/atalaya/1645305900
  6. Ste_S


    Picked up Hey What today, after my local record shop had it playing and liked it. Haven't listened to their music previously, I suspect it's going to be one of those bands I'm going to regret missing out on. Any recommendations for what to listen to next?
  7. Ste_S

    Great CD Revival

    Good luck with it. I've had half an eye on a B&O CD player, one of the few companies that thought CD players could be centrepieces, as much as record players could. Mostly everyone else went the rack style box.
  8. Ste_S

    Dredd 3D

    Not happening. All has gone quiet at Rebellion Film Studios, as well as on the Mega City One TV series and Rogue Trooper film. Funding issues I guess?
  9. Much like Barn before it. I've been enjoying World Record. The kinda loose nature of the singing and playing, coupled with the heartfelt lyrics, is really endearing.
  10. Ste_S

    Dredd 3D

  11. Eh? He got mainstream media to talk about Qatar's record on LGBT rights, and David Beckham's acceptance of money from them, not once, but twice; and in fairly prominent slots. He also donated £10,000 to LBGT charities. Made of win in my book.
  12. I brought a first press of Horace Silver - Silver's Serenade from Waxwell records in Amsterdam this year. Only €20, but then it looks as though someone's scrubbed it with a Brillo pad. I'd like to imagine it was played on a Dansette echoing around the streets of the Jordaan, but as with these things, who knows? Anyhoo, after a clean, there's definite background noise. However, the music itself still sounds fantastic, all the information is still there on the record. I guess one of the advantages of playing old records with a microline stylus when perhaps they were played with chunky conicals previously.
  13. Love my local record shop. This and Donald Byrd’s Stepping Into Tomorrow for £20
  14. To be edited and organised Camilla George - Ibio Ibio Makaya McCraven - In These Times Anteloper - Pink Dolphins Binker & Moses - Feeding the Machine Soil & 'Pimp' Sessions - Lost in Tokyo Comet is Coming - Hyper Dimensional Expansion Beam SAULT - One of six(!) albums released this year Danger Mouse & Black Thought - Cheat Codes Doomcannon - Renaissance Ryo Kawasaki - Juice (re-issue) KOKOROKO - Could We Be More Shabaka - Afrikan Culture Dezron Douglas - Atalaya Edit- Lampchop- The Bible, Neil Young & Crazy Horse - World Record added.
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