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  1. Didn’t 1-12 Doctors do similar to the Daleks when they ‘removed’ Gallifrey?
  2. Ste_S

    Great CD Revival

    Today’s acquisitions, top three from a local shop, bottom three Music Magpie. Wayne Shorter is still sealed, surprisingly for a 34 year old CD
  3. Ste_S

    Great CD Revival

    The best thing about CD is that you don't have to pay much for a 'good enough' player if you wanted to play some of your CDs. An old Discman with a line out to your existing system is perfectly fine, for example. Or if you don't have an exisiting system, shops like Cash Converters are stocked high with peoples old CD micro systems for not much money.
  4. Ste_S

    Great CD Revival

    Indies are certainly reconsidering vinyl, unsure if that will lead to a return to CD however, or just concentrate on downloads and streaming via bandcamp or similar. https://www.vice.com/en/article/dyv4zq/the-vinyl-boom-is-pushing-out-smaller-label Indies can essentially create physical media in house, with CD-Rs and handmade sleeves, if they wanted an alternative to vinyl. I'd certainly pay a premium for something like that.
  5. Not sure of order yet, however- Nala Sinephro- Space 1.8 Emma-Jean Thackray- Yellow Jaime Branch- Fly or Die Live Jeff Mills & Rafael Leafar- The Override Switch Cleo Sol- Mother Sons of Kemet- Black to the Future
  6. I'm not a Beatles fan, and my experience is similar to the Guardian reviewer I think. It's moving wallpaper, looks nice enough but doesn't really engage. I'm sure it's porn for Beatles fans though.
  7. It’s kinda all over the place and doesn’t make a huge amount of sense, but it’s actually entertaining and enjoyable, something I thought I’d never say about Chibnall Who.
  8. I rewatched ASM2 recently, and it has a lot of problems. Andrew Garfield's Spiderman isn't one of them though, and neither is Stone's Stacey and their relationship (for obvs reasons). Was quite refreshing watching a confident Spiderman after the MCU's naive/inexperienced/needs mentoring version.
  9. Ste_S

    Vinyl lovers

    Everything about the vinyl revival so far shows that the big labels think it's a short term thing, and are trying to milk if for as much as it's worth. It's one of the things that's pushed me back to CD.
  10. Its great isn’t it? Will stop me hate watching Discovery (and I guess Picard).
  11. Ste_S

    Great CD Revival

    Just judging on how little Blue Note have re-issued their stuff now, compared to how many records they put out and sold in the 50s/60s
  12. Ste_S

    Great CD Revival

    I don't think the bottom will fall out of the vinyl market; but I do wonder how long people will continue paying 3-4 figure sums for original vinyl pressings when you can pick up an 80s CD that's a direct transfer from the tapes, and sounds the same, for £3. I was thinking about picking up an original vinyl pressing of this Two of Blue Notes less popular artists (at least now), but a great, easy listening, cocktails with the wife kinda album. It's still £200+ however, and the McMaster CD is £5
  13. Ste_S

    Great CD Revival

    I've been a/b'ing the Jimmy Smith McMaster master (lol) CD with the recent Blue Note classic vinyl version, and it confirms what I've long suspected; that vinyl isn't necessarily 'warmer' as a medium than CD, it just depends on the production and mastering. The vinyl was brighter, and had a bigger soundstage; whereas the CD was warmer.
  14. Ste_S

    Great CD Revival

    Working my way through these that I picked up for £25. If vinyl I guess it would it cost me £200+ depending on version?
  15. Ste_S

    The Jazz Thread

    I think jazz critics can sometimes get a bit snobbish and tend towards the 'intelligent' albums, rather than stuff that swings or grooves. Not a list I would choose, but hey, that's jazz!
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