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  1. It's kinda embarrassing for Marvel that an indie super-hero (kinda) film has done far better with the multiverse concept than they have. The Raimi and Marvel call-backs kinda got me along in MoM, but only in a cheap sugar rush kinda way. I've no need to see this film again, whilst I'll probably be re-watching Everything Everywhere all at Once for a while yet.
  2. Ste_S

    Great CD Revival

    Excellent! Hope you enjoy Jumpin' 2.
  3. Miles’ last studio album, with a rather sniffy 2/5 on Allmusic. However I quite like it, Miles playing over Easy Mo Bee’s beats is kinda nice.
  4. Ste_S

    Great CD Revival

    I’d have to disagree there. The guy who re-mastered Hotter Than July did an amazing job (I also own the original vinyl). Same with the re-master of What’s Going On he did. Super clear soundstage, both in the stereo aspect, and also in the definition from treble to bass. Shame he hasn’t done a re-master of The Temptations- Psychedelic Shack and All Directions, another couple of my Motown faves.
  5. Ste_S

    Great CD Revival

    5 for £12 from my local record shop’s CD mountain.
  6. A bit late to this, such a good album. Going through a bit of an Inflo binge at the moment, SAULT- Air is amazing.
  7. Disco bangers in the garden. Had volume one on vinyl for years, came across volume two in the local chazza today.
  8. Ste_S

    Stevie Wonder

    It's probably Innervisions as his peak album isn't it? Having said that, I've been playing Hotter Than July a lot lately.
  9. Ste_S

    The Jazz Thread

    New Orleans Suite is great also; as is Black, Brown and Beige.
  10. I think Threshold is actually better; as someone mentioned above, it’s actually a decent episode until it gets to the space slugs bit.
  11. Ste_S

    Great CD Revival

    I haven't been to a car boot in ages; how are they for CDs? Are people still dumping their collections at them?
  12. I’ve been re-watching Voyager from the start, and one of the things that drags it down is the Neelix/Kes relationship. There’s zero chemistry between the actors, and Neelix comes over as a creepy uncle more than anything else. It reaches its nadir in S2E4 Elogium, which may be the worst episode of Star Trek. Horny space eels (who are trying to mate with Voyager) induce a premature mating cycle in Kes, who is revealed to be pre-pubescent. At one point it looks as though Neelix and Kes may actually get it on, which left me quite disturbed. Luckily they don’t.
  13. Amsterdam is amazing for vinyl shopping, so many shops with such great selections, I could have spent a small fortune. Filled a couple of holes in my collection. Barry and Horace from Waxwell, a mostly used shop that’s been expertly curated. Flying Lotus and Thundercat from Rush Hour, mostly new, and what you’d get if Sounds of the Universe and Phonica had a love child.
  14. Considering Ke hasn't acted in twenty years, and then went and nailed three very different versions of the same character... it's an amazing performance.
  15. Each to their own I guess. I'd rather have Filoni Star Wars (including Rebels, Bad Batch etc) than the car crash of the sequel trilogy.
  16. There's a couple of albums I want that this has happened to, where the physical formats have missed the streaming release. I think it's delays to vinyl, which then also pushes the CD back so they can be released at the same time. Someone on YouTube recently commented that it took them two years to get vinyl pressed for a release, and three weeks for the CD version.
  17. Evelyn is obviously the centre of film, and Waymond it's heart. However my favourite character turn might be
  18. I've been through a fair few turntables over the years- Rega Planar 2, Technics SL-1210, Technics SL-D2, NAD 5120, Pro-ject Classic, Garrard SP-25 (and a few I've forgotten) all fitted with a raft of cartridges from Stanton, Ortofon, Shure, Audio Technica, Goldring etc. I'm sure there's probably been differences, but none of particularly stood head and shoulders above the other. Funnily enough, the one I wish I'd kept is probably the worst technically, but ended up being the most fun - the Garrard SP-25.
  19. To be honest, as long as you've brought something that isn't junk, I don't think there's a huge amount of difference between record players (and cartridges); at least not at the price level that 99.9% of mukkers are buying them at. As you've mentioned there isn't also a huge amount of difference between CD players (and DACS), again at the price level mukkers are buying them at. Getting to a level where the biggest impact on sound is the mastering of the recording isn't difficult, and I find that to be the biggest differentiator.
  20. Not as such. Perhaps the only difference in that regard is playback of dirty and/or mispressed vinyl. Otherwise, there's roughly the same stuff that influences playback.
  21. I saw it at the weekend and loved it; hugely inventive, warm and funny. All the cast were uniformly excellent, and the central family story was full of heart.
  22. Missed Actress' music first time around, but now loving the blend of Detroit Techno fed through a UK Dubstep/Electronica weirdness blender. Have brought Karma & Desire, and will be working my way through the rest of his back catalogue.
  23. This Pete Rock James Brown tribute mix is great https://soundcloud.com/officialpeterock/pete-rock-tribute-mix-james-brown?utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing
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