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  1. To be honest I wouldn't read the thread (although it may be too late), play through the game for a bit first. You will wander around like a headless chicken at first but that's half the fun of it, discovering things for yourself.
  2. Ste_S


    The XP sure is nice but I find it a very cold, un-friendly experience in a big party so far. Maybe I've just been with the wrong people.
  3. Ste_S


    Got a crab apron yesterday so that's one of the three out of the way
  4. Ste_S


    Cheers Stolly for taking me down there, mixed feelings about my first lot of six people parties in Valkurm though. Enjoyed smaller parties much more so far, although I'll give it time. I *think* I'm ok for money at the moment. Got about 6,000gill and there's not much at the AH for my level (WAR15) that I need. Unless I'm missing something. Cheers for the offer though. My current equipment incase I'm missing something :- Flame Claymore Bee Spatha Longbow Boomerang Aspis Faceguard Scale Mail Scale Finger Gauntlets Rabbit Mantle Warrior's Belt Scale Cuisses Scale Greaves Wing Pendant San d'Orian Ring Shell Ring What level can you get a sub job again ? It's 20 isn't it ?
  5. Ste_S


    It would be nice to have some friendly people to play with, so yes a world pass would be good thanks
  6. Ste_S


    Cheers, i'm on Caitskill (I think) at the moment. One other question, what does the big question mark over my head mean ?
  7. Ste_S


    Got this yesterday, and while I'm having fun a lot of the time I'm running around like a headless chicken. Is there any way to review the full details of quests ? The summaries are very vague. Also is there any way to remove your city's signet ? I'm finding lots of crystals with it on, but I presume this stops you finding other items ?
  8. Sounds similar to PSO. How does it compare ?
  9. Ste_S

    GBA SP

    I part ex'd my GBA in for a SP last weekend. Castlevania which was almost unplayable on the old GBA is aces on the SP. Oh and get Mr. Driller 2 as well
  10. Did anything of this get shown at E3 ? It's a Winter release in Japan, been announced for the US but not for europe yet from what I understand.
  11. What's the Gun Griffon series been like so far ? Similar to Steel Batillion, Armoured Core or ZOE ?
  12. Phantasy Star Universe, can't wait. Here's hoping it's a proper MMORPG PSO sequel
  13. Ste_S

    Puyo on MAC

    Might have something to do with the popularity of macs in Japan. Anyhoo is anywhere taking pre-orders for this ?
  14. I was hoping that you could leave voicemails for people who were offline to schedule gaming sessions. Not to be it seems.
  15. Just downloaded the update. No changes to the dash, only new thing is an option to add a voicemail to chat requests. Bit crap really.
  16. Not sure it is complete, just tried to get on and I can't. Anyone got on and downloaded the update ?
  17. Voice lag is quite bad, but surely not as bad as voice->keyboard conversations.
  18. I find quite a lot of the people on Xbox PSO quite strange. Doesn't help that most insist on using the keyboard when they've got a headset. Quite weird taking to someone only to have the reply in text on the screen
  19. Add me to the list, just bought it today. Going to be a while before I go online I think though, need to get some practise in on the original game.
  20. I thought optimatch was a known bug, quickmatch was supposed to have worked or so I thought.
  21. I've had the game crash on me cycling through games in quickmatch as well as optimatch now. Looks like you've got to take the first game that quickmatch throws at you instead of cycling through the games to get one with a good ping. It looks as though the problem might be ping related, the game takes an age (if at all) to report back with the multi-coloured bar on the various servers.
  22. I'm a telecomms engineer and from what I can see there is no technical reason why games like this can't be online in europe. I reckon it's down to pure lazyiness. Instead of having to do a deal with one telecomms company in say America or Japan they'll have to deal with nearly one in each country. And of course you've got all those languages to deal with. Lazy gits.
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