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  1. Oh for sure, by today’s standards it’s slow with nearly zero blood, but I wouldn’t show it to a 9-year old as it’s extremely suspenseful.
  2. Imagine having to fast forward to a particular deleted scene. They’d have to give the timings on the sleeve or something.
  3. Thank you, I thought as much. All I need to confirm now is whether the content the same ? Not having the same splash window for the extras is bugging me that they might be different.
  4. Does anyone know if these two are the same ? The first one has blurb on the back for ‘lost luggage’ which includes deleted or extended scenes, but it’s not explicitly saying the same as the second one (over an hour of never-before-seen etc etc). The second one has a delivery time of 1-2 months, so hopefully just a US release with different packaging ?
  5. The entirety of Buffy is on Disney+ now. Might be worth a shout - fairly scary but with a lot of humour. Then if she really likes it you can start her on Angel, which is also on there. We’re a lot more conservative with what we show our kids than Americans. I’m on a Halloween movie fan site on Facebook which is full of US parents who let their kids age 5 or 6 watch John Carpenter’s original and say how much they loved it, while I sit there thinking “Fucking hell” and say I didn’t let my daughter watch it until she was 16.
  6. Still maintain Roberto Martinez is one of the biggest chancers in world football, and has wasted Belgium’s golden generation.
  7. Pretty special setlist that. I guess as it was for Johnny Zazula they stuck with the two Megaforce albums, but surprised they missed The Four Horsemen off.
  8. Great game, big shock. Argentina came out for that second half like they had it in the bag, and by the time they realised they had a fight on their hands they couldn’t get themselves going from ‘walk in the park’ mode.
  9. I’ve been toying with that idea and I haven’t watched it since Negan’s first season.
  10. Whilst there are visual improvements, it’s more likely that VFX software/hardware evolution means it’s a hell of a lot cheaper and easier to do now than when he did the first one.
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