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  1. Jammy

    The Spurs Thread

    He plays like a world-beater for Argentina. I don’t think we play him in the right position. Not that we deserved anything from the game, but Vitesse were a bunch of divers, and kept getting Spurs players booked with their theatrics. I hate watching those sort of games. At least you can see why this lot are the reserves - mostly just not good enough. Dele has done what he did with Mourinho and managed to look alright for the first four games of Nuno’s tenure, and is now back to what he’s been like since 2018 - bobbins. Winks just isn’t good enough. Double sale to Newcastle ?
  2. Jammy

    The Spurs Thread

    Watched the last ten minutes - looks like the usual huffing and puffing !
  3. It really is - not my local, but I’ve been in there a few times. Proper marinated lamb rather than the usual dubious elephant’s leg.
  4. Based on the little vocal splashes in the main trailer and the acoustic guitar chords at the beginning of the TV spot, there’s definitely going to be a version of Nirvana’s ‘Something In The Way’ on there.
  5. I’ll agree with that - I think a lot of younger people find the original quite boring after years of high bodycounts and gore. Although it’s often talked about as the film that spawned the slasher genre, I don’t class it as one.
  6. Jammy

    The Spurs Thread

    Good win today - Kane was actually at the races, Ndombele played where he should always be playing. I feel a bit sorry for Dier - he’s a solid enough player but he just seems to attract bad luck.
  7. Ah brilliant, been waiting for that to appear somewhere for a while too.
  8. Just got out - I really liked the flashback sequence at the beginning, but as with H18, they’ve totally missed the point of Myers. He isn’t some lumbering killing machine like Jason - he’s a barely seen shadow lurking in the background, playing cat and mouse with people and building up the suspense.
  9. So Saru got so fucked off with looking after Su’Kal back on Kaminar he only left Discovery for about half an episode ? (I had to google Su’Kal, Kaminar, and also Saru)
  10. For me pretty much a mix of TNG and DS9, with a couple of TOS. I would have voted Defiant, but failing that it was Enterprise D from the ships there.
  11. Jammy

    The Boxing Thread

    Agreed. Extraordinary effort to get through that 4th round. Would love to see a unification bout and then get out while on top.
  12. I will miss the old days when they played places like Brixton and even Hammersmith. The live show is a visual spectacle but the band themselves aren’t particularly dynamic on stage, and I usually spend the whole show watching Danny Carey be spectacular on drums.
  13. Jammy

    The Spurs Thread

    Didn’t watch the game but saw the BBC live feed - seems we actually created a lot of chances, which is an improvement in itself.
  14. Jammy


    Those are the Platinum ones @Spoonman, Ticketmaster absolutely gouge people for seats in those sort of areas. The platinum seats at the O2 are a similar price. Presume you’ve scoured the seats further back ? I just took this grab of tickets for the second show in London. And then the Platinum ones…
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