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  1. Biome 1 is a completely different prospect once you unlock other Biomes and it’s nothing to do with patches IMO, it’s the game making sure you are always on your toes now that you are at [INSERT BIOME] level. A difficulty select would remove a lot of what makes the pull of constantly going back in so fun and appealing. The answer to any issues I have found is simply making it quicker to get to the higher Biomes once you unlock them. I have no problem having to spend hours in the new Biome I am trying to beat but at least make it entirely optional how much you have to replay before
  2. For some reason the mash-up that popped into my head when reading that there was 'I'm a little bit Gannicus' I might actually re-write Alexis's classic but for the Legendary hero!
  3. How long you been together? I made my now wife watch it back when we first got together and before the final season came out. She didnt know at the time but it was her final test. Thankfully she passed and still quotes Battiatus to this day
  4. What Spartacus loses due to the absence of John Hannah it more than makes up for with how it handles the key characters. The dynamics of Crixus, Gannicus, Oeanamus, Asher, Lucretia and eventually Agron are fucking incredible. Spartacus is one of, if not the greatest TV shows of all time for me. Andy Whitfield should have went on to become a superstar based on his Blood and Sand performance, but was sadly taken too soon. So tragic! I also took a while to warm to Liam McIntyre but it was for stupid reasons like his terrible walk or him initially being built like a lawy
  5. @CrichStand I was having the same problem with the Missile cunts in Biome 3 until I started dashing TOWARD and through the missile barrages, provided there was space. I may have been going under the missiles rather than through them but whatever happened it was a lot more effective than strafing in areas where you are usually on a bridge or a limited platform. That and staggering them has me not fearing them at all now. The weapon you have is a huge factor too. If I have the Pistol, Carbine or Hollowseeker I can take them out fairly quickly but anything else I find just isn’t well suited to ae
  6. Had a few days off, back to it last night and was glorious. Question on shortcuts for anyone passed Biome 3...
  7. Ah come on now that just looks absolutely off its nut in the best possible way. It took me a while to watch Venom but since the first viewing its one of those films that no matter what point its at I watch it through to the end. "YUMMY!"
  8. I have no knowledge of the source material but after a fairly interesting, yet somehow visually uninspiring trailer I jumped in. Spartacus is my all time favourite TV show and DeKnight's work on Daredevil was very good but he and the overall handling of the show isn't the problem here. It just all feels very late to the party with the 'grounded' Superhero story. Some of the kids stuff is excellent, specifically Hutch and Chloe, but they just dont get enough to do resulting in pretty much all of the plot threads either spread out across too many episodes or simply not having enough
  9. Boss 2 down on my second go at it. Under normal circumstance that would seem impressive. But the multiple failed cycles between the first and second boss run had me absolutely jacked, not in terms of weapon and equipment (although I was fairly kitted out), but pure mental focus for what I had to do. Again, I ended up doing things automatically purely on instinct but was still clenching my arsehole like it was about collapse.
  10. Episode 2. More subdued and settling in to itself but every bit as good.
  11. Had my first run at Biome 2 boss and got them down to 50% of Phase 3. On my first run I was doing shit without even thinking and had I not completely lost sight of the fucker at one point during Phase 2 where I took a few hits I’m pretty sure I would have triumphed. I have to clarify that I have spent HOURS in Biome 2 so was well tuned into what the boss had for me, even though some of it was still “get yourself to fuck” material. It getting harder to explain what this game is. The feeling it generates both when playing and then when not playing but thinking about it. I’m pretty s
  12. Returnal: The Flaaaaaaaamethrooooooower!!! I'm sorry but its all I could picture when reading that. If you dont get it... the fuck is wrong with you?!
  13. So much discussion missed in this over the last few days. Combination of work and simply playing the game. Still in Biome 2 and no matter how many times I die I just keep going instantly back in. No consideration if I should turn off possibly never to return, no overeactions as to why I did, just 'right, this time, lets go!'. Its truly a masterful play on the death cycle mechanic. Also, I seen something mentioned really early on by someone (apologies for not remembering who) about how initially the Hollowseeker feels almost useless, but after a few permanent upgrades its fucking in
  14. All these reserved, casual impressions are misleading. This. Is. Fucking. Brilliant!! Like TCW, the way it handles and what it adds to Order 66 is just amazing. Really strong start and can’t wait for the next episode.
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