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  1. What is your experience of ‘lag’ and why are you so seemingly accepting of it? I’ve had this freeze / fast forward lag in every game for weeks now and it’s making me want to petrol bomb the nearest EA related building. It just sucks all the enjoyment out of what was a superb online experience up until the start of December for me. I’ve not changed anything with my setup so have EA repurposed servers or something to save money?
  2. Given the incredibly natural cut off point in terms of what happens in those things the show is based on, could the short term ploy not be to encourage folk to at the very least buy the books that cover the wider things that were happening? I’d love to know if there is a sudden spike in purchases of the largely unadapted books following the ending of the show. But that aside, I couldn’t have hoped for a better conclusion to an epic piece of story telling. Some very brave decisions taken all the way through the creation of the show and right now it feels like every part of it has paid off!
  3. Today is not about reflecting on what could still be done, or wondering what might have been different. That will come. Today is just about acknowledging that The Expanse is for so many reasons one of the greatest TV (not just Sci-Fi) shows ever made. An absolutely astounding final episode. Thank you! Remember the Cant!
  4. How can a Karate Tournament genuinely feel like the fate of the entire human race depends on the outcome?! Absolutely tremendous season from start to finish culminating in 2 perfect episodes of TV. Sooooo much pay-off! Felt slightly worried with some of the shit going on in episode 7, but on reflection I think that was deliberate to make the finale feel as good as it did. Oh and one of the greatest assessment of Top Gun ever... "He didnt even get into Miramar, and he got his wingman killed. Not cool!". Make 27 seasons of Cobra Kai please!
  5. Start of Episode 5. Spoiler tagged because I'm not sure how sensitive anyone might be to this chat above around how it plays out I think
  6. I haven’t bought a single pack. I landed some decent pulls from SBC packs during the first month or so when prices for base cards were strong and have then been quite careful with who I buy and not changing things about too much. Are you using 87 Larsson? His 86 card has always been and still is better, hence it being slightly more expansive so you should grab that if you can. About 20k should make up the difference if you sell the 87.
  7. But I’ve seen a lot of you guys ending up with starting 11s made up almost entirely if not completely of TOTY / TOTS players. How the fuck do you get to that stage? Just constant grinding in WL for rewards? I played my first and most likely my last WL over the weekend there and it was not fun at all. A combination of poor connections and awful, wanky gameplay put me right off it. Plus my ‘rewards’ were hilarious! I mean I’m happy to play with Prime Larsson up top now until FIFA23 but I’m open to constantly upgrading everything around him
  8. Prime Larsson has the iconic dreadlocks of his incredible Celtic years amazing!! Whats the deal with TOTY players then? I’ve never been in a position to purchase or get involved in whatever it takes to acquire them before but feel I could give it a go this year if my connection sorta itself. Are they just ridiculously priced super soldiers that drop 0.0000000087% of the time in packs?
  9. I've used a lot of players from that French team @Keiths_Dad with Fekir and Mendy still playing. There isnt a weakness I can see so its more about preference, plus that coin would go a long way to making the team even better! On the formation, how do you find the 2 'wide' CAMs play? I like the look of that set-up but worry I would suffer not having wingers or LF / RFs. Having Morales and Alessandri as those wider CAMs might actually get more out of them if they end up playing fairly central. It would leave with a decision to make around Parejo and if he will perform as more of a CDM but I have Llorente who can come back in if its an issue, or 100k to spend on an upgrade.
  10. How regularly does the connection become unplayable for other people? Over the last month or so pretty much every time I play matches in all online modes are plagued with the fucking ridiculous freeze, fast forward, normal, repeat bullshit making it unplayable. How the fuck can an online game in this day and age run so bad? I sometimes find myself actually trying to still play but then wondering why I am wasting my time. Also, love the poor connection feedback you can now provide in the pause menu which is clearly a button to nothing.
  11. No matter how things are set out for the wider arc it seems fairly clear that next weeks episode is going to be fucking extraordinary. I hold out hope for movies, more seasons, spin-offs, everything, but while The Expanse is alive I'm going to appreciate every single second of it. So many fantastic scenes and character interactions that would have made for a fairly boring episode had everything before it not been handled with such great care, attention to detail and love. Feature length episode next week is going to be special!
  12. It really is isnt it?! I'm up to Chapter 8 and loving the careful and detailed progression of the story, especially how intricate the Guardians and their relationship with each other is. I've got the difficulty on a custom setting which is somewhere slightly above normal / medium but no battle has really troubled me so far. It all looks beautiful and handles great but if I was being critical the combat is fairly straight forward once you grasp the 'system'. Its a major improvement over Avengers in every department so hopefully the start of really great games coming out of what is one of the most powerful licenses in the world right now.
  13. I’ve tried the demo of SN and it appears to be all manner of bat shit crazy stuff going on with the combat so clearly I need to play that. Actually felt like what I wanted Nier Automata to be. But think Guardians will be up first. It had Bonnie Tyler ‘Holding Out For A Hero’ playing over the start screen just there so I know I’m going to love it. I doubt it will beat Short Circuit 2’s use of that classic song but if they do have it the gameplay at some point I will be so happy!
  14. I’m downloading this and Scarlet Nexus today with a view to starting one today and throwing myself into it. Has anyone played both to say which I should go with first? Im a huge Guardians fan but a combination of FIFA and life have stopped me getting this earlier so really looking forward to it, especially after his empty and disappointed Avengers left me feeling.
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