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  1. Agree. Awakening was the point at which I got involved in FE and I loved it. Three Houses was great, but as above all the hub stuff really drained on the excitement and thrill of the battle side, which for me is the most important thing.
  2. Leader is a fantastic OPTION to have going into the final turn but he is not a card to build a deck around. I’ve been running a very strong Destroy deck for weeks now focussing on buffing Deadpool and Death as the main approaches but also have Leader for occasions where it’s clear playing him is the stronger finish.
  3. That's how I described it to my brother and he is now obsessed with it. It's not quite as dark as Soprano's, or as interested in the psyche of what it takes to run an empire like this, but its every bit as engaging and at times very funny and even emotional. Rip is comfortably in my top 5 best TV characters of all time, which is illustrious company alongside the likes of The Expanse's Amos and Spartacus Gannicus there is never a wasted line from him. Fucking Cole Hauser man 🥰 The wife and I hit the end of season 3 on Saturday and are taking a break for a few days because we cant imagine a world where there is no new Yellowstone to watch. I dont want to get to that world.
  4. Forget Heyerdahl, I want to see more John ‘Jupiters Cock’ Hannah! If you know Fantastic start and as good as it could have been I think. Hits all the right notes and to be fair only a catastrophic failure of some sort is going to make this show fail. Druckman is an incredible storyteller and the budget is clearly their onscreen for us to enjoy, so I can’t wait to see the wider stuff he and the other writers have been able to develop.
  5. That’s doing it a disservice though as my wife loves it. The way it’s shot, how beautiful it looks almost all of the time and the respect paid to the way of life and the animals is something I think gets completely overlooked. At times it touches on how completely fucked the world is and how that way of life, the murder and politics free side of it at least, is slowly but surely being made extinct. If I could I would happily go live on a ranch or in the hills North of me in Scotland because the peace that comes with it looks life changing. I get that the core of the show is essentially a big overplayed melodrama but to label it as that alone doesn’t seem fair.
  6. It’s really got to me in places for very personal reasons, especially Rip’s relationship with John. The finale of season 2 was just fucking beautiful. I’ll never be a cowboy. I’ll probably never ride a horse. But I hope every day I can be at least a little bit like Rip
  7. I’m at a loss as to why this isn’t getting more love. Maybe it’s the very traditional and somewhat dated American ideals that set the foundation but as a character driven show it’s as good as any I’ve ever watched. Me and the wife finished season 2 last night after a 7 episode marathon and it was absolutely brilliant. So many stand out moments and just really satisfying to watch on so many levels. Ive always had a soft spot for Cole Hauser going all the way back to his turn in Pitch Black and he doesn’t disappoint here. The soundtrack aswell is always perfect. Season 3 likely to be started this evening and then delighted to see the related shows that are available.
  8. It looks spectacular and I really, really want to love it. But the convoluted approach to defensive gameplay mechanics looks like it could prevent that.
  9. Are dodge and parry still on the same button or have they seen sense? Even being able to remap it and then have 3 separate buttons for dodge, block and parry feels stupid.
  10. Absolutely beautiful visuals. Some really intense and exciting moments. Completely and utterly off it’s nut from start to finish. There are some grounded scenes but they only serve as the link between the next fever dream trip. Actually a little disappointed with it in the end, as the grounded stuff is brilliant but is broken up far too regularly with the ‘other’ side of things. Skaarsgard though is incredible throughout.
  11. Not finished yet but this moment toward the end of the main story had me smiling like a big happy child…
  12. That trailer alone captures more imagination and tension than the last couple of Jurassic World movies combined. Plus Adam Driver FFS!
  13. Death Stranding a close second and Sekiro third. Couldn’t be happier with that lineup.
  14. In my head I have a lightsaber battle happening like the final boss in Sekiro, where the level of craft in the sword combat is as good as anything they’ve ever put in a movie. In my head
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