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  1. It’s like ‘what the fuck?!’ but also ‘Id really love some of that actually’
  2. One of the only games I’ve played where the finale made me want to stop playing. Just nope. Not because it was bad, quite the opposite. It was just clear what I had to do to finish the game / mission and I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Until I eventually did, then I cried. Remake it, change as much or as little as you want. I will be there. Snake Eater FFS.
  3. Not only that, but when it weaves in a more emotional or poignant moment its always done so well. The final moment of season 1 is one of those I will always remember...
  4. The absolutely hilarious… The touching… The emotional sledgehammers 3 years in the making… Next weeks finale, which I assume it is, feels well set up and I’m not entirely sure how it’s all going to play out but I do know that it feels like it’s going to be the conclusion of one of the most beautiful and most emotionally uplifting stories I’ve ever watched. A show about a football team FFS. Ted Lasso is life! Oh and the music, the fucking music. Once again never a wasted moment and each song or music choice like everything else measured to perfection.
  5. The only thing I’m ready to say about this weeks episode and the show in general is I never knew how much I needed it.
  6. I mentioned above Mohammed on the violin but had no idea his wife also done the piano. That scene, what it covers, this incredible music and the acting from everyone involved is just perfection. Even the little bit with Jamie and Sam weaved through it.
  7. My issue with the blaster stance is the saber moves are all like fencing techniques and that started to really annoy me. I get it’s a ranged variant and so the pokes and stabs extend that alongside the blaster but it works much better when you can stagger a close quarters blaster shot after a couple of saber attacks like John Skywicker… sadly that’s not what it is of course cross saber is proper dark side though and absolutely devastating if you can adjust to the much slower attack patterns. Nothing come close to it in 1v1 battles and boss fights. I’ve finished the main story, lots of side stuff in NG+ and went right back to the start so I can mainline the story again and hit those incredible set pieces. Said it before but it’s the best Star Wars game since KOTOR!
  8. I wouldn’t say they were easy. Several of the important moments have had a lot of groundwork put in to get to the points they did, and I felt they also pulled back from them at just the right time before a couple of things felt too cheesy or forced. It’s all absolutely ridiculous of course in terms of narrative reality, but as you say @Hexx the show is fully aware of that and right now is handling it perfectly for me.
  9. I'm not sure this weeks episode is going to hit everyone the way it hit me but I'm not exaggerating when I say that was one of the best anything I've ever watched. I went from hysterical laughing to actual crying a couple of times, I mean WTF!! I'm not sure how they are going to top that with these final 2 episodes but I'm here for it.
  10. Is this available for streaming anywhere? Really can’t wait to see it!
  11. If they didn’t get Jordan they would have been completely fucked. They wouldn’t have had time to sort any other players, that’s why it was such a huge gamble for them to go all in on Jordan. Nike and most importantly Knight had no idea it was going to go as mental as it did commercially… but the ones that really believed in Michael knew he was going to be the player he was. How quickly and massively Jordan’s explosion in the NBA translated into money for Nike absolutely nobody expected, at least not to the extent it did.
  12. But that’s exactly why it was such a huge thing. They seen what he was going to be and had to tap into that because it was what he and his family believed. Nobody else at that point really knew he was going to change the world, but Nike threw everything at that belief and it paid off.
  13. This is fantastic. Affleck directing does so well with it all. One part in particular had me in fucking stitches… I was already aware of much of the story surrounding the Nike deal and how it changed so many things, but it’s all told in such a brilliant way here with some really charming and funny moments. Love it!
  14. I don't want it dragged over the coals. If anything I want all games dragged over the coals less. I just want to acknowledge there are things that I don't feel have moved on since BotW and the lack of progression in those areas is the kind of thing that I feel games on other platforms don't get away with.
  15. Its more that that aspect of measuring a games quality isn't applied consistently, so something like TotK where it has obvious system limitations means there is a lot less scrutiny on the aspect, while other games get dragged over the coals for it. I'm distracting the more important discussion about everything TotK gets better than anything before it so let's just focus on that I have an entire night and day tomorrow to play it and want to get lost in all the joy that is going to bring.
  16. I guess that's where I may be missing something. The Ultrahand stuff is incredible and opens up so many inventive ways to play the game and the increased size is great but given the core of the game is largely the same as BotW why couldnt they do it all? Was the implementation of those things so difficult and time consuming that they had to leave it, or did they just not even try because it was going to be such marginal gains on the limited system? I'd love to know more about it... and most importantly not feel like raising the point is me trying to detract from how wonderful a game TotK actually is
  17. Its a combination of frame rate drops, objects popping in and almost everything not really looking very nice up close. I'm not expecting things to be massively improved when its the same core system and ultimately the same game foundations they have expanded, but its almost like they just parked all of those things to focus on what they have moved forward. Now, that's absolutely fine and as I've already said isn't going to detract from my love and enjoyment of the game but its a fair discussion point.
  18. Its exactly this. I'm in love with TotK and will spend well over 100 hours in it but that doesn't mean I have to ignore the fact certain aspects of the game haven't moved forward since BotW. I'm not even comparing it to next gen games. I'm simply drawing out the fact that there are some fundamental graphical aspects that they've done nothing about when that absolutely would not be acceptable on other platforms. They've not started with a blank canvas to create this monumentally larger world, so why shouldn't there be some questions as to why things that were prevalent in BotW have not been touched. Gameplay related, I seen an earlier post about someone using ascend to exit caves and I did this for the first time last night and was hysterically laughing all the way up and continued as Link popped his head of the stone surface and looked around. It was magical and its one of about a thousand different fantastic moments this game will give me, but it doesnt stop me questioning why things that were minor issues all those years ago with BotW are still there.
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