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  1. I'm ashamed to admit I had never seen that. Thank you. What an absolute legend Christopher Reeve was!!
  2. I'm sure everyone that loves The Matrix has their own story about first watching it. Mine is a quite odd as I never got to see it in the cinema, only hearing school friends talk about how crazy and brilliant it was. I was 17 and it was released the summer where I started going out with my first proper girlfriend so that may have had something to do with me not seeing it in the cinema. When it was released to buy, which was still VHS back then (fuck me) I picked it up one day on the way back from Uni. Full price as it was just out but bundled in with a few other movies I picked up as part of one of HMVs 3 for £20 deals. 3 VHS movies for £20... you trade in a mint condition Blu Ray now you are lucky if you get 40p. Terrifying! Anyway, I got home and as I didnt have a video player in my room I watched it in the living room with the house empty. I sat cross legged on the floor, not moving a muscle, slack jawed the whole time and when that lobby scene started my head exploded. What the actual fuck is going on here? How is Neo doing that? He isnt the One. Oh my god! Its one of a handful of movie related experiences that will stay with me forever. The sequels were decent but they never got close to re-creating that feeling. That trailer had me back sitting as a 17 year old in my parents living room, not know WTF was going on and just amazed at what I was watching. So many movies nowadays dump almost the entire plot on you but that felt like it kept things suitably mysterious while confirming the world as we know it is going to go bananas once again. I dont want to see or read another thing until its released and I will be at the earliest showing possible. I'm beginning to believe!
  3. That got me too. Used properly it is one of the greatest pieces of music ever used in movies (Sunshine, Kick-Ass), but coming off the back of the almost criminal use of it in WW84 that episode jarred a little. Otherwise, FUCK!!!!
  4. Negative Ghost Rider November is full.
  5. I'm gonna hit the brakes and the next 8 months will fly right by! But also
  6. All the talk of tech and data and archives and software was great, but the bits about how they had to build every aspect of Luke’s return from the moment the X-Wing appears to him dropping the hood is where the real credit should be going. The choices they made for what to show and when, how to have characters react, etc. is more impressive than any special effect could ever be. @monkeydog I was the exact same when Filoni was talking about that build up. Even thinking back to my first viewing of the episode I can remember how I felt all the way through, when I dropped on my knees, when I got choked up and when I shouted “Holy fuck YES!”. I said it when I came in here still shaking from the episode and I will say it again… I’ve never felt like I did during that episode while watching anything and I doubt I ever will again. It was simply breathtaking!
  7. I was hoping this would make the old Christmas slot and be a fairly epic event for me and my boy (he will be 4 and a half at Christmas) where I would get a 2nd pad and we would spend every waking hour playing through it. So I am disappointed to see the Spring date now, which could mean anything, but when this does eventually arrive it will be something quite special.
  8. Great fun, tight controls, incredibly realised world and setting, but paper thin 'campaign' and limited replay value. Seems a fair summary. I'm hopefully missing something but I checked the rifle mods and couldn't see a grenade launcher mod for the Pulse Rifle. Is there genuinely no grenade launcher attachment? One of if not THE most important aspect of the weapon, fully established in Aliens and they have overlooked it? Surely not?!
  9. Fuck me. Game says Fast Travel... translates as Instantly Teleport. Always enjoyed trying to read a single hint on screen when the original was 'loading'. No point in even trying now.
  10. I really did try with Valhalla. I played a lot of the main campaign and plenty side missions but at no point did I ever really engage with the characters or the setting, which is ridiculous as I fucking LOVE The Last Kingdom and Valhalla is slap bang in the middle of that period, even down to some of the background characters. If I had played Valhalla upon release, closer to my initial run at Ghost I doubt I would have got past the first few hours. Going back to it now after a lengthy, but ultimately disappointing play through Valhalla is making me appreciate it even more than I did the first time. Everything is just so polished and intuitive. Its comfortably alongside The Last of Us 2 as the peak of the previous gen for me, so enjoying it all over again with the full PS5 icing is beautiful.
  11. It took me many years and god knows how many re-watches to realise that Weirzbowski is not "Where's Bowski?!" Its the way Hicks shouts it like he is asking everyone where Bowski has went... because Bowski is always sneaking off to hide when the shit hits the fan. Fucking Bowski!
  12. I forgot just how mesmerised I was when I played Ghost on release. I played it on and off for months after completing it, hoovering up most of the side missions and collectibles but never got to the Platinum. Going straight to Iki island on my post completion Lethal save and I am right back where I was last year. Appreciating almost every frame as you move through the world and gradually getting my deadly skills back. When I started playing Valhalla in June I thought it looked spectacular on the PS5, even questioning whether it looked and handled better than Ghost. Its not. Not in the slightest. Valhalla is good at what it does (the actual gameplay is archaic in comparison to Ghost) but its nowhere near the quality and charm of Ghost. I went with the full DLC and upgrade version, which is worth every penny. Cant wait to get back in later today.
  13. Well that was absolutely ridiculous and brilliant and hilarious and quite sweet and just a great couple hours back at the cinema. There is one scene in particular, around the middle that had me proper choking with laughter. It doesn’t do a lot new on the whole ‘gaming world’ setting but some of the references and key moments are played perfectly. I’m a little confused as to how this kind of movie could generate such hatred towards it but no doubt I’m missing something so not going to pull on that thread. Reynolds is great, Waititi is gloriously over the top and I want to see it again very soon.
  14. Thanks man. In light of the sheer mind blowing quality of the original PS4 release and then all the free content they packaged up where other companies would have slapped a price tag on it, I feel just a little ungrateful moaning about the £9 PS5 upgrade. In the grand scheme of what games cost and what you get out of them Ghost is one that will always be wildly on the 'value for money' side of my list. Still doesn't sit right given the precedent set for next gen upgrades but in this scenario I think can live with it.
  15. I grabbed the £25 update. Its downloading now. Before today there was an option to ONLY grab the DLC for £16.99 so is that now removed?
  16. So, load my NG+ where I still have a lot of mini quests and collectibles to finish and I can jump between that and the DLC island? Yeah, after initially being put off by the additional £9 for the PS5 upgrade I can see myself on this tonight, especially since I haven't actually played it since the 60 FPS was introduced.
  17. If I have already rinsed the full game and transfer my save can I jump straight into the DLC island or do I need to replay through to the end of Act 2 from the start or NG+ or something else?
  18. I assume everyone is re-watching this over the weekend ahead of Tuesday then? No doubt this has already been mentioned. My viewing is planned for Saturday night.
  19. I've loved all the Marvel movies. Every one one of them to different levels and only now , after this trailer, have I given the slightest fuck about what Eternals is doing. That looks potentially game changing in terms of the MCU and suitably epic in scale so bring it on.
  20. I’m up to episode of 8 of season 2 and it’s just absolutely glorious. The way it slides between the humour, drama and pure nostalgia is measured to perfection. Johnny is incredible. His arc is so cliche but it never puts a foot wrong. I’m so invested I’m not watching anything else until I am up to date. Oh and I want “SEND IT TO THE INTERNET” with a Cobra above it on a t-shirt!
  21. I initially thought that too (as I was drawing the Edge of Tomorrow comparisons) but then Roy is clearly set out as some kind of Spec Ops Delta Force type machine that would be able to deal with certain things fairly well from the start and once he knew what was happening adapt quickly.
  22. I had been meaning to watch this for a long, long time but never got into it. I started it last night about 10pm… and went to bed when the final episode of Season 1 had finished. What the actual fuck?!! This is better than I think even the creators thought it could be and it’s all down to Johnny. I never knew how much I needed his dry, stuck in his ways attitude and one liners in my life. It’s so self aware and that is often the problem with shows in this type of setting but everything is measured perfectly. Season 2 is getting started tonight and while I don’t see myself doing the same as last night any free time I have will be devoted to the Cobra Kai way! Oh and that ending of the season
  23. Also, if I’m even a shadow of the physical condition that Frank Grillo is when I hit 56 I will be classing that as won at life. Fucking incredible!
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